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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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6 Chapter 6: Pagoda

Returning back into the Heaven-defying artifact Zi Hua immediately headed towards to the pagoda. Curious of what her master had left her, with each major break-through a floor would be opened. She had just broken through three levels which meant that the next three floors were unlocked, the first floor had given her such a surprise, she was eager to see what there was in the next three floors.

Zi Hua rushed into the second floor and pushed the door open, only to see shelves upon shelves of giant eggs in the room.

"Xiao Shen" After being called Xiao Shen immediately appeared next to her. As the artifact spirit of the Heaven-defying artifact Xiao Shen could sense everything happening and change locations easily within the artifact, when Zi Hua is cultivating the little dumpling would be playing around or plant herbs or cleaning etc (aka house keeping).

"Master!" Xiao Shen immediately rushed into Zi Hua's embrace.

"What are these eggs?" If anyone were to know it would be Xiao Shen, although he looked like a 5 year old and acted quite childish he possessed great knowledge and her master should have given him the knowledge.

"These are spirit beast eggs, the ones here are all celestial and above, there are some advanced and saint rank spirit beast eggs in the other rooms" In each floor there were many rooms connected to the initial one that one would enter from the stairs, the stairs to go to the next floor would be in the initial room that Zi Hua entered from.

Zi Hua sucked in a cold breath, any single one of these would cause any power to covet after it, her master really didn't hold back with these gifts.

"Only you would be able to hatch these eggs due to the soul imprint from the inheritance, to form a contract with them or not will be your choice, other people can form contracts with them too but you will need to tame them first for others" In this world, beast tamers can tame spirit beast which then allows cultivators to form a contract and fight alongside the spirit beast. If the master dies the spirit beast would too, but nothing would happen to the master if the spirit beast dies.

This is why beast tamers are highly sought after.

"How do I make them hatch?" This caught the attention of Zi Hua greatly, not because of the power that they could provide but just thinking about little baby spirit beasts following her around all day acting all cute is pulling on her heartstrings.

Zi Hua had always had quite a liking or more specifically an adoration and obsession towards them, especially fluffy animals and chibi ones.

'Master you know me so well'

"Just place your hand in them and insert your spiritual power" When a cultivator absorbs Qi it becomes spiritual power which they can use to fight.

"But with your current level, it will drain out a lot of energy" Thinking it through, Zi Hua suppressed herself and went to the next level, restraining herself with all her power to not rush to hatch the eggs and meet the cute little spirit beasts as well as promising herself that she couldn't hatch any eggs until she became a divine rank beast tamer as to motivate herself.

"Thanks, lets go to the next floor first" They headed up the stairs and Zi Hua pushed the door open again.

But as soon as she opened the door information flushed into her mind.

"Teleportation?" When she opened the door information about teleportation caused her a painful headache. Master, ah, your disciple is thankful for all this but can you not make such painful ways to impart them to me, first the inheritance and merging and now this.

"Master, are you okay?" Xiao Shen was frightened by the sudden paleness on Zi Hua's face.

"Yeah, it's just that I got a little headache from the influx of information" Zi Hua patted Xiao Shen's head as to reassure the little guy. "Let's go to the next level"

They walked into the empty room and went up the stairs. This time what they saw made Zi Hua's eyes sparkle. Clothes and fabric!

Zi Hua is a young maiden at heart and would obviously love pretty clothing, even the outfits she wore on missions were beautiful and elegant.

"Master, the clothes here are clothes that the previous master made, all the fabrics here are of the finest of quality and they can clean and repair themselves when you insert a bit of spiritual power"

"Since master made these, I'll definitely treasure these even more" The fabrics there were all beautiful and top quality, not to mention their special feature, though even with the special feature Zi Hua still wouldn't want to let the clothes her master made get damaged the slightest.

The fabrics and clothes weren't tacky and instead gave off a simple yet elegant and celestial air.

Not to mention the clothes that were there were all purple and white, matching her amethyst eyes and coincidentally her favorite colors.

Zi Hua's creativity was immediately activated and she start making new clothes.
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