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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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7 Chapter 7: Three Years Later

For the past three years, Zi Hua mostly stayed in the Heaven-defying artifact cultivating and exploring the palace, she spent the second year becoming divine rank in all professions, what the professions required the most was concentration and mental power, something that the aberrant Zi Hua would never lack. Becoming an alchemist was especially easy because she was familiar with herbs and only needed to familiarize and understand these foreign herbs and their laws.

The previous masters' left many profession related things, combined with Zi Hua's outstanding intelligence it didn't pose much difficulty.

She continued to train in Wan Shou Mountain and finally defeated the strongest spirit beast at the peak of the mountain, a low stage saint ranked spirit beast. After the constant 'exchanging of notes' between the spirit beasts, although she did not kill any spirit beasts above advanced rank since it would attract attention when she sold the cores plus those spirit beasts have some sort of consciousness and intelligence, all of them have developed a instinctual fear towards her and even regard Zi Hua as their queen.

Zi Hua didn't want to take any lives unnecessarily just because she felt like it.

During these three years, she's become more similar to her previous self and a bit similar to her master in terms of looks.

She's mastered teleportation and improved her control over her spiritual powers, she hadn't really focused on cultivation after the first year and only returning to it at around the end of the third year.

What had she been doing at the beginning of the third year? Well, she became a divine rank beast tamer at the end of the second year and as expected she started hatching the eggs.

Fortunately, she held some self restraint and picked only three eggs, a vermilion bird, nine-tailed fox and a purple phoenix.

Zi Hua smeared some of her blood on their foreheads and gave them each a name to complete the contract.

The vermilion bird was named Hong Niao, Xiao Hong for short. (Red bird-Hong Niao)

The nine-tailed fox was named Bai Li, Xiao Bai for short. (White fox-Bai Hu Li)

The purple phoenix was named Zi Huang, Xiao Zi for short. (Purple phoenix-Zi Feng Huang)

Zi Hua isn't particularly bright with her naming sense...

After hatching them she spent most of her time with them and only cultivated a hour everyday, with all her attention on the three little cutie-pies Xiao Shen felt highly aggrieved, until he couldn't take it anymore and ran to Zi Hua balling his eyes out.

But he was soon coaxed with some pills that Zi Hua made to taste like candies, a divine rank alchemist making candies...

Zi Hua's aberration is just really... sigh.

It was not known when but the three little spirit beasts got their paws on the candies and now fights with Xiao Shen over them.

After eating so many 'candies' the spirit beasts' powers grew exponentially, although they were from mythical ranked eggs, all spirit beasts only possess the power of a low stage beginner ranked spirit beast when born and they will only grow stronger as they grow up but spirit beasts age slower than humans especially the higher ranked ones, however that problem was solved with the 'candies' without them having any adverse effects in addition with their hard work cultivating so they could get rewarded by Zi Hua.

They are now at low stage celestial rank, when comparing them to the contracted spirit beasts of Starlight Continent it makes those contracted spirit beasts seem puny. The strongest contracted spirit beast in Starlight Continent was a low stage advanced rank.

These people apart from a select few do not know the existence of any spirit beasts above advanced rank.

Once a spirit beast reaches saint rank they gain a consciousness and some intelligence and once they reach celestial rank they can take on a human form and possess intelligence comparable to humans.

Hong Niao, Bai Li and Zi Huang have three forms, a human form, adult form and due to Zi Hua they are the first spirit beasts to be able to transform into what they looked like when they were an infant.

Zi Hua, ah Zi Hua you really...


In a restaurant at the border of Nan Xia Empire, customers were discussing all they knew hoping to attract the attention of the four youths who possessed extra-ordinary charisma.

One look and they could tell that the youths had a extra-ordinary background from their beautiful clothing (made by none other than Mama Zi Hua) to their poised demeanor it just screamed power, not to mention their captivating and unique looks.

Hoping to latch themselves onto a big thigh, they spilled all the information they knew in loud voices.

Sadly, for them it seemed like the youths were uninterested but the seemingly youngest of them all, a 10/11 year old youth with amethyst eyes recorded everything they said, while under the pretense of drinking tea without a care in the world.
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