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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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8 Chapter 8: Recruiting

"Let's go" Zi Hua stood up and walked out out the restaurant leaving the gossiping crowd in disappointment.

Xiao Zi gave 2 golds to the waiter and then followed Zi Hua with Xiao Hong and Xiao Bai, all of the people in the store was flabbergasted with the youths' spend-thrift ways, what they got only cost 2 silvers but they gave ten times the amount.

The group evidently stood out in a crowd, although peculiar colored hair weren't none existent, they were still extremely rare and Zi Hua was the only person in the entire world with amethyst eyes.

Xiao Zi looks like a tall scholarly young master of 16/17 years old with long purple hair and clear turquoise eyes.

Xiao Hong looks like a cheerful young girl of 14/15 years old with fire red hair and bright blue eyes that are full of life.

Xiao Bai looks like a delicate yet seductive girl of 15/16 years old with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

Although they are younger than Zi Hua they look older than her because they are spirit beasts and spirit beasts that transform only have one human form.

"Xiao Bai, Xiao Hong, Xiao Zi take this around the city and have any homeless people between the ages 10-20 place their hand on it, if it shines a white light bring them back to the peak of Wan Shou Mountain" Zi Hua handed three orbs, one each, to them.

The orbs were called Truth's Orb something Zi Hua created based on her ability, Truth's eye, which she got on the fifth floor of the pagoda. It was something her master had developed while in the form of a soul.

Truth's eye allows her to see through a person's conscience, nature, personality and talent accurately and how loyal they will be etc. Although the Truth's Orb pales in comparison to Truth's eye she can have them detect a person's general personality and loyalty and when the criteria is met it shines a white light.

She chose homeless people because although their innate talent isn't good after experiencing hardship they have a much high chance of meeting the criteria (Remember how Zi Hua's a psychology & sociology genius?). Plus with all those endless treasures she has and ones she made from her professions, she can groom them to geniuses.

With the line of job she had, Zi Hua have become quite numb towards deaths and suffering but that does not mean she doesn't possess any compassion. It's just that if she brought any that's too old or young they will burden her in her path of vengeance, this was as far as she could help others.

Call her selfish, but her and her loved ones priorities come first, she's no saint, a stranger's business has nothing to do with her.


At the peak of Wan Shou Mountain a crowd of people dressed in ragged clothing stood, they had been led here by three extraordinary looking youths who said that they would get a better life if they chose to follow them, with no other choice they agreed. Instead of waiting in the alley ways for death, they'd much rather trust these youths and grab onto this chance.

Four flashes of light shined in the sky above them causing them to lift their dispirited faces up, the three youths stood behind a beautiful young girl of 10 years of age.

On the sixth floor Zi Hua got the ability of flying without the using spiritual energy, logically speaking only a Martial Emperor can fly and it'll use up a lot of spiritual energy so this ability can give her the advantage during fights in the sky.

"Are they all between 10-20 years old?" The girl opened her mouth and a melodious voice cut through the silence.

"Yes master, we've checked their bone ages beforehand" The brown haired girl replied respectfully at the girl's inquiry.

As a cultivator gets stronger they age slower and some, using special methods can retain a youthful appearance but a person's bone age will show their true age, it's something that cannot be changed.

Though surprised that the young girl is the master, they all kept their mouths shut, it wasn't their place to say anything.

"From today on I am your master, follow me and you will prosper, go against me and you will suffer a fate worse than death. I will not accept any form of deceit or betrayal" When the girl said that they could all sense the murderous aura, making them shiver in fear, they all nodded obediently.

"Good, just because you don't have backing does not mean that you are not humans, as long as you are loyal to me I will not punish you. From this day on all of you are brother and sisters, brother and sisters that you can entrust your backs upon, just because I am your master does not mean you need to revere me and fear me, I will be your sister, if anyone dares to bully you and you are unable to fight back all your brother and sisters will have your back."

"Do not provoke others needlessly, but do not fear others, I will not accept cowards"

"I will provide you with a home and cultivation materials, no one in this world possess trash talent, with enough effort and guidance see if anyone dares to call you trash again. The only trash are those who have no will to improve. Trash with effort will be better than a prodigy without will a thousand times if they persevere"

"But remember just because you become stronger do not become arrogant or conceited, I don't accept frogs in wells, there will always be someone better than you. Do not be jealous, if you have the time to be jealous why don't you work hard and surpass them instead. If trying won't work, try again and again until you succeed"

Hearing her words, the crowd got a newfound enlightenment, they all swore in their hearts that they will not become ingrates and even at the cost of their lives, help the savior who pulled them out of despair and gave them hope.

"Now I will cast a spiritual imprint on you guys, with this you can move freely in the forest, it is also to mark that I am your master" Hundreds of lights shot out from her finger and hit every one of their foreheads, instead of pain it brought about a soothing feeling. Zi Hua learnt to not follow after her master in this particular matter and decided to take a gentler approach.

Spiritual imprints were different from soul imprints, spiritual imprints would leave a slight presence of the caster, but it was enough for spirit beasts to detect.
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