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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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9 Chapter 9: Training

Seeing the determination in their eyes, Zi Hua felt her heart soften, what she said came from her heart, only those with no will are trash.

As long as you persevere, you can get somewhere, her past self is the perfect example.

"Xiao Hong and Xiao Bai will guide the females to their lodging and have them refresh themselves, Xiao Zi you do the same with the males" Zi Hua had built lodging for them based on modern dorms and she won't need to be worried about other people discovering this because the people of this continent can barely get further than half way up the mountain and the dorms would be covered by the tall and tightly-packed trees.

And the materials used and architecture cannot be compared to any other existing buildings, she used stuff from Heaven-defying artifact and her divine rank armament skills to replicate some modern features such as the bath/hot-spring.

A divine rank armament master building houses...

"Yes, master"

"You will provided with food and clothing as well, gather here tomorrow at 10" The clothes and food were not from Heaven-defying artifact, because of Zi Hua's pettiness. She does have her reasons (legit excuses) though, one. she has too much money from selling the cores, two. having clothes made from the special fabric will just be extra, three. making clothes for so many people will be tiring, four. their weakened states may not be able to withstand the food from Heaven-defying artifact.


Bright and early, they all woke up, took a bath and ate breakfast.

This still seemed like a dream to them, especially since the lodging they were in was so magical to them, the bed felt like clouds and the bath/hot-spring was massive and had water flowing all the time.

"I hope you have rested properly because from today on you will be training, slacking off will not be accepted"

With a wave of the hand hundreds of porcelain bottles appeared, one in each person's hands.

"In each one of them contains one pills a marrow cleansing pill, beautifying pill and bone reconstructing pill" To make so many pills wasn't difficult for her, she just has to make a single batch and then have Xiao Shen duplicate them.

The pills she distributed were more effective than the pills anyone else made, she used herbs from Heaven-defying artifact and refined them using her improved method of the recipes left by previous masters.

A true aberrant, altering a pill recipe is extremely complicated but she did it like it was as simple as eating cake.

"Take the beautifying pill first which has a pink pattern, then marrow cleansing pill which has a silver pattern and lastly bone reconstructing pill, keep in mind that the marrow cleansing pill will cause you to feel uncomfortable and the bone reconstructing pill will cause you unimaginable pain but endure it, the longer the better it will be in the future. These pills will help you in the future"

The crowd was speechless, although they did not know much about pills but making so many pills with such miraculous effects must've been quite tedious, they decided that no matter how painful they will endure it so they don't put their master's efforts to waste.

If Zi Hua knew what they were thinking she would be put in an undeniably awkward situation.

That lasted until nightfall, when they all got up and returned to the dorms their appearances completely transformed, though still not comparable to Zi Hua, and they had never felt so refreshed yet tired before.

After cleaning themselves up and changing into a set of clean clothing they went back to their individual rooms and not even eating dinner before they fell asleep like a log.

Leaving a pile of clothing to be washed by those on duty tomorrow, they had worked out a schedule for chores, including cooking now.


The crowd gathered like yesterday but looking a lot more bright and rejuvenated than when they first came here.

A bunch of beautiful and charming ladies and gentlemen stood waiting for the figure to appear in the sky again.

"It seems that you are all in much better shape now"

"Many thanks to master"

"No need" A gentle smile crept onto her face captivating everyone, including the women. To them she was a saint, their savior.

"Here are 30 Qi condensing pills, they will increase your cultivation, but just cultivating will not make you strong, Xiao Hong, Xiao Bai and Xiao Zi will make you go through physical training as well as spars with spirit beasts once you get stronger, any cores you get will be yours but I won't accept any disputes" She couldn't care less about the cores, they were pretty much as good as trash to her.

"You will train in the morning and cultivate in the evening" Zi Hua made a strict training schedule for them, but unaware of the hell that awaits them the crowd nodded their heads eagerly in compliance.
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