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When he regained his senses, he abruptly discovered that Yun Luofeng was standing in front of him.

The girl's features were mirthful and wicked, and her lips were slightly turned up. For some reason though, her smile made people's hair stand on end. He had been the guardian dragon deity of this mountain for many, many years, but this was the first time he felt scared of a human.

"Is the Dragon Tribe very powerful?" the girl jovially asked.

The dragon's voice did not have its previous power, but he was unwilling to display any weakness. "That's right, our Dragon Tribe has always been very powerful!"

"Is that so?" Yun Luofeng bewitchingly smiled. "Then I would like to know who's more powerful, your Dragon Tribe or the water dragon in my possession?"

What? The dragon's eyes widened with surprise. A dragon pleaded allegiance to a human?

However, before the dragon could recover, Yun Luofeng suddenly waved her hand, and a transparent figure slowly appeared in front of her.

It was a sky blue dragon. His eyes were domineering and severe with a hint of cruelty, as though the deity dragon before him was merely his food.

"Roar!" The cry of the water dragon reverberated in the sky, shaking the mountain range.

"This water dragon is merely a spirit, but why is he so powerful?" Panic flickered through the deity dragon's eyes. Although he could feel that the water dragon was only at sage-lord level, for unknown reasons, he gave him a powerful pressure.

It could be imagined how powerful the water dragon was when he was alive.


The two dragons faced each other in the air. The deity dragon could not repress the fear in his heart and turned around, wanting to escape. However, an angry roar came from behind him, causing him to shudder in fright and nearly fall down.

Suppression had an extremely intense effect on spirit beasts. The water dragon was very powerful when he was alive, so even though only his spirit remained, it could still provoke fear in other dragons' hearts.

Especially because the mountain guardian deity dragon was merely low-rank sage-lord level!


When the deity dragon turned around to escape, he accidentally stumbled into a figure. He halted, staring at the man who had appeared out of thin air.

The man was dressed in blue robes. His handsome and aloof face was dark as he coldly looked at the deity dragon who was escaping in panic. "What happened?"

"Sir Long Yin, you are finally here." The deity dragon nearly started crying. "These humans said they came to the Dragon Tribe to find someone and sent out a water dragon to threaten me!"

"Oh?" The blue-robed man disdainfully peered at the water dragon in front of Yun Luofeng and derisively chuckled, "A spirit of a water dragon managed to scare you to this extent? You can truly only ever be a mountain guardian deity."

In truth, the deity dragon's strength was more than enough for him to become an elder. Unfortunately, the dragon didn't have enough guts and always ran away before a battle, so in a fit of anger the king demoted him to a mountain guardian deity.

"I, Long Yin, never kill nobodies. So introduce yourself this instant." The blue-robed man slightly looked up with a haughty expression and an arrogant tone. The blue long sword in his hand was pointed at Yun Luofeng in the air, contempt clear in his prideful gaze.

Yun Xiao and Nangong Yunyi had arrived beside Yun Luofeng at some point in time. They stood guard on her left and right, protecting her in the center and preventing her from suffering any harm.

"Leave it to me," Yun Xiao said in a low voice. "Nothing but a little worm, I can take care of him quickly."

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