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Long Yin was startled before recovering after a moment. A cold smile turned up on his lips. "You know Hong Luan?"

A chilly killing intent emanated from his smile, and his aura spilled out of him, turning into a cyclone that spiraled in the air.

No matter what, he would not allow anyone to take Hong Luan away. Hong Luan was his! She was not allowed to leave him her whole life!

"Yun Xiao, don't interfere in this matter." Yun Luofeng slightly looked up, her bewitching eyes silently stared at Long Yin. "This dragon… I want to handle him personally!"

Yun Xiao hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Alright."

He had said that if she wanted to rely on her own capabilities to fight, then he would silently stand behind her and protect her. He had never believed Yun Luofeng to be a woman who needed to hide behind a man and seek protection. Instead, she would use everything she had to protect the safety of the people around her.

"Hmph!" The blue-robed man snorted, ice permeating his smile. "That's right, I locked Hong Luan up, but so what? She's my woman, so she's destined to remain in Dragon Tribe and give birth to children for me!"

Nangong Yunyi stood behind Yun Luofeng and coldly watched the man speak provoking words. He clucked his tongue. "This guy is truly unafraid of death. Yun Luofeng is the type of person who becomes stronger the more you anger her. Yet, he still dares to say these things in front of her, isn't that the same as completely angering her?"


As expected, a storm of spirit energy abruptly appeared on top of Yun Luofeng's head. The dangerous storm engulfed her surroundings.

Long Yin was astonished. "Low-rank sage-lord level?"

This human woman was at low-rank sage-lord level? No wonder the mountain guardian deity dragon was intimidated by her.


"So what if you are at low-rank sage-lord level? The fighting capabilities of us dragons extend beyond our level. Otherwise, we wouldn't have such a supreme status."

Dragons were sturdy and powerful, added with the might of anthropomorphic beasts, low-rank sage-lord-level humans normally could not defeat advanced-rank sage-lord-level dragons…

The deity dragon was intimidated simply because he did not obtain an anthropomorphic fruit and could not turn into a human.

Yun Luofeng coldly watched Long Yun with narrowed eyes, a sinister chilliness settling over her wicked face.

"You forced Hong Luan to consume the frost fruit?" Her voice was nefarious.

"You are asking something you already know."

Dragons were prideful, this pride did not allow him to lower his head to a human, so why would he lie?


The water dragon spirit in front of Yun Luofeng released an angry call, his body transformed into a stream of water, shooting toward the blue-robed man.

Long Yin swiftly backed away, his feet leaving a deep mark in the air, and lifted his hands to block the water dragon's attack.


The water dragon slammed onto his arm, and an icy feeling crept from his arm to his heart, causing him to shiver.

"We are both water dragons, so I can feel the water dragon was very powerful when he was alive. He wouldn't give me this feeling otherwise. Unfortunately… he is already dead!"

Long Yin sneered and walked toward Yun Luofeng.


With a wave of his hand, a long sword made of a water pillar appeared in his hands.

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