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Every dragon was astonished and dazedly turned to their king.

Had His Majesty lost his mind? How could Venerable Ancestor be at a place like this?

Under everyone's doubting eyes, a little bug that resembled green crystal sluggishly crawled out of Yun Xiao's sleeve. His movements were very slow wiggles, as though he was unwilling but had no other alternative.

Joy entered the dragon king's heart. He did not expect to have guessed correctly. The little figure he suddenly saw was their venerable ancestor. However, the members of the Dragon Tribe appeared to have been struck by lightning and were instantly petrified when the little bug appeared.

Venerable Ancestor was truly here? Were they dreaming?

In contrast, Long Yin was extremely displeased. He tightly clenched his fists, and he was trembling.

Why… was Venerable Ancestor on this man?

"Venerable Ancestor, you are finally willing to appear!" The dragon king was joyous. "We have spent so many years looking for you."

The little bug released a snort. His expression was especially haughty and arrogant. "This ancestor originally did not want to return to the Dragon Tribe. If you didn't all kneel and beg, this ancestor absolutely wouldn't appear!"

In truth, he had no choice but to appear since he was discovered. This was all the fault of that abominable dragon, Long Yin!

"Venerable Ancestor, your willingness to appear is already a blessing for our Dragon Tribe. As the king of the Dragon Tribe, I beg Venerable Ancestor to come back with us."

The little bug's face froze. His originally light green transparent body instantly flushed red. It was unknown whether he was ashamed or…

"This…" The little bug coughed. "You know the past events. This ancestor originally intended to lead that god-level expert away, but who knew that expert would be so stupid as to be unable to find this ancestor's trace and even destroyed the Dragon Tribe?"

Although there were no fatalities, their foundation of a millennium was destroyed and countless treasures were stolen by that expert. Even the previous dragon king was forced to become the mount of that god-level expert…

This had been the humiliation of the Dragon Tribe over these many years! It was also why Little Bug did not dare to return to the Dragon Tribe!

He was probably the only king of the Beast Province who would flee in the face of a fight…

"Ancestor, this wasn't your fault." The dragon king was emotional. "You did what you did in consideration of the Dragon Tribe. Who knew that god-level expert would so idiotic? You clearly schemed to lead him away, but he did not take the bait!"

Little Bug was dumbfounded, his eyes were blank.

Was the dragon king of the Dragon Tribe stupid? Did he not see his obvious mistakes from back then?

"Ancestor, you are the pride of our Dragon Tribe and also the most heroic figure in our Dragon Tribe's history. Every tribesman of the Dragon Tribe is proud of you."

Little Bug was completely stupefied. He suddenly thought that it was good for the members of the Dragon Tribe to be more foolish.

The initial embarrassment in Little Bug's eyes receded. He cleared his throat and earnestly said, "That's right, this ancestor is heroic like that. Although my plan was slightly faulty, this ancestor did everything with the Dragon Tribe in mind. This ancestor is proud that you all remembered me for so long."

The corner of Yun Luofeng's lips twitched. She was well aware of Little Bug's cowardice. He had escaped from the Dragon Tribe in order to not end up in the hands of that god-level expert…

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