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Yun Chutian crossed her hands while smiling as if she was looking at a good show.

"Miss Chutian, please listen to my explanation!" Wang Haotian became anxious, wanting to pull on Yun Chutian's hand as he came up to her.

However, before he even managed to walk up to her, he was pushed away by a young man's palm. "Get lost, don't use your dirty hands to touch Tian'er!"

Wang Haotian retreated a few steps and nearly fell on the ground. He looked at Yun Chutian with despair and saw the loathing in her eyes. Even if it was before, she had never loathed him to this extent...

Ouyang Xun went up and slapped Ouyang Yue's face. Under everyone's astonished gaze, Ouyang Yue gradually recovered her senses.

In that instant, all the previous scenes surfaced in her mind, causing her complexion to turn deathly white and she suddenly shouted, "Ahhh!!"

Why? Why was she here?

In addition, she had committed such immoral acts?

Ouyang Yue trembled and suddenly, she noticed the young woman standing by Yun Nianfeng's side who was rejoicing at her misfortune. All of a sudden, she pounced over. "It's you, it must be you who did this! Was it you who brought me here and got Wang Haotian to do such... do such immoral acts?"

Yun Chutian looked confused. "What are you saying? Aren't you and Wang Haotian husband and wife? Earlier on, I was walking past the door and saw you with Wang Haotian walking in, so I thought you wanted to return to your Qinglan palace to consummate your marriage. To think I had good intentions and decided to let you two stay here for the night, but you returned kindness with ingratitude."

"You..." Ouyang Yue turned red from anger and fiercely glared at Yun Chutian. She knew that after tonight, she would have her reputation swept away and everything was caused by Yun Chutian!

"Yun Chutian, I will never let you off!" Ouyang Yue turned towards Ouyang Xun. "Imperial Father, I was knocked unconscious by someone earlier in my palace and was given some unknown medicine. As a result, I acted in such a way! I'm certain that someone must have framed me."

She had always been looking at Yun Chutian and the meaning was very obvious. Who else other than Yun Chutian would frame her?

Ouyang Xun had also thought about this point and he coldly glanced at Yun Chutian. Perhaps it was because of her methods that frightened him, but he dared not speak another word.

"Brother Nianfeng, bring out the item I asked you to search for." Yun Chutian smiled and stretched out her hands while looking at the pale Ouyang Yue with her brows raised.

"Sure." Yun Nianfeng responded and took out a book that had already turned yellow and handed it to Yun Chutian.

The instant she saw the book, a trace of panic streaked across Ouyang Yue's eyes. How did he manage to find the book that she had hidden so deeply?

Yun Chutian did not care about Ouyang Yue's panicked expression as she glanced towards Ouyang Xun with her brows raised.

"Right now, I shall let all of you see Ouyang Yue's true colors!"

"What do you mean?" Ouyang Xun frowned as he coldly asked.

Yun Chutian blinked and passed the book to Ouyang Xun as she said, "As Ouyang Yue's father, you should be able to recognize her handwriting. In that case, please take a look at whether this book was written by her."

Ouyang Xun blanked out momentarily before shaking his head and said, "No. It's not." He was still capable of recognizing his own daughter's handwriting. This handwritten book was not written by his daughter...

"Then do you remember all the medicinal ingredients that were required to cure the epidemic?" Yun Chutian casually flipped through a few pages. Without even taking a look, she had flipped to the important page. "Was it these few ingredients?"

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