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Ouyang Yue looked at the book in astonishment and frowned. "I remember it was precisely these few medicinal ingredients."

Yun Chutian smiled and took back the book before speaking. "Firstly, you've said that this is not Ouyang Yue's handwriting and secondly, you've confirmed that these are the medicinal ingredients used to cure the epidemic. Then can I trouble Ouyang Yue to explain the problem of this book?"

"I..." A trace of panic streaked across Ouyang Yue's eyes. "Imperial father, this book was given to me by my Master. However, my Master doesn't like being known by others and so... so he did not allow me to reveal his existence."

Her excuse was quite reasonable. After all, Ouyang Yue was still quite young back then and it was quite reliable to say she had a Master behind her back.

"Your Master?" Yun Chutian's eyes were filled with smiles. "And where is your Master located at? I will invite him out as I have a few medical questions that I would like to ask in passing.

Ouyang Yue suppressed her internal jitters and fiercely glared at Yun Chutian.

No one was clearer than her about Yun Chutian's attainments in the medical field. That year when she still of a young age, she had already possessed such powerful medical skills and after numerous years had passed, that skill would've improved by leaps and bounds.

If she were to randomly bring a stranger, she would be easily exposed. Thinking of this, Ouyang Yue steadied her senses. "My Master isn't someone you can meet if you want to. Therefore, you should stop making such useless requests."

"It doesn't matter. I'm sure you're aware of my strength and this person beside me is my brother. He is much more powerful compare to me and as long as you reveal your Master's location, I'll immediately head over to invite him here." In any case, she was dead set on exposing Ouyang Yue's true colors.

Ouyang Yue bit her lips. "No, by doing so, you'll bring about a calamity to our entire Imperial family. My Master is very powerful and you don't have the ability to withstand his anger!"

"Even if we incur his wrath, it's our own business and he'll naturally release his anger on us if he were to do so. I will never expose that you revealed his whereabouts. Right now, can you tell us his identity?"

"You..." Ouyang Yue's face became flushed red from anger. "Yun Chutian, are you sure you want to oppose me?"

Yun Chutian blinked her eyes while revealing an innocent expression. "I only wanted to meet your Master, so how is this opposing you? If your Master truly exists, why aren't you willing to reveal his identity? Or could it be that your Master's status is too lowly?"

"Nonsense!" Out of a fit of anger, she directly said, "My Master is one of the true gods in this continent, Yun Luofeng! A person like her is not someone you can meet even once throughout your whole life yet you're thinking of finding her?"

Ever since she was of a young age, Yun Chutian knew that Ouyang Yue couldn't bear to be provoked. Once she was provoked, she would dare to say anything to prove herself. However, what Yun Chutian didn't expect was that Ouyang Yue actually claimed that her Master was Yun Luofeng!

"Yun Luofeng?" Ouyang Xun frowned. "Yun Xiao?"


He suddenly reacted. It was no wonder he felt something was familiar when he heard the name Yun Xiao. Wasn't he one of the two true gods in this continent?

Yun Chutian's father was a true god?

Impossible! This was merely a coincidence! If Yun Chutian's father was really a true god, she would've returned to take revenge long ago. Even if she only came now, she would certainly bring a group of experts and not come here alone. Therefore, her father merely had the same name!

Wang Xuelian was also astonished. Yun Luofeng, one of the two true gods? How could this be possible? How could her Master be a true god?

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