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She had been bullied by her in Huaxia and even after arriving at this Continent, she was also suppressed by her? She deliberately lowered her voice and questioned the maid behind her, "What is it about Yun Luofeng?"

That maid answered immediately, "Yun Luofeng is one of the true gods in this Continent and the dictator of this world. As early as a few dozen years ago, her reputation had spread worldwide and no one wouldn't know that she had broken through to the realm of a true god fifteen years ago."

Became widely known dozen of years ago?

And broke through to true god fifteen years ago?

However, Yun Luofeng merely disappeared from Huaxia ten years ago. Therefore, it was impossible for the woman they worshipped to be that Yun Luofeng she knew of!

At that very moment, Wang Xuelian did not know that Yun Luofeng had indeed arrived on that Continent more than a dozen years ago. And all the more, she did not know that she had made a trip back to Huaxia ten years back. Precisely due to her ignorance, she had committed such a low-level mistake.

"Oh god, what a joke." Yun Chutian held her abdomen and laughed to the extent she could not straighten her back. "Brother Nianfeng, that woman actually dared to tell such a lie. Hahaha!"

Ouyang Yue's expression turned ashen. In fact, she regretted it the instant she said that. Unfortunately, a released arrow couldn't possibly be stopped and she could only grit her teeth and continued with her lie. "What you can't achieve doesn't apply to me. My master had said that I am the most talented disciple she had ever seen and someone like you don't even have the qualifications to worship her!"

Yun Chutian's eyes curved into crescents. "Then have you seen her before?"


Though it was only from a painting.

That painted portrait was something her father obtained with great difficulty and his intention was so that he wouldn't accidentally provoke that terrifying woman. Therefore, he wanted to remember her appearance by heart. Of course, with Wang Xuelian's status, she could look at that portrait but she did not know of Yun Luofeng's status in that Continent.

Yun Nianfeng's expression became unsightly. Wang Xuelian was only one of the cases that he had encountered. In other places that he wasn't aware, how many more had made use of his mother's reputation to make a fortune? Perhaps some of their behavior had even soiled his mother's reputation!

"Your Majesty."

Just then, a bodyguard walked in and whispered a few things in Ouyang Xun's ears.

Ouyang Xun looked happy and suddenly laughed. "You shouldn't hurry to make trouble with my daughter but should be worried about yourself instead. My royal elders have been in closed-door cultivation, but when they return tonight, it shall be your doomsday!"

"Is that so?" Yun Chutian's lips curled up. She then tugged on Yun Nianfeng's arms and said, "Brother Nianfeng, these bad people bullied me. Say, how should I take care of them?"

Yun Nianfeng stroked Yun Chutian's head in a pampering manner. "Do what you like. Be it me, Father or Mother, we will stand behind you."

His smile was exceptionally blinding and his indulgent expression caused Wang Xuelian to be overcome by jealousy as she wished she could dismember Yun Chutian.

Who did she think she was to snatch her man?

"Hmph!" Ouyang Xun coldly snorted when he saw the smile on Yun Chutian's face and sternly said, "Invite those elders here, and say that someone wants to attack our Tianhuang City!"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

One of the guards respectfully cupped his fist before he made his retreat. Yun Chutian did not stop him. She originally intended to settle all the problems in one go and since the elders have come out of closed-door cultivation, then it was time for her to take revenge and wipe out a grudge.

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