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Under the pitch-black night skies, thunder sounded and at that instant, something even louder than the thunder echoed throughout.

"Who is so bold as to cause trouble in my Tianhuang City!"

Yun Nianfeng gently rubbed Yun Chutian's head and his lips curved into an arc. "I'll settle the problems outside and you can stay here."

"Brother Nianfeng," Yun Chutian pouted, "didn't we agree that I'll avenge myself?"

"I'm afraid that they would dirty your hands." Yun Nianfeng's tone was filled with pampering and his expression seemed as if one could drown in his love.

Yun Chutian looked at Yun Nianfeng's handsome features and said, "Brother Nianfeng, why do I feel that you're getting more handsome the more I look at you? You're as good-looking as father and mother. I love brother Nianfeng the most."

Yun Chutian had been influenced by her surroundings. Both Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao looked gorgeous, and as she had grown up in such an environment she was very picky with appearances.

As to why she liked brother Nianfeng...

That was because he was very handsome and except for her parents, no one could compare.

A blush crept up on Yun Nianfeng's handsome face. "Wait here for a few seconds, I'll be back very soon." After he said that, Yun Nianfeng left the room in a split second.



Wang Xuelian's expression changed. She never expected that woman to say such vile things and most importantly, right in front of her man!

Yun Nianfeng's departure was not for long and true to what he said, he returned to her side in mere seconds. His expression remained unchanged and after he coldly swept across everyone before him, he shifted his gaze back to Yun Chutian. "They're merely a bunch of ants and I've taken care of it."

Ouyang Xuan's expression suddenly changed as he sternly shouted, "Why aren't the elders here yet?" He absolutely would not believe that a young man who still had the scent of breast milk could defeat several elders.

"Your Majesty!"

That guard who came earlier to report had hastily walked in once again. This time, he was trembling with fright on his face. "Your Majesty, those elders are... dead."


Like a bolt from the blue, Ouyang Xun became struck dumb. Everyone within the palace had an ashen complexion as their fearful eyes turned toward Yun Nianfeng.

Impossible! What was the background of that young man? How... could he have such strength?

Yun Nianfeng, Yun Luofeng, Yun Xiao!

The combination of these three names made Ouyang Xuan recall what she said before and his gaze was filled with astonishment.

Don't tell me... Yun Chutian wasn't lying when she acknowledged Yun Xiao as her father?

Ouyang Xuan foolishly stood up and his handsome yet deathly pale face looked at Yun Chutian along with Yun Nianfeng. His lips trembled for a second and it was as if he wanted to say something but ultimately did not do so.

"Young master Nianfeng."

Yun Nianfeng's fingers gently caressed Yun Chutian's hair while a gentle and lovely voice sounded by the side. His brows furrowed together while he glanced at Wang Chulian with a cool eye.

"Fatty, it's you again?"

Wang Chulian's fingers tightly clenched together. She was merely a hundred and ten or so pounds and that was considered plump, not fat! Yet that Yun Chutian actually called her a fatty!

She took a deep breath and said, "Young master Nianfeng, my name is Wang Xuelian."

"Brother Nianfeng." Yun Chutian's slender arms coiled around Yun Nianfeng's heck as she spoke with a giggle. "Honestly speaking, I've never seen such a shameless person. You've humiliated her as such, yet she pretended as if nothing happened."

Even if Wang Xuelian had thick skin, her face still changed slightly when she heard what Yun Chutian said. A trace of fury then streaked across her eyes as she looked at Yun Chutian..

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