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"Brother Nianfeng, that woman even glared at me," Yun Chutian pitifully complained as she pouted.

Don't assume that she was oblivious. That woman had taken a fancy to brother Nianfeng and she would never give anyone a chance to stand between them! Moreover, that Wang Xuelian was also Wang Haotian's sister. Both of them were jackals of the same tribe!

"I didn't!" Wang Xuelian hastily retracted her gaze while she put on a grieved expression. "Young master Nianfeng, I've been dieting these days and soon... very soon I'll be as slim as her. Furthermore, her relationship with my brother is also unclear and don't you think that she's dirty?"

A chill streaked across Yun Chutian's eyes and she walked towards Wang Xuelian with a loveable smile. After that, she slapped Wang Xuelian.

Wang Xuelian widened her eyes in shock and said, "You..."

What she said was the truth, yet that woman dared to hit her!

"I'm not only gonna hit you, I'm also going to kick you!" Yun Chutian's leg kicked Wang Xuelian's chest and slammed her on the ground. She then raised her chin and said, "I finally know why Mother likes to kick people so much..."

"Cough cough!"

Wang Xuelian spat out two mouths of blood as she turned towards Yun Nianfeng with an unsightly expression. "Young master Nianfeng, aren't you going to keep her in check?"

Furthermore, she said that for his own good, didn't she?

"It's useless even if you look for brother Nianfeng. He's willing to pamper and love me, so I can be as willful as I want! Since you said bad things about me, then I'll hit you back!"

She had been pampered and so she had the right to be willful and unreasonable.

"Enough!" Ouyang Xun's expression was back to normal and he coldly shouted. "Yun Chutian, don't forget that Yue's master is Yun Luofeng, one of the true gods in the Continent. Do you think that everything is alright after that boy defeated the elders of our Tianhuang City? When Yue'er brings out her master, I'd like to see how are you going to be arrogant!"

Ouyang Yue's expression was deathly white and even her heart trembled. Yet at that moment, she could not expose her inner feelings.

"You're sure that your master gave you this book?" Yun Chutian turned over and looked at Ouyang Yue with a chilly smile. "I'll give you another chance to speak the truth."

Ouyang Yue bit her lips and said, "Yes."

She would never admit that Yun Chutian had passed her that book in the past. The problem was, there were a few questions she could not understand in the book and so, had left it around. Supposedly she had hidden it well so how did that stinky brat find it?

Yun Chutian laughed. Her smile was very lovable and lively. Coupled with her crescent-shaped eyes, she looked very animated.

"If your master was someone else, then I would have to go through the trouble to locate them. But the person you are speaking of right now... you will probably meet her very soon.

Ouyang Yue's eyes widened.

What did she mean by that?

Why would she meet her very soon?

Just when everyone was in shock, a dragon roar sounded from the skies. The roar was heaven-shocking and caused all the citizens to come out of their homes.

Ouyang Xun's expression was deathly white. A trace of fright flashed through his eyes as he ran out of the palace in quick steps.

Seeing that Ouyang Xun had gone out, everyone else also ran out in succession as they looked at the massive white dragon in the skies with fright in their eyes.

"It's that dragon!" Ouyang Xun recognized it at one glance and that was the same dragon that took Yun Chutian away back then. He recalled that a white-robed lady stood on top of the dragon at that time. However, as her face seemed to be concealed by a layer of fog and he had been busy escaping, he did not notice her appearance.

The white dragon flew around the skies while the white light on its body had brightened up the night skies.

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