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Ouyang Xun was astonished and he also could not understand the motive behind that dragon's arrival.

All of a sudden, a eunuch shrieked with a trembling voice, "Your Majesty, there's two people on top of it!"

Only then did Ouyang Xun see the appearance of those two people. The woman's white robes fluttered with the wind and she was as beautiful as a painting. As for the man dressed in black that stood by her side, he looked as cold as a falcon but the moment when he gazed at the woman by his side, there were traces of imperceptible gentleness from his eyes.

Both of them were as perfect as an immortal couple and were so stunning to the extent everyone could not look away.


Just as everyone was in shock, those two had leaped down from the dragon's head and steadily landed.

Ouyang Xun's expression had changed from its initial shock to amazement as he fixed his gaze on that picturesque woman in white.

"You... you're Miss Yun Luofeng?"

That woman who had caused a great disturbance to the entire continent?

Wang Xuelian's lips trembled as she retreated backward. She shook her head in denial and was stunned to the extent she could not utter a single word. Even if then years had passed, she would never forget that face.

However, in the span of ten years, many had already grown old while she had also matured into an adult. However... why was that woman as beautiful and young as if it was ten years ago?

Moreover, her appearance did not have the slightest change compared to ten years ago.

What Wang Xuelian could not accept was that the woman had ridden here on a dragon and from what Ouyang Xun said, she could infer that this Yun Luofeng was the true god they mentioned earlier on.

It wasn't just the same name?

No! How could she possibly accept that fact?

When Yun Chutian saw Yun Luofeng, she could not help but reveal a smile. In a flash, her nimble body had rushed into Yun Luofeng's embrace as she looked up with her adorable and lovely face.

"Mother, you're finally here."


Ouyang Xun's face had twitched throughout and his heart seemed to have been struck heavily by a fist that made him breathless.

Of course, Ouyang Yue was even more astonished. She had never seen Yun Luofeng in person but she had seen her portrait and it was identical to that woman! However, why was that powerful woman Yun Chutian's foster mother?

"Father, Mother." Yun Nianfeng also stepped forward with a smile on the corner of his lips.

What he just said had caused everyone to be in disbelief. It was fine that Yun Chutian was a foster daughter, but that young man was Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao's biological son? What the heck had they done earlier? They actually wanted to attack the biological son of a true god?

Were they trying to court death?

"Mother, I have something to ask you. When did you accept a disciple?" Yun Chutian asked as she pouted her tender lips.

Yun Luofeng was momentarily stunned before she answered, "Don't tell me you've forgotten that I have a disciple? I even intended to have Xiao Mo and Xiao Bai's wedding together when you and Nianfeng got married. You actually forgot about Xiao Bai?"

"Mother, I'm not referring to Xiao Bai." Yun Chutian pointed towards Ouyang Yue. "That woman said that she's your disciple and that you had written this book. The truth is that this was something she stole from me in the past."

Ouyang Yue's complexion had already turned deathly while and she very much wished she could faint. Even so, her mind was extremely clear and she could not faint even if she wanted to.

Yun Luofeng took the book from Yun Chutian and looked through it. "The majority of the answers in this book are correct, but there are a few mistakes."

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