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Girl gets reincarnated in Nanatsu no Taizai
Author :Malphaniell
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4 To ?

quite a bit of time passed...


The members of the ten commandments were laying around the ruined castle of the kingdom of Edinburgh, While Xelia was sitting beside's a sleeping Estarossa. when Fraudrin suddenly asked Galand " Did you put an end to Meliodas? "

"Did I ever! I also got rid of the annoying little flies along with him. But its quite a disappointment It wasn't much of an ending for the heretic who caused Chaos to the demon clan in the past." Galand proudly replied and voicing out his disappointment to the weakened Meliodas. And then Fraudrin interjects saying " Are you sure Galand? I don't think he's that easy to defeat."

then Galand getting up and looked at Fraudrin exclaimed " Are you sure? Do you distrust the word of "The Truth" Galand?" When Fraudrin replied "We all know about your power"

Galand momentarily thought and got up, while Gloxinia asked: "Are you leaving?"

"I'm going for a stroll. it's not my nature sitting around, doing nothing." Galand then flew. while thinking Xelia suddenly sensed a presence near them and said "Hoh, a female Giant, that was with Meliodas' group. And he says he killed them"

Monspeet heard what Xelia said, and got up saying "Well, thank you for the information, her soul will be a great benefit in recovering my magic".

Xelia just casually waves her hand replying "My, pleasure."

Then she looked at her status seeing as there was a quest bar, she didn't realize that as of now. so she clicked it and found 3 quest bar.

[ QUEST 1 ]\( [] ^ [] )/[ Progress - 0% ]

Beat one of the Seven Deadly Sins

Reward - 5000 System Points

15% Stats Increase Potion

[ QUEST 2 ]\( [] ^ [] )/[ Progress - 100% ] { Claim! }

Investigate the Albion's Destruction

Reward - 6000 System Points

Magic Earrings ( Fly Magic ) [ Rare ]

'Hoh, I would have to complete these quests so I can get SP, at least it would be useful in the future' Xelia thought, and then she looked at her screen box and saw the total amount of SP she got. and didn't even realized that the starter gift pack contained quite a lot of SP. and then she equipped the magical earring which now gave her the ability to float without using her darkness ability.

[ System Points - 10,000 ( 16,000 )]

[ Claimed Items - Magical Earrings ( Rare ) ]

She then looked at the shop items and saw a variety of Items and abilities, she looked at the Anime Section and into Fairy Tail. she decided to buy a random Caster type magic and luckily got Age Seal, which allows her to control properties of time, and gave her the ability to control a space-time continuum and freely move within her own "world".

Xelia looked around and found Galand fighting against a female giant with a blond-haired protecting another giant with brown-haired in pigtails, Monspeet then looked behind and released a bloodlust sensing the presence of multiple people including that of Meliodas. And said " My meal was interrupted.... this is why I hate rude people. Hmmm? "

" Let's give this a try. " Monspeet then raised his hands and used every ounce of magic he had left, then conjures a flame bird which shot out homing towards the clustered presence. but suddenly his attack disappeared without a trace, which felt like it was swallowed by something.

touching his mustache Monspeet spoke " Sheesh. and the little amount of power, I gathered from eating souls is gone. because of this..... Oh well."

"Nothings coming up... And I felt some feedback from my attack. they're both dead." Galand said, while clutching his spear dripping with blood.

And in a distance, a the blond giant appeared holding Diane in her shoulder and spat out blood.

Xelia looked at the distance and sense a presence of two Goddesses in the body of humans and disguised themselves as Druids, she thought ' Ishtar, huh what could they gain from going there..'

Later that night all of the commandments felt Meliodas releasing a huge power. And Xelia mutters something to Estarossa's ears saying " Its Meliodas, his power is getting released after getting sealed"

" Hmmm " Estarossa hummed, thinking why it would be sealed.

"This is... No mistaking it... it's him!" Zeldris exclaimed while look at the direction where the power was released.

And then all the commandments instinctively look at the direction where Meliodas appeared

greeted them, and then Galand appeared in front of Meliodas and directly punched in the face and smashed to the ground, the beating continued until Meliodas took his sword within second multiple slashes appeared in Galand's body spurting blood.

Meliodas then looked in Estarossa's direction and saw a woman with white hair, and thought ' Xelia, what could have made her join the Demon Clan... I need to find out why.... ' and then looked back at Zeldris, and continued talking until Zeldris and Fraudrin tried to hit him but a second to late because he already got teleported away. Galand's stumbled and fell to the ground, clutching his hands. and then saying "So this is the strength of the accursed demon, how delightful, how delightful, As if! Graaahhh~!! ."

Xelia just stared at the spot where Meliodas disappeared and thought ' Hm, I need..-
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