God Emperor
1613 Surrounded by Danger, Fighting Group of Demons Alone
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1613 Surrounded by Danger, Fighting Group of Demons Alone

"Use the Yin Yang Mirror and find Zhang Ruochen!" Queen Lian yelled.

The Yin Yang Mirror hovered in the air. Pushed by two Spiritual Power cultivators of the Blood Fox Race, black and white light spread out, shining in every corner of the Yin and Yang Palace.

Qiong Lin had 18 pupils, so he had shocking vision and soon found a figure in the light of the Yin Yang Mirror.


He pointed in the direction of the Yi Formation Tower.

The Yin Yang Mirror is so powerful, Zhang Ruochen sighed. I used the True Hallucination Flower and Unfounded Pearl and even twisted the space, but I was still discovered.

Thankfully, he'd used the short time earlier to rush 30 feet toward the Yi Formation Tower. He struck with a six-foot-long spatial crack.

Since he wanted to destroy the formation tower, he obviously had to use his strongest move.


Suddenly, a palm-sized rune scroll appeared on the Yi Formation Tower.

The rune dissolved into light specks in the sky.

The space around the formation tower was actually frozen. The leaves floating in the air all stopped.

When the spatial crack was within three feet of the formation tower, it slowed down and its width shrunk quickly. When it was about to hit the tower, the spatial crack closed completely and lost its power.

"A spatial freezing rune."

Zhang Ruochen was very sensitive about space and discovered the reason.

The spatial freezing rune was recorded in the Time and Space Secret Guide, but it was very hard to create. Only a cultivator of Space and Rune Way could produce it.

In Kunlun's Field, Zhang Ruochen could use spatial freezing to attack or stop enemies.

He could use it in Heaven Field too, but the space here was more stable and resilient. With his cultivation, he could only freeze a small range. He also couldn't block too much power.

This way, the spatial freeze wasn't exactly useful.

Zhang Ruochen's grasp of space would only improve vastly again after he reached the Saint King Realm. Then, he could truly utilize the spatial freeze even in Heaven Field.

Queen Lian was relieved. "Thankfully, I bought a batch of spatial freeze runes from the Spatial Heavenly Palace beforehand."

"Spending a fortune on buying spatial freeze runes was just to prevent Zhang Ruochen from attacking the ten formation towers secretly," King Yan said. "I'd thought that it was unnecessary. I didn't expect that it would really be useful."

Tonight's battle was a huge crisis for the Yin and Yang Palace. They couldn't make any more mistakes.

Zhang Ruochen was sure that the Yi Formation Tower only had one spatial freeze rune and it had been used up now. Thus, he gathered power to strike with a second spatial crack.

"Heavenly Devil Eyes."

Eighteen rivers of Blood Qi poured out of Qiong Lin's 18 eyes. Eighteen demonic figures emerged at the top of the rivers. Each one was majestic and charged forward like 18 mountains.

"Heavenly Devil Eyes? Could Qiong Lin have cultivated the horrible demonic technique on the Heavenly Devil Stone Inscription?"

Zhang Ruochen didn't have time to think carefully because the 18 blood rivers were before him.

It was impossible for Qiong Lin to give him time to produce another spatial crack.


Zhang Ruochen fought with all his might and struck horizontally with his sword.


The 18 blood rivers and devilish figures were all cut by the Sword Qi, turning into strands of bloody mist.

Qiong Lin only cast the Heavenly Devil Eyes to delay Zhang Ruochen.

During this, Qiong Lin used lightning speed to reach within 100 feet of Zhang Ruochen. He slammed down with his demonic mace.

A horrible wave of demonic Qi flooded over.

Zhang Ruochen felt like he was standing on a vast demonic sea. Above him, a red pillar the size of a mountain crushed down. It was unavoidable.

Zhang Ruochen didn't retreat. Instead, his eyes sharpened.


The blood and Holy Qi within him galloped like wild oxen. The Unmovable Emperor Ming broke out of his back. A phoenix and Luan emerged on his legs. The dragon and elephant soul appeared on his arms. The power from the Hundred Saints Blood Armor gathered toward the Abyss Ancient Sword.

"Eight levels of the world, all under my control."

An incomplete Sword Eight cut down.


The Abyss Ancient Sword and demonic mace clashed. Zhang Ruochen retreated quickly and almost hit the Yi Formation Tower.

Qiong Lin also flew back from Zhang Ruochen's power. His mace shook without stop.

Zhang Ruochen is so strong. He's actually comparable to me. Qiong Lin was slightly shocked.

But after this exchange, Qiong Lin felt that faint weakness again. It frightened him. He could only stop immediately to circulate his demonic Qi. He didn't dare to attack again.

While Qiong Lin and Zhang Ruochen were fighting each other, Queen Lian grabbed in the air. Four beams of cold Qi poured out of her hands. She controlled the four weapons left behind by the four Song siblings, making them hover around the Yi Formation Tower and locked the space gain.

"Ha, so the mysterious man I met in the Euphoria Underground Palace was you. Zhang Ruochen, I'll definitely play with you after I catch you." Queen Lian smirked.

She could see that Zhang Ruochen's masculine Yang Qi was 10,000 times more than others. That's why she said that to test him.

After all, it was very rare to have 10,000 times more Yang Qi.

Zhang Ruochen ignored her. After steadying himself, he immediately activated the runes on the Abyss Ancient Sword. He activated the complete First Yao power and hacked at the Formation Tower.

Queen Lian and King Yan didn't stop him. Instead, they approached him slowly and calmly.

Dense electric light emerged on the formation tower and hit the Abyss Ancient Sword. The terrifying electricity passed through the blade, going toward Zhang Ruochen.

King Yan huffed. "Overestimated yourself. The ten formation towers were established by a top formation master. A half-step Saint King can't destroy it. You're pretty good at manipulating space, but unfortunately, with the four weapons repressing it, you can't use spatial power at all."

Zhang Ruochen sensed the electricity surging on the tower. Each beam was like a lightning dragon. If he was struck, he'd probably be badly injured.

Thus, he immediately chose to abandon his sword and ricocheted back.

"Pretty fast reactions."

Queen Lian was slightly disappointed. Then she looked at the two Blood Fox cultivators who were pushing the Yin Yang Mirror. "Use Chaotic Yin Yang and attack Zhang Ruochen's Spiritual Power and saint soul directly."

These two Blood Fox Spiritual Power cultivators were at the peak of level 54 for Spiritual Power.

As they added the Spiritual Power into the Yin Yang Mirror, the black and white light on the surface spun quickly. They transformed into a black and white beam of light and shone at Zhang Ruochen.

The Yin Yang Mirror was a strong Spiritual Power saint weapon. The Chaotic Yin Yang attack could disturb one's mind and even tear apart their saint soul.

The light from the mirror barely touched Zhang Ruochen's body, but he felt a stabbing pain in his head. His vision dimmed as if he was about to faint.

Just then, his Unfounded Pearl came into use. It actually blocked most of the Yin Yang Mirror's Spiritual Power attack. He was able to take the remaining attack with his strong Spiritual Power.

"He actually has an Unfounded Pearl. This guy came quite prepared." Queen Lian furrowed her brows.

"I will break your arms and legs personally!"

Qiong Lin had adjusted himself, suppressing the weakness he felt. Bloodthirsty Qi poured out of his eyes. He picked up the mace and strode toward Zhang Ruochen, attacking him.

In addition, a dozen other strong Evil Way cultivators also used their strongest attacks toward Zhang Ruochen. They prepared to capture him at once.

Zhang Ruochen took out a God Demon Rune and crushed it.


The rune scroll's power enveloped his body.

His power increased instantly. As if possessed by a demon god, every exhale produced loud booms. He struck three times in a row and sent Qiong Lin flying sideways. He slammed into the ground.

Two half-step Saint Kings from the Evil Way struck with their Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons. They wanted to stop Zhang Ruochen from approaching the formation tower again.

"Go away!"

Zhang Ruochen stepped forward and struck the two weapons with his body. The two Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons fell to the ground like scrap metal, clattering.

"How is that possible? I activated the First Yao power."

"Hurry and retreat. Zhang Ruochen is coming…"

The two strong half-step Saint Kings had just thought of retreating when Zhang Ruochen's two palms slammed down. They were turned into two piles of bloody flesh.

Right now, Zhang Ruochen flattened everything in his way.

King Yan's eyes darkened. "You actually have a God Demon Rune. That's coincidental. I also received one 100 years ago."

A God Demon Rune costed two hundred million saint stones. It helped a cultivator have a third step Saint King's power for the span of ten breaths. No attack under the third step Saint King Realm could break past it either.

"You've already used seven breaths earlier. You only have three breaths left."

King Yan actually took out a God Demon Rune and crushed it. His aura strengthened instantly, emanating an extremely aggressive power.

With one step, he was before Zhang Ruochen.

It was a battle between God Demon Runes.

The difference was that King Yan had ten breaths' time while Zhang Ruochen only had three. Every cultivator thought that Zhang Ruochen would be crushed by King Yan after three breaths.

But Zhang Ruochen didn't fight directly against King Yan. Instead, he did something that shocked and confused countless cultivators.

He actually turned his back to King Yan.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen's posture, King Yan looked forward at the Yi Formation Tower and suddenly realized something. "Stop him!" he roared.

"Who dares to stop me?"

With his fastest speed, Zhang Ruochen crashed toward the door of the formation tower. The door was broken in with a loud boom. Zhang Ruochen ran into the tower.

Three half-step Saint Kings tried to stop him, but they were all sent flying. They were bloody when they fell onto the ground.

Zhang Ruochen couldn't destroy the formation, but he could kill the formation master controlling the Massive Heavenly Net Formation inside the tower. How could King Yan let him succeed?

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