God Emperor
1614 Break Through
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1614 Break Through

Led by Queen Lian, King Flame, and Qiong Ling, all the one hundred monks from the Evil Way were all horrified.

Above them were thousands of fireballs floating on top of 'Light Myriad Scroll,' burning the formation. The power coming out of it was enormous.

Everyone in the ten formation towers needed to use their full strength to operate the six ten thousand patterns saint weapons to ward off the scroll.

If any formation tower wasn't careful enough, Massive Heavenly Net Formation would crumble.

Queen Lian gave the four ancestral weapons left by the Song siblings to the other four monks from the Evil Way, and as for her, she rushed into the formation tower like a whirlpool.

King Flame had rushed into the formation before her.

The monks outside the Yin and Yang Palace could see the battle in the formation, which made them nervous.

"Zhang Ruochen has entered the formation tower. This is a one-way street. He can either win or die trying."

"If Zhang Ruochen fails to break the formation towers, he'll definitely be killed by Queen Lian and King Flame."

"If Zhang Ruochen manages to break the formation towers, Massive Heavenly Net Formation will be rugged, and then it won't be able to ward off that godly scroll."

"Look! Another group of powerful beings from the Evil Way rushed into the formation tower. Zhang Ruochen has no way out now."

King Flame and Queen Lian were too powerful. They were like two mountains, scaring off all the monks who hated the Yin and Yang Palace.

Now that Zhang Ruochen was about to face them both, many monks sighed.

Fairy Extreme King looked to Ji Fanxin and asked, "Do you think Zhang Ruochen can defend himself against King Flame and Queen Lian with his runes?"

Ji Fanxin said indifferently, "King Flame and Queen Lian are the leaders of the Yin and Yang Palace. They must have lots of runes themselves. I hope Zhang Ruochen destroys that formation tower, but it's just impossible…"

Fairy Extreme King also hoped that Zhang Ruochen could take down the Yin and Yang Palace, but he had to admit that Zhang Ruochen was too weak to defeat King Flame and Queen Lian. Besides, Qiong Ling and Xie Cheng, who hadn't shown up, were also powerful beings.

Any of them could deter a half-step saint king.

Only Zhang Ruochen had the guts to confront them.

Ji Fanxin said, "But they're going to fight inside the formation tower. King Flame and Queen Lian won't perform techniques that're too forceful. If they damage the formation tower, there'll be no point in suppressing Zhang Ruochen."

"Are you saying Zhang Ruochen has a chance?"

Ji Fanxin said, "It all depends on his power."

Inside the formation, Zhang Ruochen was fighting King Flame.

Both of them were using God Demon Runes. One of them was wielding his fist while the other was using his palm, filling the first level of the formation with chaotic forces.

The formation tower shook because of the forces coming out of their fight, and metal fragments fell from the tower.

If the battle forces were a bit stronger, the formation would crumble.

After a while, Zhang Ruochen's power quickly declined.

King Flame guffawed, and his body was giant like a flame demon. "Without God Demon Rune, you can't even ward off one strike."

Zhang Ruochen immediately took out a second God Demon Rune.

And then, the god demon forces from Zhang Ruochen rivaled that of a third-step saint king again, forcing King Flame to step back.

"You have another God Demon Rune? Can't believe you brought so many powerful runes. Who's helping you?"

King Flame refused to believe that Zhang Ruochen was rich enough to buy a seventh-grade Padoga Rune and God Demon Runes. There must be a powerful field helping him in secret.

After seven breaths of time, the God Demon Rune that King Flame was using dissipated, but Zhang Ruochen only got stronger and stronger, also knocking King Flame out of the tower.

King Flame could easily kill his enemy at the same level, yet he was at a disadvantage fighting a half-step saint king.

Just before he planned to use a stronger rune, Zhang Ruochen immediately stepped back, rushing toward the second level of the formation tower.

King Flame turned around, and he saw Queen Lian.

"How disappointing. You can't even get rid of Zhang Ruochen," Queen Lian said. Then she rushed to the second level as fast as possible to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Bang Bang!

Suddenly, an iron ball as large as a fist fell from the entry.

"What is that?"

Queen Lian was shrewd enough to immediately notice the danger. She dodged the iron ball and used his bamboo fan to protect herself.

As for King Flame and the monks behind her, they couldn't dodge it in time.


The iron ball exploded, releasing blood mist that spread everywhere.

The blood mist contained horrifying erosion power, which made the walls and floors in the formation tower sizzle, blackening them instantly. Even the inscriptions on the floors and walls could barely ward them off.

The monk who touched the blood mist started to bleed from mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Even his saint soul screamed in agony.

After an instant, that monk from the Evil Way turned into a pond of blood.

"Careful! It's a blood poison. Stay away from it."

Queen Lian's face paled.

She saw that her bamboo fan, which was a ten thousand patterns saint weapon, was eroded by the blood mist, and the spirit made a blood-curdling scream. In the end, it lost its life forces.

What kind of blood poison was that?

Queen Lian suspected that even she would find it hard to get rid of the poison.

She immediately covered her body with the bamboo fan and rushed out of the tower.

Right after she escaped the blood mist, her bamboo fan exploded, turning into blood-red fragments.

King Flame also got out of the formation tower, but he wasn't as lucky.

A trace of blood mist touched his chest, and his skin and flesh decomposed, spreading through his body.

He didn't have the luxury of chasing Zhang Ruochen anymore. He immediately mobilized the nine kinds of flames in his body to burn the blood poison.

None of the great beings from the Evil Way who got into the formation tower with Queen Lian managed to get out. Chances were, they were dead.

The monks watching the fight looked at each other, wondering what had happened.

What did Zhang Ruochen do to force King Flame and Queen Lian out of the formation tower and injure King Flame?

After a while, King Flame stopped the blood poison from spreading across his body. He opened his eyes and said, "The poison is terrifying. Fortunately, I only touched a bit of it, otherwise, I would've been killed."

Queen Lian said, "The blood mist has blocked the entrance to the formation tower. We can't stop Zhang Ruochen anymore. We should think about how to deal with the situation after Massive Heavenly Net Formation is broken."

King Flame looked awkward. He realized the greatest crisis facing the Yin and Yang Palace in tens of thousands of years had come.

Xie Cheng and Qiong Ling gathered with King Flame and Queen Lian to discuss the next-step strategies.

Zhang Ruochen rushed to the top of the formation tower. Although monks in the tower tried to stop him, they were all killed by him instantly.

It was very hard for the monks from the Yin and Yang Palace to survive his one attack, unless they were saint kings or the talents on 'Saints Merits Rank.'

The iron ball was given to him by Gu Songzi.

Gu Songzi was one of the greatest poison masters from Kunlun's Field, and the iron ball was holding the refined Pluto King Blood Poison, which was the most lethal poison Gu Songzi had ever made.

Gu Songzi was very reluctant when he gave the iron ball to Zhang Ruochen. After all, it took him over a hundred years to make one.

Zhang Ruochen had inspected the first level of the formation tower using his mind power, and he found that all the great beings from the Evil Way had turned into pools of blood, including three saint kings.

After fifteen minutes, Zhang Ruochen killed all the monks and formation masters in the tower, and then, the light pillar coming out of the formation tower dimmed, until it was retracted back to the formation tower completely.

When all the ten formation towers were combined, it was a tight unit.

As long as one of the formation towers went down, Massive Heavenly Net Formation would be flawed, and its power would sink.

After the light pillar from Yi Formation Tower disappeared, the power of the six ten thousand patterns saint weapons sharply declined, and they started to shake under the suppression of 'Light Myriad Scroll.'


The monks in Heavenly Capital Saint Market started to bustle as they realized the time to take down the Yin and Yang Palace had come.

Ji Fanxin's eyes gleamed. She said, "That reckless guy did it?"

Fairy Extreme King smiled, "He was indeed bold and reckless, but you should also see that Zhang Ruochen's fully prepared instead of going there without thinking. He must've had lots of trump cards, himself, aside from the runes we gave him."

Obviously, Ji Fanxin thought better of Zhang Ruochen now. "Runes are just external forces. Only monks who can seize the chance are able to wield the real power of the runes. Besides, it's impressive that Zhang Ruochen managed to hold off Qiong Ling, Queen Lian, and King Flame for that long."

 "Zhang Ruochen killed dozens of great beings from the Yin and Yang Palace, which means he killed a bunch of future supreme saints. Even I wouldn't be able to accomplish that," said Fairy Extreme King.

Seeing Massive Heavenly Net Formation broken, the monks who were watching the battle stopped hesitating. They all attacked the Yin and Yang Palace at the same time.

Massive Heavenly Net Formation exploded after a breath of time.

The ten splendid palaces and ten towering formation towers all cracked, and then, they collapsed.

Only the statue of the Moon Goddess was still standing in the Yin and Yang Palace. All the other buildings were leveled.

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