God Emperor
1615 Yin Yang Life and Death Formation
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1615 Yin Yang Life and Death Formation

A strand of red sunlight rose up from the end of the sea of clouds. It tore apart the darkness of the world, dyeing the horizon colorfully.

The Yin and Yang Palace was completely rubble. It was shrouded by dust, chaotic Holy Qi, and the light from the saint weapon.

At the moment, figures climbed out of the ruins of the ten pavilions and formation towers. This included the Evil Way cultivators from Yin and Yang Field, Black Demon Field, and Thousand Devil Field, and the beautiful girls who'd been captured.

The girls who'd been imprisoned looked at the broken walls underfoot and the morning light on the horizon. It felt like they'd returned to the world. Some were dazed, some were excited, and others cried tears of joy.

These girls hated the Evil Way cultivators so much. Seeing how destroyed the Yin and Yang Palace was, they felt very satisfied.

"Karma…karma… These Evil Way creatures deserve this karma!" a young girl cried in the rubble.

"While imprisoned, I heard those Evil Way cultivators cursing someone named Zhang Ruochen. Could it be he who destroyed the Yin and Yang Palace?"

"Zhang Ruochen is the number one human pride on the Saints Merits Rank and the priest of the Moon Goddess. Yes, it must be him."

The Yin and Yang Palace had too many enemies, but those cultivators never dared to speak up. They could only bear it.

Even when talented girls of sects, clans, and royal dynasties were captured, they only chose to spend a great fortune to buy them back.

Go attack the Yin and Yang Palace?

They didn't dare to think about that!

Today was different though. The Massive Heavenly Net Formation that guarded the palace had finally been broken through.

Zhang Ruochen and the Kunlun cultivators also led the way and killed a large group of people in the Yin and Yang Palace. They had the absolute advantage and it was the best chance to destroy the Yin and Yang Palace.

"Charge and kill all the Evil Way cultivators! Don't leave any alive!"

"My junior sister died with hatred in the Yin and Yang Palace. Today, I'll make you pay with blood!"

Figures flew out of the Heavenly Capital Saint Market.

They hated the Yin and Yang Palace, going crazy with fury. Today, it all erupted.

Of course, to prevent Yin and Yang Field, Black Demon Field, and Thousand Devil Field from taking revenge in the future, they all wore masks so they wouldn't be recognized.

Underground of the Yin and Yang Palace

At the bottom of the Euphoria Underground Palace, there was a Yin and Yang pool. Each one was 130 feet wide and shone with blue and red light.

The water of the Yin pool was cold to the bone.

The water of the Yang pool was hotter than lava.

Right now, Queen Lian and King Yan hovered above the Yin and Yang pools respectively. A cold blue moon emerged behind Queen Lian. King Yan had a blazing sun behind him.

The Yin and Yang forces combined with the pools under them, producing an increasingly strong aura.

"They really think that destroying the Massive Heavenly Net Formation can destroy the Yin and Yang Palace, ha. When the cultivators who hate the palace all rush in, we'll activate the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation to kill them all." King Yan laughed menacingly.

"Just absorb their Yin and Yang Qi," Queen Lian reminded. "Don't kill them. This isn't the Yin and Yang Field's dojo."

"Yin and Yang cannot grow alone," King Yan said. "As long as we suck their Yin and Yang Qi, they won't be able to live long even if they can escape from the palace."

The Yin and Yang pools weren't only a cultivation paradise created by the Yin and Yang Palace. It was also the center of the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation.

Just as Queen Lian and King Yan prepared to activate the formation, a voice rang beside their ears. "The era of the Yin and Yang Palace has passed. Why are you still struggling unnecessarily?"

Queen Lian's expression changed. Her cold eyes scanned the underground space. "Who is it?"

"Show yourself immediately!" King Yan roared.

Nine types of fire poured out of King Yan's body, filling every corner of the underground. He wanted to force the hidden person to appear.

The hallucination underground disappeared. A blue flame appeared on the ground between the Yin and Yang pools.

A figure stood in the fire.

The figure said, "As expected of King Yan. You actually completed all nine types of fire. If I met you without activating 'equality,' I could only flee for my life."

King Yan recognized the man standing below. "Zhang Ruochen, if you hadn't activated 'equality,' you would be an ant before me. You wouldn't even be able to escape."

Queen Lian was a bit surprised. "I didn't think you'd know that we came here. Are you here to stop us?"


Zhang Ruochen wrapped himself with Divine Fire Jingmie to block the nine fires from King Yan.

"The Yin and Yang Palace is getting attacked by everyone now," Zhang Ruochen said. "You should be thinking about how to escape, not how to turn the tides."

King Yan laughed maniacally. "You think that, with your bit of skills, you can suppress Queen Lian and I because of 'equality'? Once the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation is activated, you'll be suppressed immediately."

"You can try," Zhang Ruochen said unflinchingly.

King Yan and Queen Lian exchanged glances. Then four divine bones flew out of each of them, settling in eight locations. The eight bones sucked the Yin and Yang Qi from the respective pools.

Each bone was meters long. They were like building-sized divine stones.

Dense patterns appeared on the surfaces. They looked like formations but also Rules of Saintly Way branded onto the bones.

More and more terrifying power burst from the divine bones.

Queen Lian chuckled. "Zhang Ruochen, there's still time for you to submit to me. Otherwise, you won't be able to survive long under the ravaging of the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation, even though your masculine Yang Qi is 10,000 times more than others."

Zhang Ruochen didn't speak. He tapped the spatial ring on his hand and 18 red formation flags flew out, sticking into the ground around him.

These flags were made by Blackie. Each one was a Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon.

After returning from Zuling Field, Zhang Ruochen gave many resources that he'd stolen to Blackie. Those resources were more than enough to make 100 ordinary Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons.

But more than half was used up and it only produced these 18 formation flags.

Before attacking the Yin and Yang Palace, Blackie had made the flags sound amazing. It had claimed, "Zhang Ruochen, this is a portion of the formation flags from a ninth-grade formation I made. If you become strong enough in the future, you'll be able to unleash some of the formation's power."

How could Zhang Ruochen believe it?

After all, the Massive Heavenly Net Formation was already crazily powerful and it was only an eighth-grade formation. It was thousands of miles away from a ninth-grade formation.

If he could carry a Massive Heavenly Net Formation with him, then he wouldn't have to fear anyone under the Saint King Realm.

But if he wanted to turn the Massive Heavenly Net Formation into a set of flags that could be carried and set up at any time, it would cost a true fortune.

Even a rich Supreme Saint might not be able to afford that.

How expensive would a ninth-grade formation flag set be?

"You actually have a set of formation flags and each one is a Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon." Queen Lian was shocked.

A complete set of formation flags was a very valuable treasure. The average cultivator wouldn't be able to afford it.

Queen Lian didn't know just how strong Zhang Ruochen's set was, but since the flags were all Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons, then they couldn't be less than 500 million saint stones.

In the center of the flags, Holy Qi poured out of Zhang Ruochen's feet and into the flags.

King Yan sensed a dangerous aura. He quickly spun the eight divine bones. Swinging his arm, he sent one bone enveloped in fire toward Zhang Ruochen.

The 18 flags connected into a line and shone with brilliant sun-like light. It hit the divine bone.


Strong power waves filled the underground space.

Broken rock kept falling from the walls; even the ground trembled.

"I couldn't break through."

King Yan's expression became uncomfortable.

"Rise!" Zhang Ruochen yelled.

Then he controlled the 18 flags, taking the initiative to attack King Yan and Queen Lian who were hovering in the air.

King Yan and Queen Lian didn't dare to underestimate Zhang Ruochen's flags anymore. They operated the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation with all their might, wanting to use the Yin and Yang pools to suppress Zhang Ruochen.

The light from the 18 flags grew stronger. Finally, it turned into a blazing sun. It flew out of the formation and hit the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation.


The eight divine stones and the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation were torn apart. King Yan and Queen Lian spat out blood. They flew back and smashed against the stone walls.

"Such a terrifying set of formation flags. Run!" Even though King Yan was skilled in the Way of Fire, he was still scorched black from the blazing sun and was badly hurt.

King Yan and Queen Lian's cultivations weren't repressed, so they didn't fear Zhang Ruochen's flags, but they had no choice now. If they remained here, they would be in danger of dying.

The two collected the eight bones and fled the underground space without hesitation.

The light on the 18 flags gradually dimmed.

Standing in the center, Zhang Ruochen's body turned limp. He almost fell to the ground.

"This set of flags really is a bit crazy. I only used it slightly and it almost sapped me dry of Holy Qi."

Zhang Ruochen felt very uncomfortable, but he forced himself to look composed.

When the two formations clashed earlier, he'd discovered with shock that there was a fleeting aura in the underground.

Clearly, there was a very strong figure hiding nearby and he hadn't shown himself yet.

"Come out? If you don't, I'll use the formation flags to kill you directly." Zhang Ruochen pretended to be domineering to scare the other away.

In reality, he was unsettled and secretly clenched two rune scrolls in his hands.

A lovely voice rang out from the Yin pool. "I didn't think that you'd destroyed the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation. Did you buy the Sun Saint Gold from me to produce this set of flags?"


Ji Fanxin's curvy figure appeared gradually. A faint flowery fragrance also filled the space.

"It's you." Zhang Ruochen had a somber expression and said guardedly, "Are you the crow that comes to reap the harvest of the battle after everyone has been killed?"

Ji Fanxin knew that Zhang Ruochen was guarded, but she was still annoyed.

She'd actually come here with the same goal as Zhang Ruochen: to stop King Yan and Queen Lian from activating the Yin Yang Life and Death Formation.

However, Ji Fanxin saw that Zhang Ruochen was confident in fighting them, so she hid in the shadows. She wanted to see what other tactics he had.

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