God Emperor
1616 Godly Disciple, Yu Wenjing
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1616 Godly Disciple, Yu Wenjing

After the Yin and Yang Palace was taken down, the treasures left by the three fields tempted everyone.

Zhang Ruochen reckoned it was normal that Ji Fanxin came to take advantage of it.

Besides, Ji Fanxin still had Zhang Ruochen's Golden Dragon Carriage. Once Ji Fanxin killed Zhang Ruochen, she could have that Nine Yao ten thousand patterns saint weapon to herself.

Zhang Ruochen had every reason to be on guard.

Seeing how tense Zhang Ruochen was, Ji Fanxin suddenly had the urge to fight him, as she wondered whether she could defeat him if their cultivation was at the same level.

"Do you really think you can ward me off if I rip you off?" Ji Fanxin raised her head, looking proud.

"Impressive. She's already learned my current strength."

Zhang Ruochen immediately transmitted his voice to Blackie using his mind power, asking it to rush to the underground space.

The runes Zhang Ruochen had left all came from Ji Fanxin, so it was impossible to fight Ji Fanxin using those runes.

He had to use Sword Technique of Time if he had no other option.

His saint Qi was barely enough to perform Sword Technique of Time once, but if he failed to kill Ji Fanxin, he would be crushed.

Ji Fanxin saw Zhang Ruochen get fiercer and fiercer, so she gave up on the idea of fighting him. She didn't want to make an unnecessary enemy.

Ji Fanxin then said, "I'm indeed tempted by the treasures in the Yin and Yang Palace, and your Golden Dragon Carriage is priceless. However, you saved my senior sister, so I will never bite your hand."

Zhang Ruochen pondered whether Ji Fanxin actually meant it or not.

He then heard someone rushing toward him. "What enemy did you run into, Zhang Ruochen? Let me help you!"

Blackie dived underground like a chubby penguin. Its eyes popped, looking belligerent.

When it saw Ji Fanxin who was standing across from Zhang Ruochen, it was dazed. "It's her. You're so unlucky. Every time you befriend a woman, she'll betray you. Seems like we can never trust pretty women. Let's use Eighteen Pole Earth-Burning Formation Flags to suppress her. She's a Divine Reflection Lotus. A divine medicinal pill made of her flesh and blood will definitely be extraordinary."

Ji Fanxin waved her sleeves, then saint light gushed out of her palm, knocking it away.

"Zhang Ruochen, this owl you raised wanted to use me to make a pill? It's just as reckless as you, isn't it? I originally only needed one hundred and thirty-five million saint stones to give you the Golden Dragon Carriage back. Now, I need two hundred."

Ji Fanxin was pissed off. She shot Blackie a glare and left the underground space.

"What do you mean? Do you really think I can't defeat you? I'll suppress you…"

Blackie climbed up, pointed at Ji Fanxin's back with its claw and trash-talked, but Zhang Ruochen stopped it.

Zhang Ruochen was feeble at the moment, so all he wanted was for Ji Fanxin to leave.

If they really angered her, she might actually come back and try to kill them.

"Don't stop me! Let's use Eighteen Pole Earth-Burning Formation Flag…"

Suddenly, Blackie saw Zhang Ruochen's face pale, so it immediately stopped talking.

"Again? My saint Qi was almost drained after using that formation flag once."

Zhang Ruochen took out a divine medicinal pill that could quickly recover his saint Qi, swallowed it and asked, "What's going on outside?"

Blackie realized that Zhang Ruochen was very weak. It looked around while saying, "Rest assured. the Yin and Yang Palace has many more enemies than you expected. They're doomed this time!"

"I need to make up my saint Qi first, otherwise the treasures left by the three large fields in the Yin and Yang Palace might be taken by other monks."

Zhang Ruochen took out Time and Space Crystal and walked into the inner space.

After fifteen minutes, he walked out of Time and Space Crystal, looking vigorous again.

Although he hadn't fully recovered from the loss of saint Qi, it was enough for another fight.

Zhang Ruochen and Blackie walked out of the underground space.

As they walked past Bliss Dungeon, Zhang Ruochen saw that the prisons holding the talented women from Thousand Pistil Field had all been opened. Obviously, Ji Fanxin had rescued them all.

Women of the other races who were held in the prison seemed to know that the Yin and Yang Palace had been broken through. Seeing Zhang Ruochen, they all cheered, hoping that he'd release them all.

Zhang Ruochen had something more important to do, so he didn't have time to release them. He walked out of Bliss Dungeon with Blackie, back onto the ground.

The fight in the Yin and Yang Palace was nearing an end.

The Yin and Yang Palace indeed had many enemies. Zhang Ruochen used his mind power to inspect the place, and he found more than four hundred strong saint forces.

All the monks from the Evil Way, except a few, were suppressed. Some were tied up by Saint-binding chains, and some were severely injured, under the saint weapons.

A mind power saint weapon that looked like a bead was floating above the monks from the Evil Way, preventing them from blowing up their saint sources.

The monks from the outside didn't dare kill the creatures in Moon Goddess's dojo, as they were afraid that Truth Godly Palace would punish them. They were all waiting for Zhang Ruochen to come.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen show up, a woman wearing a flower mask walked toward him and said, "Lord Ruochen, we've been waiting for you for a long time. You're the priest of Moon Goddess, so only you have the authority to judge these monks from the Evil Way."

Zhang Ruochen took a look at the woman wearing a flower mask. She had profound cultivation...definitely a saint king, and not just a first-step or a second-step saint king.

Besides, Zhang Ruochen felt that he'd seen her somewhere else before.

It should be an incredible great being, but she changed her looks and body, so he couldn't recognize her.

Another male saint king walked to Zhang Ruochen and said, "Those monks from the Evil Way will definitely try to avenge themselves if you let them go."

Zhang Ruochen knew that those monks didn't have the guts to offend the Yin and Yang Palace and the power behind it, so they all wanted him to be the bad guy.

There were more than one hundred and fifty monks from the Evil Way who were suppressed. If he killed them all, Yin and Yang Field, Black Demon Field, and Thousand Devil Field would go mad, irritating many supreme saints, even Gods.

This was not the biggest issue. After all, the supreme saints and Gods couldn't just come to Truth Heavenly Domain to kill Zhang Ruochen.

The issue at the moment was a headache.

Once Zhang Ruochen killed all the monks from the Evil Way, there would be nothing left to hold off the avengers from their large fields. They would definitely shift their focus to the treasures in the Yin and Yang Palace.

Zhang Ruochen wouldn't be able to stop them.

Zhang Ruochen risked everything to attack the Yin and Yang Palace. He'd even mortgaged his Golden Dragon Carriage. If the other monks seized all the treasures, all his efforts would be in vain.

Just as Zhang Ruochen was thinking of a coping strategy, he heard a bustling noise from the outside.

"Yu Wenjing."

"Yu Wenjing came to the Yin and Yang Palace."

The avengers wearing masks seemed to be terrified by the person coming. They all lowered their heads, stepped back, and made way for him.

Even the female saint king wearing a flower mask was scared. She immediately retreated into the distance, worried that Yu Wenjing might recognize her.

"Who came to the Yin and Yang Palace? Why are the monks so scared?"

Zhang Ruochen saw a slender man wearing a Crane Blue Sky Cape walk in.

He had eight golden pythons around his waist, and each of them was a saint-king barren mutant. Their forces were stronger than eight real dragons.

Yu Wenjing exerted pressure even on Zhang Ruochen.

Only godly disciples from Truth Godly Palace were allowed to wear Crane Blue Sky Capes, so Zhang Ruochen immediately recognized his identity.

Yu Wenjing looked to Zhang Ruochen and said, "Zhang Ruochen, Truth Godly Palace shouldn't be involved in the fight in dojos, but you've killed many monks today. Don't you think it's time to stop?"

Zhang Ruochen said, "What do you mean? Are you asking me to let all these monks go?"

Yu Wenjing said, "They've indeed done a lot of bad things, but in merits battlefields, they never hesitate to kill the creatures from Hell World. If you kill them all, you'll only weaken Heaven World, which benefits Hell World.

"How about this. Give them a chance to make amends for what they did. Send them to the Merits Godly Palace, and send them to merits battlefields to fight the creatures from Hell World."

The female saint king wearing a flower mask transmitted her voice to Zhang Ruochen. "Yu Wenjing is a monk from the Yin and Yang Palace, and he's very close to Queen Lian. If you send them to the Merits Godly Palace, you're basically sending them to Shang Ziyan. Do you really think Shang Ziyan will punish them?"

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