God Emperor
1618 Zhang Ruochen’s Terms
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1618 Zhang Ruochen’s Terms

Zhang Ruochen stood across from Luo Xu, as they were equals. They were both the representatives of their respective fields.

Zhang Ruochen was grateful and respectful of Luo Xu.

After all, Luo Xu had helped him more than once, and he'd even taught him his secret technique, 'Luo Water Fist Technique,' because of which Zhang Ruochen was able to balance the masculine Qi in his body coming from Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm and Luo Water Fist Technique represented masculinity and femininity, both of which were profound.

Luo Xu was smiling. "I know you have a lot to do after taking down the Yin and Yang Palace, so I won't beat around the bush. I reckon you know why the monks from Kunlun's Field helped you annihilate the Yin and Yang Palace."

Zhang Ruochen said, "Kunlun's Field wants to team up with me?"

Luo Xu nodded and said, "Both Kunlun's Field and Guanghan Field are small fields in Truth Heavenly Domain. We can only take our dojos back after teaming up."

Zhang Ruochen was close with Luo Xu, but this wasn't an issue between the two of them, but between Guanghan Field and Kunlun's Field.

Zhang Ruochen couldn't agree, as there were too many parties involved, and he needed to name his requirements.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Guanghan Field has twenty-one dojos in Truth Heavenly Domain, and Moon Goddess's dojo is the most difficult one to take back, but I just did that. Do you really think I need Kunlun's Field's power to take back the rest of the nineteen dojos?"

Luo Xu said, "You know that you took back Moon Goddess's dojo because the Yin and Yang Palace has too many enemies, not because of your invincibility or Kunln's Field's help.

"I bet Moon Goddess has told you that Guanghan Field and Kunlun's Field have a mutual enemy. That enemy has been trying to stop Guanghan Field and Kunlun's Field, and that enemy made Kunlun's Field fall and Guanghan Field enslaved and suppressed. There're representatives from that power in Truth Heavenly Domain, coming at both you and me. Do you really think you can defeat that enemy by yourself?"

After the fight in Moon Goddess's dojo, Zhang Ruochen realized more than ever that Shang Ziyan had tremendous power, and he wasn't able to fight back against him.

Zhang Ruochen thought for a bit and said, "It's not impossible to team up."

Luo Xu's eyes gleamed. "You agree?"

Zhang Ruochen said, "If you want me to help take back Kunlun's Field's dojos, you need to agree to my terms first."

Luo Xu was already prepared. He said, "What terms?"

"Firstly, I'll get half the treasures and saint stones in the dojo. If you agree to the first term, we'll talk about the second one," said Zhang Ruochen.

Luo Xu looked solemn.

Obviously, Zhang Ruochen's first term put him in a very awkward position.

Luo Xu used his mind power to communicate with the monks from Kunlun's Field.

After a short while, the monks from Kunlun's Field were all irritated.

Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon sneered. "Zhang Ruochen, how dare you have such outrageous terms. Do you really think we have to team up with you? We might be strong enough to take back Kunlun's Field's dojos."

"Let's go." The Royal Prince of the Kun looked hostile.

Li Xian, the leader of the savage beasts, frowned, as she thought Zhang Ruochen's terms were preposterous. "Please open the formation and let us go."

Zhang Ruochen didn't try to stop them. He escorted them out while saying, "Kunlun's Field indeed helped a lot with taking back Moon Goddess's dojo. If Kunlun's Field wants to take one of your dojos back, just tell me. I'll help you, but I will only help you once."

Before exiting the formation, Zhang Ruochen recalled something. He took out a pot of Dragon Spirits Mad Oxen Wine and gave it to Luo Xu. "This is incredible wine. It's priceless."

Luo Xu was dazed at first, then he smiled and said, "I have something good to give you."

Luo Xu took out a fist record and gave it to Zhang Ruochen.

"What is this?" asked Zhang Ruochen.

Luo Xu said, "This is my perception of the tenth level of Luo Water Fist Technique. I'm studying the eleventh level of the technique, but I'm not able to finish it yet."

The ninth level of Luo Water Fist Technique was a saint spell.

And the tenth level of Luo Water Fist Technique was a mid-class saint spell.

Practicing Luo Water Fist Technique could help Zhang Ruochen control the masculine Qi inside his body, so he accepted it without any further questions.

Luo Xu was much better at fist techniques than Zhang Ruochen, so Zhang Ruochen needed to learn from Luo Xu.

Besides, a mid-class saint spell was very valuable, especially expert mid-class saint spells and master saint spells. They were so rare that nobody would be willing to pass them to others.

Luo Xu gave Zhang Ruochen a mid-class saint spell without hesitation, and Zhang Ruochen gave him some priceless Dragon Spirits Mad Oxen Wine without hesitation.

It was because of their friendship. It had nothing to do with benefits.

Luo Xu knew that Zhang Ruochen needed Luo Water Fist Technique, and Zhang Ruochen knew Luo Xu needed Dragon Spirits Mad Oxen Wine.

After escorting everyone from Kunlun's Field, Zhang Ruochen headed back to the Moon Goddess's dojo, looking at the female monks standing in the ruins.

Those monks were all terrified of Zhang Ruochen.

"My lord."

All the female monks kneeled before Zhang Ruochen.

They were different from the women trapped in Bliss Dungeon. They'd been trained to be the tools for the Yin and Yang Palace to earn saint stones, and they'd lost their willpower.

They were both excited and nervous seeing Zhang Ruochen take down the Yin and Yang Palace. They weren't sure how this new master would treat them.

Zhang Ruochen didn't even bother to think about it. He looked to Ling Feiyu and said, "Deal with them, won't you?"


Ling Feiyu nodded.

The Moon Goddess's dojo was in ruins.

Zhang Ruochen spent a long time collecting the valuable treasures from the ruins.

What angered Zhang Ruochen was that he ddin't find anything in the treasury built by the Yin and Yang Palace.

The monks from the Evil Way were all filthy rich. The combined value of their treasures and saint stones was a great deal.

Moon Goddess's dojo didn't have enough people, so Ling Feiyu had to ask all the female monks to clean up the mess.

Zhang Ruochen took out a delicately-made tower and threw it out.

It then turned into a pavilion that was more than a hundred feet tall, showing up at the northeastern corner of Moon Goddess's dojo.

It was 'Weapon-Refining Pavilion,' which was a thousand patterns saint weapon. It could be of all sizes, with great defense and attack power.

And then, Zhang Ruochen threw out more than ten Weapon-Refining Pavilions. There were pavilions, towers, and palaces, changing all of Moon Goddess's dojo.

Unlike before, Moon Goddess's dojo was no longer covered with evil Qi. Under Moon Goddess's statue, it looked tranquil and divine.

Zhang Ruochen found the Weapon-Refining Pavilions from the storage bag of a monk proficient in making weapons, and they were only ordinary Weapon-Refining Pavilions.

An extraordinary Weapon-Refining Pavilion could birth a strong weapon spirit. It could fly and even become an earth itself, making a refining space.

Zhang Ruochen didn't count how many valuables he got. Instead, he made a space transportation formation in Moon Goddess's dojo. Then, he left Heavenly Capital Mountain.

Jingxiang Cliff Dojo.

Nine Heavenly Maiden, Qing Xiao, and the monks from Guanghan Field were all trapped in the dojo, nervous. Nobody could keep calm and comprehend the pictures of the Way of Truth.

Even Su Jing was nervous.

To him, Zhang Ruochen was still too young, and if he wasn't careful enough, it'd be a huge hit to the entire Guanghan Field.

"Damn it. I should've stopped them." Su Jing clenched his teeth.

The longer they waited, the more nervous they got. They were scared that they might be facing bad news.

It was torture!

Mu Lingxi was standing on the stairs of the dojo gate. She would raise her head every once in a while, looking outside the dojo.

Nine Heavenly Maiden stood beside Mu Lingxi with her hands behind her back. She said calmly, "Don't you have confidence in Zhang Ruochen?"

"Aren't you worried about him?" Mu Lingxi asked.

Nine Heavenly Maiden wasn't only one person. She was a combination of nine people, so she had nine different minds. She was silent for a while after hearing Mu Lingxi's question.

The leading mind of Nine Heavenly Maiden was Saint Lady, and the other eight maidens were all comprehending the saintly way.

Mu Lingxi was thinking about something, hesitating to ask.

Nine Heavenly Maiden looked through her and said, "Just ask me. What are you hesitating for?"

Mu Lingxi raised her head and asked, "Why did Sister Chen choose the empress's side? Why did she help the empress? Why did she hurt Zhang Ruochen? Did the empress threaten her with Zhang Ruochen's life?"

Nine Heavenly Maiden thought and said, "Her majesty's always lenient and forgiving. She would never threaten her own disciple."

Mu Lingxi said, "Impossible. I know Sister Chen. She's always stubborn and uncompromising. Once she's sure that Zhang Ruochen is the man, nothing can change her mind. If the empress didn't force her, she would've never done that. When everyone thought Zhang Ruochen had been killed by Sword Saint Jiuyou, she was the only one waiting with Zhang Ruochen's mother, and she treated her like her own mother.

"Xue Wuye is a great talent. He pursued her, yet she wasn't moved at all.

"Besides… I could see how heartbroken she was in the headquarters of the demonic sect last time."

Nine Heavenly Maiden said, "Everyone has a different fate, and nobody can change that. Even Gods are sometimes powerless when it comes to fate."

Mu Lingxi asked, "Where is she? Was she killed by the empress?"

"Just think of her as dead! Because of Zhang Ruochen, almost all her family was killed." There was something that Nine Heavenly Maiden couldn't tell Mu Lingxi.


Long silence…

Mu Lingxi's eyes turned red. She felt that her sister Chen might've died already, and she might've been killed by the empress.


Time and space ripples came from the formation suddenly.

All the monks in the dojo were shocked. They rushed to the gate of the dojo, looking into the distance.

They saw Zhang Ruochen show up in the formation, walking toward Jingxiang Cliff Dojo.

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