God Emperor
1619 Four Major Worlds
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1619 Four Major Worlds

Seeing Zhang Ruochen appear, everyone was relieved. Mu Lingxi and Qing Xiao were the first to welcome him.

Qing Xiao's expression was serious. "What did you find out?" he asked.

"Those Evil Way cultivators must have set up traps all over, right?" Mu Lingxi asked. They'd been stuck in the Mirror Fragrance Dojo and didn't know about the outside world. They only thought that Zhang Ruochen had returned so quickly, so he must not have conquered the Yin and Yang Palace.

Zhang Ruochen looked at each person. "Hurry and pack up. Follow me to the Heavenly Capital Mountain."

Qing Xiao and the Nine Heavenly Maiden didn't have anything to pack up, so they stayed in place.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen's expression was dark but also composed, the Nine Heavenly Maiden asked, "Did you already think of the perfect plan against the Yin and Yang Palace?"

"The Yin and Yang Palace has already been destroyed," Zhang Ruochen said emotionlessly.

Hearing this, Qing Xiao and the Nine Heavenly Maiden were stunned.

The Guanghan Field cultivators who'd left to pack up were even more shocked and stopped in their tracks. 

"What? The Yin and Yang Palace has been destroyed?"

"It's created by an alliance between the Yin and Yang Field, Black Demon Field, and Thousand Devil Field. They're so strong. Who can defeat them?"

This news was too shocking and unbelievable.

Su Jing saw Zhang Ruochen's expression was serious. He didn't look like he was joking. Su Jing joyously asked, "Which force destroyed the Yin and Yang Palace? Did they offend a top ten world from the Thousand Field Merits Rank and that's why they were destroyed?"

No one believed that Zhang Ruochen was the man behind it.

After all, in their opinion, the Yin and Yang Palace was too strong. It was already dangerous for Zhang Ruochen to take back the dozen heads hanging on the gates. Mu Lingxi grew thoughtful. "We're going to the Moon Goddess Dojo?" she asked uncertainly.

Suddenly, it dawned on everyone there.

Yes, Zhang Ruochen told them to pack up. Where could they go, other than the Moon Goddess Dojo that had a better environment?

This meant…

All the Guanghan Field cultivators looked to Zhang Ruochen. Their eyes grew hotter and hotter as if they were going crazy.

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "Yes, the Moon Goddess Dojo has returned to the hands of Guanghan Field. Follow me. There's a serious lack of people."


Even though they all had high cultivations, Zhang Ruochen's confirmation was still like an explosion in their minds. Their blood started boiling.

Su Qingling wanted to ask something, but Zhang Ruochen added, "Everyone, go pack up. We must hurry over immediately. When you get there, you'll naturally learn the entire process of how the Yin and Yang Palace was destroyed."

"Indeed, we must hurry. We can't let another large world cut in and take over again."

Su Jing was extremely excited. He couldn't calm down and hurriedly said, "I'll send a message to the Shatuo Heavenly Domain immediately and tell this good news to all Guanghan cultivators. I'll also have my father send over a set of top formation tools. We must protect the Moon Goddess Dojo well."

While everyone was packing up, Zhang Ruochen went to the space transfer formation in the Mirror Fragrance Cliff Dojo and started fixing what he'd destroyed.

He could only build basic space transfer formations now. It could only transport them a few hundred thousand miles each time, but the Mirror Fragrance Cliff Dojo was further away from the Heavenly Capital Mountain.

Thus, Zhang Ruochen had built another space transfer formation between the two dojos.

The three formations connected in a path. From now on, Guanghan Field cultivators could go between the two dojos at will without worrying about getting killed on the way.

After the Guanghan Field cultivators arrived at the Moon Goddess Dojo, they first went to bow to the Moon Goddess statue. Then they gathered around, listening to Blackie describe the battle.

Spittle flying and with dramatic expressions, Blackie said, "It happened too quickly to describe. Zhang Ruochen just screamed at the Moon Goddess, 'Open All Lives Equal. Today, I will destroy the scum who took over the Moon Goddess Dojo!'

"Before he could finish, I already ran out to fight against Blue Fang, the top fighter under the Saint King Realm in the Yin and Yang Palace. I instantly stirred up a storm, but how strong am I? After 182 exchanges, I slammed Blue Fang to the ground with a claw. I was about to use the Heavenly Extreme Chaotic Spell and destroy him at once.

"But when Blue Fang realized he wasn't my match, he immediately summoned more than 100 Evil Way cultivators. They formed the God-killing Formation, wanting to team up against me. It became extremely dangerous. At that moment, I knew that I couldn't hide my abilities anymore. I decided to go full out and kill all these evil people…"

Below the Moon Goddess statue where the gates of the Yin and Yang Palace had been, Zhang Ruochen stood beside Qing Xiao.

Zhang Ruochen's expression was bitter. "Actually, it's all because of me. Otherwise, Second Senior Brother, Third Senior Brother, and Fifth Senior Sister wouldn't die. I wouldn't know how to explain to Master."

Qing Xiao lived on the battlefield, so he was used to death. Expression cold, he shook his head. "This is a cruel era. Our enemies don't only target you. They'll also target all beings from Kunlun's Field and Guanghan Field. You're too big of a threat. That's why they targeted you first."

Zhang Ruochen had gone through too many ups and down, joys and sadness. He obviously wasn't an average man, so he quickly put away his sadness. "Senior Brother, how much do you know about our enemy?"

Qing Xiao held no secrets from Zhang Ruochen. "Actually, I don't know that much about the extension of the war 10,000 years ago. I only heard that it's related to the competition between the four major worlds of Heaven World."

"The four major worlds of Heaven World?"

Qing Xiao nodded. "Pangu Field rules the eastern universe.

"Demon God Field rules the southern universe.

"Heaven Field rules the western universe.

"Thousand Void Field rules the northern universe.

"The four rulers are very strong, have long histories, rich backgrounds, possess the most ancient heritages, and have groups of gods. As the four leaders of Heaven World, they control the thousands of fields. The controllers of the Heavenly Palaces and Godly Palaces are almost all chosen from the four fields.

"The four fields were chosen 10,000 years ago.

"At that time, the western universe had three major fields. Each one qualified to become the ruling field. They were Heaven Field, Kunlun's Field, and Western Buddhist Field.

"But for some reason, Kunlun's Field ran into disaster and the gods all died. Even the field was sealed up and became still. Western Buddhist Field was strong but didn't intend to compete for the spot. In the end, Heaven Field naturally became the ruler of the western universe and managed it."

Zhang Ruochen's eyes shone with terrifying light. "Senior Brother, do you suspect that the now-powerful Heaven Field is behind Kunlun's Field's fall?"

"I don't know."

Shaking his head, Qing Xiao continued, "But without a doubt, the biggest benefactor after the disaster of Kunlun's Field is Heaven Field. After ruling the major worlds, void worlds, and planets of the western universe, Heaven Field has gained countless resources. They're countless times stronger than 10,000 years ago."

After hearing Qing Xiao's words, Zhang Ruochen fell silent.

If the dark force that the Moon Goddess mentioned really was the Heaven Field, the ruler of the western universe, then this would be hopeless for any Guanghan cultivator. Their path was in the dark and devoid of any light.

A hand that could cover the entire sky was hovering over the millions of beings in Guanghan Field. It only had to press down softly to kill them all as if they were ants.

Of course, even if the dark force was Heaven Field, they couldn't do anything they wanted. After all, there were three other ruling fields that could counter Heaven Field.

Plus, the four ruling worlds had established the heavenly rules. Even the four fields themselves couldn't break those rules.

Zhang Ruochen sent Blackie to find out something in the Heavenly Capital Saint Market: which world was Shang Ziyan from?

With Shang Ziyan's status and identity, it wasn't hard to find out about his background.

Two hours later, Blackie returned to the dojo and told Zhang Ruochen about Shang Ziyan. His expression instantly turned dark.

Shang Ziyan was indeed the youngest son of a god from Heaven Field. That god also had an extraordinary status in the entire Heaven World.

This way, Qing Xiao's guess was mostly correct.

The dark force must be related to Heaven Field.

Thinking carefully, Zhang Ruochen grew more and more shocked. He realized that the Truth Heavenly Domain was even more dangerous than he'd thought. More accurately, the entire Heaven World was extremely dangerous.

But what could he do?

Heaven Field's power was spread throughout the universe. Even if he didn't fight against them, where could he run to and hide?

If he stayed in Heaven World, there would at least be the heavenly rules.

Zhang Ruochen decided not to leave the Moon Goddess Dojo until he entered the Saint King Realm.

Shang Ziyan had suffered such a great defeat, so he would definitely take revenge crazily. With his status and the forces under him, the next attack would be even worse.


Only a strong ability could withstand all this.

Qing Xiao and the Nine Heavenly Maiden had left the Moon Goddess Dojo to regroup with Kunlun's Field. They seemed to be plotting to attack another dojo.

Three days passed quickly.

Ling Feiyu went over to ask Zhang Ruochen, "The worlds of the various worlds will come later to get their girls back. Have you thought about how to deal with them?"

"Let Su Jing and the others take care of this," Zhang Ruochen said. "I prepare to isolate myself for a while."

"But what about those imprisoned Evil Way cultivators?" Ling Feiyu asked. "What do we do with them? Are we really going to let them go?"

Zhang Ruochen's eyes flickered. Murderous intent grew thicker. "Kill them. Now. After killing them, hang their heads outside of the Moon Goddess Dojo."

He decided to do it himself because the saint souls of those cultivators were very useful to him.

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