God Emperor
1620 Shocked Truth Heavenly Domain
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1620 Shocked Truth Heavenly Domain

The dawn came, and two shadows showed up near Moon Goddess's dojo.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Their bodies were mist. The creature standing at the front had three black tails, and the creature behind had two tails.

Qing Mingzi, with three tails, formed his body and opened his palm, looking at the golden dragon scales on his hand. He mumbled, "This is the date we're supposed to meet Zhang Ruochen. Is he going to fulfill his promise?"

Xiao Nansheng, standing behind, was a half-step saint king, and he was the most outstanding disciple of Qing Mingzi.

Qing Mingzi asked, "Have you prepared the materials for the six saintesses and seventh female half saints from Virtual Spirit Field?"

"I have," answered Xiao Nansheng.

"Zhang Ruochen won't just let us take the people away. He'll definitely check their materials to confirm their identities."

Qing Mingzi was meticulous enough to make some preparations.

Qing Mingzi and Yan Nnasheng took out a saint weapon that could cover their forces, walking toward Moon Goddess's dojo.

The closer they got to Moon Goddess's dojo, the quieter it got.

There was a smell of blood in the air.

Xiao Nansheng held his breath and said, "Master, something's wrong. Are the great beings from Yin and Yang Field, Black Demon Field and Thousand Devil Field hiding in the dark, trying to have revenge?"

Qing Mingzi looked a bit solemn, but he wasn't scared given his cultivation.

As long as he didn't run into great beings like King Flame and Queen Lian, he would be able to get out safely.

"That shouldn't be the case. Everyone there before hates the Yin and Yang Palace's guts. Nobody will expose the news."

Qing Mingzi was calm, but as he walked around the corner, across from Moon Goddess's dojo, he was shocked as he saw something horrifying.

Xiao Nansheng took a deep breath as his eyes popped. He said, "Zhang Ruochen is such a devil. Can't believe he did that."

There was a tower-shaped Weapon-Refining Pavilion across from Moon Goddess's dojo, and there were heads hanging on the pavilion.

They were the heads of more than one hundred saints and saint kings.

The saint blood dripping from the heads was warm. Obviously, they'd been chopped off recently.

The ground around the tower was tainted red, giving out the aura of tremendous grudges and hatred, surrounding that area.

Xiao Nansheng said, "Didn't Zhang Ruochen compromise when Yu Wenjing showed up and talked him out of killing them all?"

"Haha. Zhang Ruochen is filled with pride. How would he compromise? I reckon he only acquiesced to gain time." Qing Mingzi couldn't feel happier, as those from the ways of evil finally got the ending they deserved.

Qing Mingzi's daughter had been killed in the Yin and Yang Palace, and he dashed into the Yin and Yang Palace, trying to avenge her.

Unfortunately, Massive Heavenly Net Formation was too formidable, which severely injured Qing Mingzi with one strike. Lucky for him, he had an incredible rune that tore the formation and got him out before the formation was fully activated.

However, with time going by, Qing Mingzi only hated the Yin and Yang Palace more.

Now that Zhang Ruochen had killed all the monks from the Evil Way in the Yin and Yang Palace, Qing Mingzi was thrilled.

After calming down, Qing Mingzi forced a smile. "Hanging those heads on the gate now. Zhang Ruochen's so wicked."

Xiao Nansheng nodded and said, "If we go to Moon Goddess's dojo now, everyone will think that we've teamed up with Zhang Ruochen."

"Zhang Ruochen wants to drag us down with him. When the Yin and Yang Palace and the power behind it plot a plan to fight back, they'll be targeting us as well."

"Master, should we pick another day to head to Moon Goddess's dojo?"

Qing Mingzi said, "We've promised Zhang Ruochen to meet today. Do you really think he'll still return the people to us after today?"

"Makes sense," said Xiao Nansheng.

"Let's go save our people first. If the monks from the three fields really want to have revenge, they'll definitely be onto us sooner or later."

Qing Mingzi was calm, rushed to the gate of Moon Goddess's dojo, and showed his golden dragon scales.

The formation in Moon Goddess's dojo opened a small crack.

Qing Mingzi and Xiao Nansheng walked in.

Ruiya Filed was ranked seventy-third in the western universe, and its saint shop in the Heavenly Saint Market was called Huanzhen Palace.

The tallest building in Huanzhen Palace was an ancient castle.

Rumbling sounds came out of the castle.

King Flame broke a stone pillar in the castle, and his meridians popped. He yelled, "Zhang Ruochen must die."

Yu Wenjing, who was wearing a Crane Blue Sky Cape, still found it hard to believe. He asked again, "Were all the monks from the three fields killed by Zhang Ruochen?"

A saint with wings from the Evil Way couldn't handle the great forces coming out of King Flame and Yu Wenjing. He kneeled on the ground and said with a trembling voice, "He didn't just kill all the monks, he chopped off their heads and hung them on a tower in Moon Goddess's dojo."

"He's humiliating all of us."

King Flame glared at Yu Wenjing and said, "Didn't you claim that you could save all of them? Didn't you say that you've warned Zhang Ruochen and he wouldn't do something so reckless? Your arrogance killed all the monks from the three fields."

Yu Wenjing couldn't look more gloomy. He clenched his fist and said, "Who could've imagined Zhang Ruochen's so rash? I'll head to Moon Goddess's dojo and crush him now. I don't mind being punished by the godly palace."

Many monks saw with their eyes that Yu Wenjing threatened Zhang Ruochen, trying to save the monks from the three large fields.

Now, Zhang Ruochen's chopping off the heads of all those monks was a slap in Yu Wenjing's face.

Yu Wenjing valued his reputation, and just thinking about how many monks were laughing at him made him furious.

The godly disciples of Truth Godly Palace could enter the dojos of the large fields and mediate conflicts.

If a mass murderer showed up in Truth Heavenly Domain, the godly disciples could enter the dojo and capture him, and if he refused, they could even kill him before reporting.

Yu Wenjing could give Zhang Ruochen an allegation and kill him first.

Shang Ziyan walked out and said, "Come back, Yu Wenjing."

Yu Wenjing turned back and looked at Shang Ziyan. "You've heard it, Lord Ziyan. Zhang Ruochen was totally disrespecting us. I'm not going to let it slide easily."

There was no way Shang Ziyan wasn't angry. However, he was crafty enough not to show it. He said calmly, "Don't you want to know why Zhang Ruochen is so overbearing? Do you really think he and those from Guanghan Field dare challenge us?"

Yu Wenjing asked curiously, "Does he have someone more prominent helping him?"

All the monks looked to Shang Ziyan, as they wanted to know who dared stand against them.

Shang Ziyan said, "Don't you want to know where I was when you were fighting Zhang Ruochen? I was held off by someone from the Taoist Sect!"

"Taoist Sect intervened?" Yu Wenjing was dazed.

King Flame asked curiously, "He managed to check you? Who is he?"

"The leader of his generation from Taoist Sect, Zhen Yuan," said Shang Ziyan.

All the monks went gloomy hearing the name 'Zhen Yuan.'

Shang Ziyan asked, "Do you think you can rival Zhen Yuan, Yu Wenjing?"

Yu Wenjing was always full of pride, and he now shook his head and said, "Zhen Yuan is the new leader of the top saint land, Five Elements Temple. I surely can't rival him. Is this why you tried to stop me going to Moon Goddess's dojo?"

Shang Ziyan said, "Actually, Buddha Way also helped Zhang Ruochen, not just Taoist Sect."

"How so?"

"Isn't Buddha Way always neutral, staying away from all the conflicts?"

Shang Ziyan said, "If it weren't for Buddha Way, Zhang Ruochen could've never had the seventh-grade Padoga Rune and Unfounded Pearl. Without those two valuables, Zhang Ruochen would've died in the Yin and Yang Palace already. Besides, Queen Daxi was also held off by a monk from Buddha Way, which is why he's not in Truth Heavenly Domain now."

Some of the monks were thinking, some were sighing.

Both Taoist Sect and Buddha Way were powerful enough to intimidate them.

Blue Fang chuckled. "With Taoist Sect and Buddha Way behind Zhang Ruochen, how are we going to avenge their deaths?"

Shang Ziyan said, "Taoist Sect and Buddha Way are indeed prominent, but they don't want trouble, so they can only help them secretly.

"The monks from Taoist Sect and Buddha Way didn't join the fight in the Yin and Yang Palace, and it was brutal. Which means they're only watching the conflict at the moment.

"If Zhang Ruochen isn't strong enough, they'll find Zhang Ruochen not to be worth the trouble.

"The more power Zhang Ruochen shows, the bigger the threat he poses to us, and the more Taoist Sect and Buddha Way value him, giving him more help. Why would they help a useless man?"

Queen Lian smiled, squinting her eyes, and said, "Are you saying that Taoist Sect and Buddha Way won't be able to interfere if we can kill him instantly?"

Shang Ziyan nodded and said, "Now that I know Buddha Way and Taoist Sect have joined, I'll mobilize more power to deal with Zhang Ruochen. Rest assured, I've got you all covered."

Thinking about Shang Ziyan and the power behind him, all the monks felt relieved.

The news that Zhang Ruochen had killed more than one hundred great beings from the three fields spread in Truth Heavenly Domain, and even the disciples in Truth Godly Palace were talking about it.

The monks occupying the other nineteen dojos of Guanghan Field all got nervous.

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