God of Illusions
Chapter 421: Sudden Situation!
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God of Illusions
Author :Seven Little Eagles
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Chapter 421: Sudden Situation!

“Dragon Coil!”

Catching Bai Ye’s fist with one hand, Fang Lei immediately flung him into the air and simultaneously lifted his other arm. A tornado suddenly rose from the ground, engulfing Bai Ye’s thin body in its center.

In the tornado, Bai Ye quickly activated his stealth defense. However, the tornado was entirely composed of wind blades. By contrast, the protective effect that the stealth defense could bring to bear was pitiful.

Am I going to die like this…?

For some reason, Bai Ye didn’t feel scared at that moment, but relaxed.

Maybe my life has been too tiring. Now it can finally end.

All kinds of negative thoughts poured into Bai Ye’s mind, and many things that he never put any importance on flashed one by one. As it turned out, it wasn’t that he didn’t care, he just selectively forgot about them. Fortunately, they came out at a bad time when he didn’t have long to grieve, which might be a blessing in misfortune…

Various thoughts spun in his mind for a long time, but the injuries that he imagined did not appear. Carefully sensing, he found himself being embraced! In shock, Bai Ye opened his eyes and he saw a scene that he would never forget.

In the tornado, Bai Xiaofei had somehow broken away from the fight and was holding him tightly. It wasn’t Bai Xiaofei who was protected by Starnet Brilliance, but him, Bai Ye!

Through the invincible shield, Bai Ye clearly saw Bai Xiaofei being sliced by the wind blades. When the tornado dispersed, Bai Xiaofei had become a mangled, bloody figure…

Slowly putting Bai Ye down, Bai Xiaofei panted heavily. At the same time, his wounds recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His physique was abnormal, but Bai Xiaofei was also a normal person who could still feel pain. After taking on such torture, he now supported himself up solely on willpower. The pain caused by such an intensive attack like that was enough to break anyone!

Meanwhile, Ru Heshi was fighting against a terrible stench. It was thanks to the smell of Stinky Grass that enabled Bai Xiaofei to pull away from him.

“Are you… okay…” Returning to his senses, Bai Ye, who was so absolutely astonished that he didn’t know what to say, weakly asked and then lapsed into silence.

“Nothing, can’t kill me yet!” During these few seconds, Bai Xiaofei had regained some semblance of being human, but his tattered clothes were blood-soaked and tightly adhered to his body. It couldn’t be any more suitable to use ‘revolting’ to describe this peculiar look.

“Sorry, entertainment time is over. Now you have only two choices.” Fang Lei, having the situation under complete control, stepped forth. “Either hand over the pill or I will turn you into dead bodies and search for it myself!”

Fang Lei’s voice was icy and without any emotion. He looked so solemn that they could tell he was serious. If Bai Xiaofei didn’t give them a satisfactory answer, he would definitely do as he said!

“I’m sorry too, neither of the results is what I want.” Bai Xiaofei also took a step forward, obviously indicating that he would not give in. At the same time, his hand rested on the pendant that Leng Liuying had given him. Using this trump card was his only choice left. Besides this, he couldn’t think of any other means to resist Fang Lei…

“It seems I really think too much. I even thought you would consider it for lil’ sis.” His teeth creaking, Fang Lei said it in a self-deprecating tone with a hint of murderous intent.

“I believe Qing’er also doesn’t want to think of her man as someone who doesn’t keep his word. She will understand me one day!” with stubbornness in his voice, Bai Xiaofei said something that struck his teammates dumb.

Who is Qing’er?!

“You won’t have a chance to say those words to her!” Fang Lei was about to attack Bai Xiaofei again.

At that moment, an ear-piercing shrill sound came from the other side of Nabu City. Everyone instinctively looked in that direction, both sides showing horrified expressions.

How could it be over there?!

How could it be discovered?!

Bai Xiaofei and Fang Lei worried about different things, but their reactions were almost the same.

“Heshi! Take Mumu, let’s go!” Without any delay, Fang Lei set aside everything else. He just wanted to get to the place where the signal was sent as fast as possible.

Bai Xiaofei’s idea was almost identical, but the speed of his group was much slower.

Meanwhile, at the place where the shrill signal came from, He Tian was fixedly staring at a youth standing before him, his difficulty gasping and the cold sweat streaming showed his body had hit its limits.

“Who would have thought that you’re actually an undercover spy from the Thunderstorm Bandits. You really hid deep!” Sneering, the youth put away his puppet. “Since I’ve got what I want, I’m not playing with you. Pray for your own luck.”

His last words still lingered when the youth’s body disappeared from He Tian’s field of vision in a flash. After he left, He Tian collapsed on one knee. If it weren’t for the youth being apprehensive that the Thunderstorm members might arrive at any time, He Tian might have lost his life right there…

Before long, Yun Mo and Lan Qu, who had been nearest, arrived at the scene. Briefly stunned by the dead bodies everywhere around He Tian, they then hurriedly ran to him.

“What’s the situation?!” Yun Mo nervously asked. He Tian revealed a weak smile.

“The Spirit Stream puppet master was hidden very well right beside the third prince. The Skypatch Pill wasn’t in the two directions you went, the true escorts were mixed within the Royal Guards. After the other two groups left the city, they disguised themselves and set out as civilians, but that person seemed to be able to track the pill, he brought his people directly here.” As He Tian slowly explained, Yun Mo’s and Lan Qu’s heart tightened.

This was the last chance that Bai Xiaofei had mentioned to Shang Youdao. When Shang Youdao entered the royal quarters yesterday, besides discussing cooperating with the crown prince, the main purpose was to complete the arrangements for Bai Xiaofei’s plan.

Bai Xiaofei had been so close to success, everything had been going according to his script, but the Globe Merchant Group had jumped in and messed it up!

Yun Mo frowned. After a moment of contemplation, he calmly said, “Let’s leave this place first, this is not somewhere we should stay.”

Compared with the Skypatch Pill being sold away, this wasn’t the worst news for them. As long as the pill still existed, they could always come up with new solutions. There was still a long road ahead!

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