God of Illusions
Chapter 422: Do Not Forget Who You Are!
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God of Illusions
Author :Seven Little Eagles
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Chapter 422: Do Not Forget Who You Are!

By the time Bai Xiaofei arrived at the scene of the incident, the Thunderstorm Bandits had completely evacuated, leaving no useful information but a ground of corpses. His brows deeply creased, Bai Xiaofei began checking the bodies.

There was no obvious trauma, but everyone’s eyes were bloodshot as if they had experienced great pain before their death. He had encountered something like this before – Spiritual attacks! If there was no accident, the Skypatch Pill should be back in the hands of the Globe Merchant Group…

However, unlike with the Thunderstorm members, the identity of this Spirit Stream puppet master remained a mystery to Bai Xiaofei.

“Have you found anything?” Qin Lingyan anxiously asked.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean much because it doesn't help with the information that I already have.” The dejected Bai Xiaofei stood up. From his point of view, his arrangement was a complete failure and he had lost the pill without gaining anything useful.

Bai Xiaofei had included almost everything in his calculations, but he failed to consider that the Globe Merchant Group would have planted measures in advance, which should have been obvious. How could they put the Skypatch Pill in the hands of others without perfect preparation?

This time, Bai Xiaofei was careless.

“Then we…” Qin Lingyan wanted to say something, but she swallowed back her next words.

“It’s not yet time for us to leave; I won’t leave without having the whole story figured out! With so many people dead, I will only leave after I get an explanation!” declared Bai Xiaofei as he looked at the rest of his wounded teammates with persistence in his eyes. “I know you won’t like it when I say this, but I hope that you guys won’t intervene in this matter again. Since our mission is now impossible, staying here any longer…”

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished his words when Qin Lingyan suddenly flying kicked him four meters away.

“Still saying it even when you know we won’t like it? You got water in your brain? Let’s go!” The last two words were for the other three, but they went in the direction of Nabu City instead of Starnet.

When passing Bai Xiaofei, the three either shook their heads or sighed at him. Their pitiful expressions put a wry smile on his face.

That was one hell of a heavy kick!!

Meanwhile, Shang Youdao had been anxious like an ant on a hot pan as he waited at the Bright Road Merchant House. He had also heard that piercing signal and the direction it came from was a heartbreaking one.

Now, what he was waiting for was the final verdict from Bai Xiaofei, and before long, it arrived…

Upon learning that Bai Xiaofei had returned, Shang Youdao instantly rushed out to see the group covered in injuries. Especially when he saw Bai Xiaofei’s terrifying appearance, he didn’t know where to start.

“I’m going to take a shower first. President Shang, prepare some wine. I suddenly want to drink,” Bai Xiaofei said before dragging his exhausted body away.

Shang Youdao stood and stared blankly for half a day. When he returned to his senses, Bai Xiaofei’s group had disappeared from sight.

Per Bai Xiaofei’s request, Shang Youdao prepared a pot of finely aged wine and spent the longest half hour of his life waiting in his room. When Bai Xiaofei knocked on the door, he felt his heart leap to his throat.

“I already smelled the wine from a distance. It seems you used your heart when you chose.” Bai Xiaofei followed the aroma straight to the table. He didn’t consider himself an outsider at all. Filling himself a cup, he sniffed contentedly.

“President Shang, aren’t you joining?” Bai Xiaofei also poured Shang Youdao a cup. The shallow smile on his face made Shang Youdao panic.

“Brother Bai, just say what you have to say, I can take it,” said Shang Youdao nervously as he sat opposite Bai Xiaofei.

“The pill was taken away by the Globe Merchant Group. What I told you before has been confirmed, it is not groundless,” said Bai Xiaofei slowly.

Those words struck Shang Youdao like lightning. Although he had expected this result, he realized that he wasn’t prepared enough when it really happened. A heart like dying embers accurately described the present Shang Youdao.

“President Shang, can I ask you something?” As Shang Youdao’s eyes went dull in a stupor, Bai Xiaofei suddenly spoke and pulled him out from that state. Depressed as he was, at least there was still a response.

“Ask away…”

“President Shang, how did the Bright Road Merchant House start?”

At this question, a glimmer of brilliance surfaced in Shang Youdao’s dull eyes. He slowly looked up at Bai Xiaofei.


“Don’t get me wrong, President Shang. There’s no special meaning, I just want a topic to drink to,” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Shang Youdao’s possible rhetorical question with an embarrassed smile and looked at him with rather hopeful eyes.

After a moment of silence, Shang Youdao began to tell his story.

The two people thus entered a long talk, from how Shang Youdao had started from scratch, then begun to reveal his talent and fought against several big competitors until the Bright Road Merchant House became a monopoly.

During this, Bai Xiaofei applauded again and again at excellent events. When Shang Youdao was recounting difficult times, he asked one question after another in detail as if putting himself into the story. Consequently, Shang Youdao felt like he was reliving his past glories.

Finally, when Shang Youdao finished, there was a rare smile on his face.

“President Shang, have you noticed the difference between the current Bright Road Merchant House and its past self?”

Bai Xiaofei’s sudden question had Shang Youdao dumbfounded.

“The difference?” With doubt on his face, Shang Youdao was reeled into Bai Xiaofei’s pace and temporarily forgot about the Skypatch Pill.

“Yes, a big difference!” stressed Bai Xiaofei. Shang Youdao involuntarily frowned.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei smiled.

“The former Bright Road Merchant House had a president who was good at business. Now, this president has become short-sighted. Don’t you think this is a big change?”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei’s words fell, Shang Youdao froze. Flashing in his mind were the scenes of the story he had just told in contrast to what he had done recently.

As a variety of complex expressions quickly appeared on Shang Youdao’s face, Bai Xiaofei’s smile widened. Finishing his glass, he got up and quietly left the room. He only needed to let Shang Youdao reflect. He had already done what he could do.

Shang Youdao’s name hadn’t been Shang Youdao at first. For the sake of his business, he had changed to this name which had the meaning of, ‘the right path that guides the business.’ However, as his knowledge grew as time passed, the only thing that grew with it was his appetite, and he forgot who he once was…

Only when one kept true to themselves could they keep moving forth!
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