God of Illusions
Chapter 423: Advice…
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God of Illusions
Author :Seven Little Eagles
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Chapter 423: Advice…


Night crept up unexpectedly.

In fact, it was at the same time every day, but the only difference was how a person viewed it. However someone gazed at the night, it would change to match their mood.

Taking Bai Xiaofei for example. A lone man with a gourd of wine and the quiet night sky constituted a slightly lonely picture.

“If it weren’t for the low roof, I’d think you’re attempting suicide,” Qin Lingyan’s voice suddenly rang out behind as Bai Xiaofei was pouring wine into his mouth.

For once, she was gentle…

“Do I look that bad? That someone who absolutely treasures his life like me would make you feel that I want to kill myself?” Bai Xiaofei took out a cup and handed it to Qin Lingyan. “You joining?”

After a brief difficult look in her eyes, Qin Lingyan accepted the cup and let Bai Xiaofei fill it.

“Was my kick during the day too heavy?” asked Qin Lingyan with her head down and her face slightly warm. She wasn’t good at actively starting conversations…

“Heavy, really heavy. If it wasn’t for my tough body, you might have kicked me dead!” Bai Xiaofei exaggerated. His loquacious appearance successfully earned a look of contempt from Qin Lingyan.

“Seems that it was still too light. I should have kicked you to death directly and spare myself from your nonsense!” Qin Lingyan revealed a playfully angry look that was completely different from the usual ice-cold her. Seeing her pout, Bai Xiaofei was surprised.

“This is to you, as my apology for how I acted earlier. You know I only said that out of concern for you guys.” Bai Xiaofei proposed a toast with a smile and lightly passed the topic. Qin Lingyan was caught off guard, she obviously hadn’t adapted to his pace.

“Just don’t say things like that again in the future. Starnet people never leave their fellow students behind.” Gently touching her cup with Bai Xiaofei’s with a clink, Qin Lingyan stared at the cup for two seconds. Then, a firm look appeared on her face, and she drained the cup…

“Cough cough…” The spicy liquor made Qin Lingyan cough and tears appeared from the corner of her eyes.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly patted her back between laughter and tears. “If you can’t drink, you should just say so! Why act like you are a drinking expert and make it difficult on yourself…”

Once Qin Lingyan felt a little better, she grew a little angry and embarrassed. “Who said I can’t! I just drank it too fast!”

With that stubborn retort, she grabbed the gourd at Bai Xiaofei’s waist and poured herself a cup.

“This one is my apology for that kick!” And she downed it before Bai Xiaofei could stop her.

This time, there was no more coughing. Meanwhile, Qin Lingyan’s generous manner made Bai Xiaofei gulp nervously.

Damn, is she drunk already?! If so, her drunk personality is really…

“Alright, alright, I accept your apology, don’t drink any more.” Bai Xiaofei reached for the gourd in her hand, but she quickly dodged and even threw him a glare.

“You looking down on me?! This gourd is mine now! Find yourself a new one!” Without a trace of her normal frosty bearing, Qin Lingyan seemed like a completely different person.

“Okay, okay, it’s all yours, I won’t take it.” With a wry smile, Bai Xiaofei really took out a new gourd for himself. What else could he do? It wasn’t like he could just sit there and watch her drink…

“Why do you look so down? Isn’t it just one loss? The Bai Xiaofei I know isn’t like this!” The new Qin Lingyan seemed to be a bold one as her talking became straightforward.

“What is your impression of me then?” Bai Xiaofei smiled. In the face of this Qin Lingyan, he really couldn’t keep himself from laughing. The contrast was too amusing.

“Smart, calm, always making surprise moves, never gives in to anyone or anything!” It was clear from this string of words that Qin Lingyan’s evaluation of Bai Xiaofei was quite high. If he hadn’t heard it from her in person tonight, he could never imagine that she thought of him like this.

“I didn’t know I was like this.” Despite saying so, Bai Xiaofei was secretly happy.

“You are! Why else do you think I pay so much attention to you?! I have never seen a boy like you. You have toppled my impression of boys, but there are so many girls around you that I didn’t dare to approach.” The more Qin Lingyan confessed, the deeper the shade of red on her face was. It was unknown whether it was from the alcohol or embarrassment.

However, Bai Xiaofei thought it was the former because the current Qin Lingyan didn’t look like she would know what ‘embarrassment’ was…

Yet upon those words, Bai Xiaofei was a bit scared. If we keep the conversation going like this, nothing will happen, right…?

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Do you hate me that much? I may be a little cold to you, but it’s not my fault. If I don’t act like that, how will you notice me? I’m not beautiful like Hu Xian’er, nor am I like Chu Liuyun’s group who get to see you every day…” Qin Lingyan looked deeply at Bai Xiaofei with a trace of grievance on her face.

This look made Bai Xiaofei panic in his heart. Sure enough, it’s really going in a bad direction…

“No, that’s not true. How can I hate Big Sister Lingyan? I can’t be happy enough to have your attention!” This was the only correct answer. If he didn’t say so, Qin Lingyan would definitely explode.

“Really? You’ll really be happy?” Qin Lingyan stared at him intently.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart lurched again in a bad premonition. This atmosphere is getting more and more wrong!

“Big Sister Lingyan…”

“Call me Lingyan.” Qin Lingyan immediately reached out and blocked Bai Xiaofei’s mouth. The tender sensation made his heart tighten.

What to do?! How do I end this?! Drunk people are capable of anything!

“Lingyan, it’s getting late and today has been tiring. I’ll take you shopping tomorrow, we will talk then?” Seeing that the situation was wrong, Bai Xiaofei decided to quickly end it with a little trick.

The more he responded, the more she’d overthink. She just drank too much, not drank herself silly. She could still think. Moreover, she seemed so sensitive at the moment…


Sure enough, Bai Xiaofei’s strategy worked. Qin Lingyan’s face was filled with pleasant surprise.

“Really. I’ll never break my word!” vowed Bai Xiaofei. He just wanted to get away from this strange atmosphere as quickly as possible.

“Great! Then let’s go back and rest!” As happy as a child, Qin Lingyan looked like she wanted to leap into Bai Xiaofei’s arms. At this moment, she was a simple girl who was honest with her feelings.


After Bai Xiaofei just got up and pulled her up, she suddenly cried out before he could take a step, startling him. Qin Lingyan staggered and crashed into him. In his fright, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly supported her. In that instant, she suddenly looked up and tiptoed, delivering her tender lips…

It was a brief touch. While Bai Xiaofei was still in a stupor, she ran off.

It’s over, it’s trouble all over again!

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