God of Illusions
Chapter 425: A Series of Schemes!
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God of Illusions
Author :Seven Little Eagles
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Chapter 425: A Series of Schemes!

The panting guard half knelt in front of the crown prince, his expression showing fright.

“Look at you all flustered, this is inappropriate behavior. Say it, what is it?” Trying his best to keep his fluctuating emotions hidden, the crown prince asked calmly even though he already knew the answer.

“Bai Xiaofei of Starnet assassinated His Majesty. His Majesty, he… he has passed away!” said the bodyguard in an extremely grieving voice, but the shock that he had expected on the crown prince’s face didn’t appear. Instead, he got a kick on the chin.

“You fart! I summoned Brother Bai in the morning and he’s been here all the time since. How can he assassinate Father? Moreover, Father is always heavily guarded, how could any assassin hurt him?!”

With both his accusations refuted, the guard was dumbstruck. It’s not going as scripted! What am I to do now?!

There was a hint of panic in the guard’s eyes when he crawled up, which was seen clearly by Bai Xiaofei.

“Are you A’Quan under Vice Commander Li?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a slightly surprised tone. Stunned, the guard looked up at him before hurriedly nodding.

“Yes, yes, that’s right! Vice Commander Li sent me…”

The guard hadn’t finished when Bai Xiaofei appeared before him in a flash and kicked the same spot, using a force several times heavier than the crown prince just now. Just this one kick rendered the guard unconscious.

What played out before him stunned the crown prince a little, but he quickly understood.

“He is the assassin?!” the crown prince asked Bai Xiaofei in alarm.

“It’s impossible for Vice Commander Li to get the news to you before anyone else. Also, A’Quan is a name that I made up on the spot. I just really didn’t expect him to be so gullible,” explained Bai Xiaofei as he gestured for Huskie to check on the guard. Soon, the puppet’s good nose found a token.

The token was palm-sized and had a word engraved on each side, one side was ‘Heaven’ and the other side was ‘Earth’1.

“The Globe Merchant House is more than just quick, aren’t they? It seems we need to hurry!” Bai Xiaofei stowed the token with a serious face.

At this moment, Commander Kang came running in with a group of people. After paying his respects, he caught sight of the body on the ground and was struck with terror at what could have happened.

“Your Royal Highness, this subordinate has arrived late…”

“Alright, no need for that. Accompany me to Father’s chamber. Lock down the royal ground and prohibit anyone from moving around. Those who disobey, execute on the spot!” The crown prince’s voice was laced with a hint of ruthlessness. People changed!

However, even Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect the Globe Merchant House to be so prepared. The moment they stepped out of the room, Bai Xiaofei’s heart jerked and Commander Kang’s face grew horrified as they instinctively looked around.

“Soul Shock,” a faint voice echoed.

The next second, the crown prince suddenly fell down with a painful cry while holding his head. Looking around, Bai Xiaofei saw a figure flashed on the roof.

“Commander Kang, protect the crown prince!” There was no time for further explanation as Bai Xiaofei jumped onto the roof. After sighting that figure again, he quickly gave chase. “Blackie!”

Calculating that its own speed was able to catch up with the other party, Blackie leaped out from Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder. In terms of speed, cats were much faster than humans.

All kinds of real and fake obstacles appeared in the way of the assassin with Blackie’s help. Very soon, Bai Xiaofei caught up. However, the moment they stopped, he had a bad premonition. He didn’t see any panic on the man’s face, but he was smirking as if his scheme was successful.

“Tch, I didn’t expect you to be so interested in me. You really lost your calm this time.” The person seemed to be in his twenties, with a crafty look on his nice-looking face.

“You must be that Spirit puppet master who has been hiding.” Since it was too late to leave, Bai Xiaofei just wanted to make sure that the chase wasn’t meaningless.

“That’s right, I’m that puppet master you’ve been looking for. Why, surprised to see me show up?” The young man smiled. A pale blue ball appeared on his hand.

“It’s you who killed the people of the Bright Road Merchant House, who injured Qing Shuang of the Thunderstorm Bandits. The person behind the incident at the banquet was also you, wasn’t it?” Bai Xiaofei confirmed as he stared fixedly at the young man.

“Whatever you say. It’s all trivial things anyway.” The youth was still nonchalant.

As the two were talking, a bunch of guards surrounded them. After them was the arrival of an old acquaintance – Third Prince Gu Li!

“Bai Xiaofei, I didn’t know you were so fearless, going deep into the palace to assassinate my father! You really think our Ancient Yue is scared of your Starnet Academy?!” yelled the third prince angrily, looking quite convincing with his tearful appearance.

This was also the reason why the youth led Bai Xiaofei here. Since their plan of catching him red-handed murdering the emperor in his bedroom failed, the third prince could only settle for second best and forced the blame upon Bai Xiaofei like what he was doing now. The premise was that Bai Xiaofei needed to leave the crown prince’s side!

So, the youth appeared. He knew that as long as he showed up, Bai Xiaofei would chase him because he wanted to catch him badly!

“Humph, it’s easy to make up a reason when you want to pin it on someone else. I’ve been with the crown prince all along, which many people, including His Royal Highness, can testify. If you think your words are heavy enough, just try capturing me!” said Bai Xiaofei coldly, refusing to give in. “Instead, you, Third Prince, how did you make up such a complete response so quickly when even the crown prince had only just received news of the assassination? Did you know in advance that all this would happen? This point is worth considering!”

The third prince immediately grew flustered and he instinctively looked at the youth beside him.

“Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince is unable to testify for you. If I guess correctly, he should be out of his mind by now from excessive grief. Moreover, I think you should also lose your insanity as well because you can’t accept the fact that you assassinated the emperor.” Saying this, the young man’s ball flashed with a golden light. An invisible force shot straight at Bai Xiaofei’s forehead!

There was no time to react, so Bai Xiaofei could only let it stab into his head.

However, the result was beyond everyone’s expectations.

It seemed that… nothing happened!

1. The raw for Globe is 天下 which is literally heaven and earth. ↩
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