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From the center of the mill-like whirlpools, Grace Mainland moved through the fierce light passage and went far away.

Edgar, Judy, and the experts of the five clans could only watch the planet disappear. They didn't dare to chase after it.

Because Oliver was still sealed over there!

Oliver was a Territory Ancestor with a profound realm. As he was sealed, everybody else was frightened. They halted and didn't want to take risks.

Except for Oliver, hundreds of Incipient God Realm and Immortal Realm were sealed by the Great Seal Technique. Their cells, blood, and even souls were stopped. They couldn't use a bit of their energy or even think.

Pieces of space had locked bodies. Montecie's waves of Time seal had imprisoned people's thoughts and prevented them from using soul energy. Just like the fossils inside the rock, unless someone helped them and broke it from the outside, they couldn't get out on their own.

Edgar and Judy were at Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, but they also changed their countenances when they saw Oliver being sealed.

They quietly urged their energy and sent wisps of Soul Consciousness to pry in that area. However, when their Soul Consciousness went to the sealed area, they froze altogether.

Edgar and Judy exchanged looks, their faces stern. "When Time and Space are sealed, it can stop the body and even the mind. It's really dangerous. It's lucky that Shi Yan has only the Peak of Immortal Realm cultivation base. Otherwise, the trouble would be ten times harsher!" Edgar was frightened.

"If Shi Yan and Montecie are at the same realm when they use this technique, they can even seal both of us!" Judy added and quivered!

Looking at that blue planet disappearing, Judy's eyes had a dim halo as she said, "Cloud Mist Territory!"

"The territory between the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan?" Edgar was grave.

"Right, that territory was controlled by the Phantom Clan for years. The territory entrance is right between the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan. Montecie's mind is connected to the territory entrance," Judy replied and then stayed silent as if she was considering something.

Edgar wore a stern face.

They were waiting in silence.

After Shi Yan and Montecie disappeared, Shi Yan didn't pour more energy into the space seal, so it weakened gradually.

The Seal was slowly lifted.

Oliver got rid of the seal first. With an icy face, he came to Edgar and Judy. "Why did you guys not help me with that seal?"

"I wasn't sure I could return intact," snorted July.

"If they can seal you, they can seal us too. We don't want to take risks," said Edgar indifferently.

While they were talking, Shi Yan's space seal was loosening. After his space locks had become ineffective, Montecie's time seal disappeared shortly after. The sealed warriors finally regained their mobility.

After a while, Beverly, Neptune, and Ferrell returned with nothing. Forefather Dragon Lizard also arrived.

They exchanged information for a while. Because of Shi Yan's teleporting ability, they had missed the chance to kill them.

Ferrell sneered regretfully and spoke about Forefather Dragon Lizard staying inside the algae mass. He accused the other of joining Shi Yan. Edgar and the others immediately wanted to interrogate Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan kept a calm face and signaled Forefather Dragon Lizard to come to her side. She turned to Edgar and Beverly. She said in a rather neutral voice, "It's our Mysterious Sky Clan's business. We didn't ask you to care."

"It's he who told Shi Yan our plan!" Ferrell hissed coldly. He hated that Forefather Dragon Lizard had suddenly attacked him and made him run helter-skelter.

Forefather Dragon Lizard stood by Judy, frowning and saying nothing.

Judy didn't look at him, her voice cold. "It's our Mysterious Sky Clan's matter. You're not qualified to ask. Moreover, the Mysterious Sky Clan hasn't formed an alliance with you guys yet. Why do you have to scream and yell here?" Pausing for a while, she continued with a colder voice, "We're here this time because Edgar said that he found Desolate Territory's entrance. We don't actually want to start a war against the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan. It's just your narrow idea."

Hearing her, Edgar, Beverly, and Neptune grimaced.

They finally remembered that Judy hadn't stated that she wanted to join hands with them to deal with the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan. Previously, when they had aimed at Shi Yan and Hiro, the members of the Mysterious Sky Clan didn't do anything.

"Then why are you here?" Edgar frowned.

"Was I not clear enough? We're here because of Desolate Territory's entrance. However, it seems that something great has happened to Desolate Territory. You didn't get in there, but you invited us here. It's because Shi Yan, Hiro, and Montecie are there. You aren't here because of the Absolute Beginning creature of Desolate Territory."

Judy sneered as if she could read Edgar's mind. She didn't want to stay anymore and just waved her hands. "We should go."

Then, she took Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard and bid farewell to Edgar's team. Before leaving, Judy shot Edgar and Beverly a meaningful look.

"We will meet up soon," said Beverly with a cold face.


"I don't understand," Ya Yun looked skeptical when she turned to Judy as they were heading to the surface of the Sea of Annihilation.

"We came this time to not fight against Shi Yan, Hiro, and Montecie. I just wanted to confirm something," Judy smiled, "Han Tian used to talk to Bloodthirsty and he knew some secrets of Desolate Territory and the Devouring Clan. Yeah, Edgar didn't dare to enter the territory entrance. He just stood outside. It meant something terrible had happened to Desolate Territory. Shi Yan, Hiro, and Montecie had brought that life star and left the Desolate Territory. It confirmed my assumption. It seems that… Desolate has woken up. I just wonder if it has recovered all of its energy…"

"I don't get it," Tu Shi Qi forced a smile.

"There's something you don't need to understand clearly," Judy frowned, "You shouldn't have told Ling Mei about Shi Yan! That little girl was self-righteous. She had caused trouble. We couldn't have a good relationship with Shi Yan. It's not a good thing to do!"

She changed her voice and said to Forefather Dragon Lizard. "I don't really mind that you and Shi Yan have a close relationship. Actually, Han Tian and I hope that you could talk to him more. Including you two!" she turned to Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun.

"Why?" Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun asked at the same time.

"Because Shi Yan is Bloodthirsty's successor. Also, because Forefather Han Tian used to talk to Bloodthirsty, he knows something. Shi Yan will become an extraordinary character, a crucial element in the future!" Judy pondered and then asked Forefather Dragon Lizard, "How is Shi Yan's personal competence?"

"Too deep to estimate!" Forefather Dragon Lizard said with a stern face, "If I battle him, I'm not confident that I can win!"

"How could that be?" Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were frightened.

They knew Forefather Dragon Lizard was the second generation of an Absolute Beginning creature and they knew how he had a terrifyingly immense vitality after he had broken through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun estimated that Forefather Dragon Lizard was even more intimidating than Neptune and Ferrell. And he said that he wasn't confident to beat Shi Yan?

How could they buy it?

"Are you sure?" Judy was startled.

"The intensity of his life magnetic field is even thicker than mine! It means that his body has power similar to my true body!" said Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were panic-stricken.

Judy looked pensive. She nodded and then said, "It is so."

"Actually, I met Shi Yan because he said that he might know something about our Ancestor Lizard's death. He said it could relate somehow to Sauron," explained Forefather Dragon Lizard.


Judy trembled slightly.

"What happened?"

"Lately, Sauron came to Han Tian and me. He wanted to invite us to accompany him somewhere. He also went to the Black Demon Clan, the Ancient Monster Clan, the Devouring Clan, and the Soul Clan. I think he had also invited Serene Prison, Edgar, and Beverly too. It's also why Beverly said we would meet up soon," Judy explained. "Han Tian and I talked. We want to go. If nothing unexpected happens, Serene Prison, Edgar, and Beverly will join too. Since Hiro and Montecie are back, I think their fellows will report them on Sauron's invitation. I think they will go too."

Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard gawked in a daze.

Han Tian, Judy, Serene Prison, Edgar, and Beverly were the peak of existences in the Sea Domain of Nihility. They belonged to the group of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors. What would gather the experts at their level?

What would attract all of them there?

"I shouldn't tell you the details. It has been decided pretty early on. Sauron has been watching that area lately. If he comes to us, it means that the time has finally come," Judy sounded mysterious. Pondering for a while, she added, "When I meet Sauron, I will ask if he's related to your Ancestor's death."

Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't know what to say.

"You and Forefather Han Tian want to go there together? Where is that place after all?"

Judy looked at him indifferently. After a while, she said deliberately, "If you can break through to Territory Ancestor Realm, I will tell you."

Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't say a word.

He had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, but Judy would never tell him this. Forefather Dragon Lizard understood that he wasn't a real member of the Mysterious Sky Clan. If Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun ended up reaching Territory Ancestor Realm, Judy and Han Tian would tell them this secret.

He was just a Nonnative Officer even though he was loyal. To some secrets, Judy and Han Tian drew a distinct line.

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