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988 How shameless are you?!
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988 How shameless are you?!

A cobra?

Su Hao looked at the beast in front of him and was a bit surprised.

This beast was about the size of a human. Although it had assumed a human figure, Su Hao felt that its body was a bit flat... Are you sure you're a beast and not an ET?

Su Hao was too speechless to curse.

There were all sorts of strange results when beasts changed into a human appearance, but this was the first time he had seen someone become an ET.


That snake-shaped beast looked at Su Hao coldly.

As a 16th ranked character in the genius list, to suppress 72nd ranked, the so-called future lord of the world, this was simply a godsend opportunity.

Kill him, and that would be enough for it to become famous in one battle.


A shadow flashed.

That snake-shaped beast rushed up suddenly.

"It's here."

Su Hao looked cold as he threw what was in his hand out without any hesitation.

"Shadowless God Needle!"



Hundreds of Shadowless God Needles flashed, and everyone waited with eyes enlarged. One needs to know that Shadowless God Needle had killed countless people in seconds with this one trick. Would it still be effective against that strong snake-shaped beast?

Time seemed to have slowed down at this moment.

Su Hao's Shadowless God Needles were quick, shooting densely at the snake-shaped beast. However, when the silver needle struck that beast's skin, something strange happened! The needles that were supposed to pierce through the snake suddenly experienced a shift to a certain extent.



The Shadowless God Needles brushed past the beast.

Hundreds of Shadowless God Needle, they all failed to hit their target.

An uproar happened in the audience.

Just like Mo Ling's obliteration, Shadowless God Needle's Shadowless God Needle was a headache to countless beasts, but this time, they missed and rendered completely ineffective! Not only did that beast easily avoid Su Hao's Shadowless God Needle, it even shifted its body and charged toward Su Hao.

"What a great cobra."

Su Hao had long been prepared.

Rule Force, distortion!

This was the beast's Rule Force. After all, the penetration property of Shadowless God Needle was limited. It would be impossible to penetrate the Rule Force of the beast!


A red light ray flashed.



Su Hao's figure was torn into pieces on the spot before he reappeared at another spot, causing an exclamation. That dodge just now was extremely thrilling.

"What the hell was that?"

Su Hao turned around to take a look and suddenly felt sick.


The long tongue of the cobra.

That redlight with killing intent up to the sky turned out to be the spit of the beast. The place on the ground hit by the red light had changed its form.

That snake spit was highly poisonous.

"What a terrifying guy."

Su Hao was on high alert.

The beasts were similar to humans. To be a world esper, they need boundary spirits, and the beasts' boundary spirits generally depend on their physical body. For example, tongue...

Su Hao was very sure.

The tongue of that beast must have the strength of a fourth grade boundary spirit!


Su Hao flashed sideways.

A piece of the ground was shattered again, which triggered another exclamation from the audience.

Su Hao frowned slightly.

If it was any other, he could rely on his powerful physical body to charge forward, but that tongue... it was so disgusting no matter how he thought of it!



That beast's tongue was very flexible.

Su Hao shot another two Shadowless God Needles, but they were easily swept away.

This was terrifying!

"Hahahaha, the so-called future lord, aren't you just so-so?"

That beast laughed wildly, "It turned out that the so-called Shadowless God Needle can only deal with those level one world espers. Why do you look so scared now?"


Su Hao let out a cold snort.


Xinghe Arrow was shot out!


An arrow appeared.

That long tongue of the beast once again moved, engulfing the incoming Xinghe Arrow shot by Su Hao. With a crash, Xinghe Arrow burst!

That tongue wasn't harmed at all!

This guy...

Everyone couldn't help but be frightened.

What a terrifying tongue!

At this time, even the audience could see that the strongest part of that beast was its tongue. On the contrary, its body was relatively fragile. Su Hao tried to attack its body several times, but it was easily intercepted with its unusually flexible tongue. Combined with its distortion force, Su Hao could just forget about getting close to it.



Two more Xinghe Arrows were shot out!

"Ignorant human." That beast grinned, "Do you think the same attack can break my defense? No, you're wrong. Your arrows couldn't even break my defense!"


Su Hao didn't bother to exchange words with it at all.


The void flashed.

Su Hao's fingers trembled for a bit before the familiar arrows flashed.

Ten arrows aimed at the heart!




All the arrows burst out.

This time, Su Hao didn't attack that beast's body at all but aimed at its tongue instead. Ten powerful Xinghe Arrows tried to pin its tongue to the ground. From the base to the tip of the tongue, those ten Xinghe Arrows hit the target perfectly.


Su Hao's eyes lit up.

At this moment, that beast realized something was amiss. Its powerful Rule Force flashed, and the distortion force twisted the ten Xinghe Arrows.

Clang, clang!

Only three arrows hit its tongue, and the remaining seven exploded.

"Such a pity."

Su Hao said to himself.

If those attacks didn't cripple its tongue, the attempt would be futile. Sure enough, the power of three Xinghe Arrows was only enough to make the beast's tongue a little numb before quickly recovering back to normal. That beast would never give him another chance!

"Go and die."

That angered beast rushed up.


Su Hao shot another thing.


The tongue swept.

That thing that was supposed to blast the beast's body was easily swept away by the soft tongue. The beast grinned for a second, "What a joke, such a thing..."


The beast was suddenly shocked.

Because it only discovered at this moment that the thing its tongue held on seemed to be ringing?



Di,di~ Di,di~

That beast lowered its head and saw a flashing indicator light and a tube. Also, not to forget the horrified eyes of the surrounding audience.


Bright fireworks rose into the sky.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Humans were dumbfounded, and so were the beasts.

Just now...

Was it a hallucination?

Had they seen incorrectly?

What the hell was that!

If they guessed right, Su Hao threw out what seemed to be a nuclear weapon. Since when can a nuclear weapon be brought into the virtual fighting stage?

The entire scene was filled with smoke and dust.

The entire stage was flattened...

That lofty mountain range changed from an E to A shape, and the blood spattered on the ground seemed to have proved that there was a terrifying, powerful beast standing there earlier.

And now...

Countless beasts swallowed their saliva for a bit.

The other day, when they were still in peace, the Geomagnetic Despair also had such a firework rise and completely awakened everyone. Now...

The same scene appeared again!

It was really him!

That fearful human!

Is Wan Cheng strong?

Of course.

Is Chen Yiran strong?

Of course.

However, if the beasts were to judge the most terrifying human, they would definitely choose Su Hao. The scene in Geomagnetic Despair just happened not long ago, and now, another one appeared!


To use a nuclear weapon during the match?

Can you be any more shameless?

In Kingdom of Heaven.

Ping Yang looked sluggish. He had thought of Su Hao using all sorts of abilities to win, but never would he have thought about this. This shameless bastard threw a nuclear weapon...

His mind still recalled Su Hao's words from the other day.

What would you do if the other party broke the rules?

Flip the table...

Flip the...


But now?

That beast was certainly hateful, but had it broken any rules?


Yet this Su Hao gorgeously destroyed the field. The table was flipped completely, but it was before the chess match was over! Wasn't it too shameless to flip the table now? Others were clueless, but Ping Yang knew clearly. That nuclear weapon was something prepared by Su Hao earlier...


"This is cheating!"

The match turned silent for two minutes before an angry voice came from the beasts' side.

"How is this possible?!"

"How can there be a nuclear weapon in the virtual reality?!"

They couldn't bear it anymore!

Damn it.

If it was in reality, forget about it, but in a virtual reality?

Wasn't this an act of bullying?!

This was akin to someone holding a wooden stick and struggling for life, yet you violently brought an AK and rushed toward the crowd. Who would dare to fight you then?

Wasn't this literally using cheats?!

Regarding this, the beasts made a serious protest.

The match was forced to stop.

Then, the beasts and humans conducted an urgent investigation and found out that all the data was normal, which is to say, Su Hao's nuclear weapon belonged to an origin technique!


"A combat origin technique?"

Everyone's eyes widened. Each one of them couldn't believe it.

Since when did nuclear weapons become an origin technique?

In desperation, the officials found Su Hao for an explanation. Su Hao just casually replied, "My Rule Force is Realization."


Everyone was shocked.

With that one word, everything was clear now.

What is Su Hao's talent?

Model Analysis!

Many people were aware of how Su Hao built models to disguise himself, but now that Su Hao truly used Realization, they understood what was the most terrifying strength of Su Hao! It wasn't any boundary spirit or transformation, but...


At this time, the beasts were shocked to realize the reason behind the destruction of Geomagnetic Despair.

No wonder that place would be shattered inexplicably. The space channel would be too unstable to carry a nuclear bomb through it as it would be easily destroyed. It turned out that bringing Su Hao alone was enough.

Ten nuclear weapons.

Such a crude and simple way!


The explosion of a nuclear weapon only took a few seconds.

Su Hao appeared in a leisure manner.

On the ground, ashes could be seen.

But this time, no one questioned him anymore. Those looking at Su Hao were full of fright. Realization, what kind of force is that? Damn it, even a nuclear weapon could be brought out! What should they do next time if he created a super-energy particle reactor and threw it onto the stage?

Of course, many beasts seemed to be rejoicing. Fortunately, the humans had made peace with the beasts, or else...


During the war between both sides, when there was a guy who could cross the space channel at any time into the deeper regions of the enemy base to throw a nuclear weapon...

What was there to continue the war then?!

"Su Hao, victory."

A few huge words appeared.

They shined brilliantly.

The match was over.

Su Hao became the fourth human to qualify within the top 32, shocking everyone.

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