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989 The secret realm of deep sea
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989 The secret realm of deep sea

"A third party force?" Heavenly Emperor Mingguang paused his moving fingers, "Do you know who they are then?"

"Not sure." Yin Ling shook his head while having quite an ugly expression, "However, Lord, Su Hao will definitely think that we're the one taking action. Should we..."

"It's fine." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang shook his head, "We will cross swords sooner or later."


A stream of light appeared within the Heavenly Emperor's hand.

The nine lights behind his back suddenly brightened, and a huge formation was drawn before condensing at the center of those nine lights and quickly extinguishing as if it was just an illusion.

"It turned out to be them..." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang fell into deep thought, "My fellow friends, things are getting more and more interesting."

"You know them?"

Yin Ling shuddered.

"Of course..." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang smiled, "Do you know why I asked you to investigate Li Xiaoru but not allow you to take action?"

"This subordinate is clueless." Yin Ling shook his head puzzled but was still alarmed.

Could it be Su Tiancheng?

"Continue to observe Li Xiaoru, and you will know." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang smiled indifferently, "It's definitely an answer that will surprise you."

"Yes." Yin Ling bowed his head.

At this time, a strong beast came to visit. It was a middle-aged man with fierce eyes. If Su Hao was there, he would definitely recognize this man, Hydra!

"Senior." Hydra respectfully said.

"Is everything going well?" Heavenly Emperor Mingguang said leisurely.


There was joy in Hydra's eyes, "The humans are tempted by the benefits in front of them. After we put forward some benefits to them, we successfully finalized the competition. Under 30 years old, it's absolutely impossible for humans to get first place. Let alone, with an existence like Mo Ling there."


Heavenly Emperor Mingguang had no comment about that.

"Heavenly Emperor, why must we obtain Glory Battlefield?" Hydra finally couldn't help but ask.

During this one-month period of negotiation, he had visited Heavenly Emperor Mingguang, but the only instruction from Heavenly Emperor Mingguang was to never let Glory Battlefield fall into human hands!

And this was their true purpose of this Battle of Glory.

The Glory Battlefield!

And now, everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

The top ten people in the genius list were definitely not someone humans can threaten. They mastered World Force and were above Yun Yi in terms of strength!

Why did they have to be afraid of Su Hao?

Without that forbidden technique, Su Hao was no more than a common level two world esper!

This time, the first sixteen rankings belonged to them!

A competition?

This was just a means to create a setting for the beasts to win the Battle of Glory and to hide their true intent from humans! At this time, those foolish humans were probably still clueless, right?

However, even when the humans were clueless, Hydra didn't want to be put among those foolish people. After all, he still didn't know Heavenly Emperor Mingguang's true goal.

Battle of Glory?

What use was there to monopolize that place?

Even if it can assist in cultivation, so what? Among the beast realm, there was absolutely no shortage of similar places. Why bother with the Glory Battlefield? If that place were to be given to the humans, it could give the beasts a barren life in exchange for a lot of substantial equipment.

Heavenly Emperor Mingguang chuckled.

"Do you know?" He looked at Yin Ling for a second.

"This subordinate is not sure." Yin Ling shook his head.

"Glory Battlefield..." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang sighed, "You all know that place is a battlefield for glory, but who still remembers that there is an entrance to the Endless Sea."

"Endless Sea?"

Hydra was at a loss.

He knew about this, but it was just an endless sea. An endless deep sea that is completely worthless!

"Out of Nine Great Despairs, Despair Abyss, Taihu Territory, Heavenly Magnetic Despair, and Heavenly Magnetic Despair. These four belong to humans. Similarly, there are also four Great Despairs in the beast realm. However, who still remembers where is the ninth Great Despair that doesn't belong to humans or beasts?"

Heavenly Emperor Mingguang suddenly asked.

The Endless Sea, the mysterious sea, the legendary ninth Great Despair!

"The ninth Great Despair?" Hydra widened his eyes.

How would he have thought that Heavenly Emperor Mingguang's real goal was the ninth Great Despair?!

However, what was the use of that place?

As for what kind of place is the ninth Great Despair, both beasts and humans were aware of it. It was precisely because they were clear of it that everyone gave up exploring the ninth Great Despair.

The secret realm of the deep sea.

It was located in the deepest part of the Endless Sea.

The environment was harsh and full of evil spirits. Over there, whirlpools and storms could be seen everywhere, which turned the place into a terrifying natural disaster with the help of the origin energy. It was said that there was once a wave that killed several world espers at once! Glossing over the terrifying vortex and storm, the environment there was simply a disaster.

This was the terrifying part of the secret realm of the deep sea, the most terrifying existence among nine Great Despairs!

Of course, these weren't the most important parts.

The most important part was that there is nothing in that kind of place.

There was once a pseudo-emperor who broke in and struggled to reach the deepest part of the Endless Sea. Then, he sent out a lamenting signal that no treasure could be seen here. Only more brutal and terrifying natural disasters could be spotted and then...

He died there.

Even a pseudo-emperor had no way to escape.

This was the ninth Great Despair, the legend of the deep sea. Since then, the ninth Great Despair had only remained mentioned in rumors, and no one dared to join in the fun anymore.

Now, Heavenly Emperor Mingguang mentioned the secret realm of the deep sea.

"Heavenly Emperor, could it be that you want..." Hydra's eyes flashed.

A pseudo-emperor died.

The only one who could break into the secret realm of the deep sea, only Heavenly Emperor Mingguang could possibly do it! For the Heavenly Emperor, that kind of place should be like an amusement park, right?

As for himself, could he tag along?

"The secret realm of the deep sea?" Heavenly Emperor Mingguang looked a bit strange and shook his head slightly, "If I go, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to come out again."

Yin Ling: "!!!"

Hydra: "!!!"

Those two looked at the Heavenly Emperor in disbelief.

He couldn't get out?

He's not anyone but the Heavenly Emperor!

The strongest one in the world!

Even he couldn't step into the secret realm of the deep sea! What kind of terrifying place was that? Hydra and Yin Ling suddenly felt a chill...

That kind of place...

"Do you still remember the Tian family's Old Ancestor?" Heavenly Emperor Mingguang suddenly changed the subject.

"Remember." Hydra had a deep impression of him, "He failed to break through into the strongest esper."

"Then, do you know how he failed?" Heavenly Emperor Mingguang asked.

"Huh?" Hydra was at a loss. Failure is failure, since when would there be a reason?

Yin Ling thought about it for a moment, and he seemed to have thought of something, "This subordinate seemed to feel a strange aura appeared back then..."

"The breakthrough of Tian family's Old Ancestor was cut off."

"Cut off?" Hydra's eyes widened, "Could it be you?"

"No." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang smiled indifferently and pointed at the secret realm of the deep sea, "It was the one sealed here who stopped his breakthrough."

"The one..."

"Damn that strongest esper!"

Hydra's hands trembled for a second.

The strongest esper...

He suddenly felt that all his efforts these years had been in vain.

The rumored Heavenly Emperor Mingguang had appeared, forget about it then. Now, even the strongest esper, who had only been heard of in rumors, also appeared, and he was sealed at that?

Damn it!

Yin Ling raised his head and glanced at Hydra. Both of them were in a panic.

This was definitely something they couldn't touch!

"Su Tiancheng?" Hydra guessed.

"Not sure." Heavenly Emperor Mingguang shook his head and sighed, "It has been such a long time since we met..."

"Then what should we do?" Hydra asked cautiously.

"Get that Glory Battlefield!" 

The eyes of Heavenly Emperor Mingguang showed a stern, cold light, "Then, send someone to disrupt the natural law of the secret realm of the deepest sea, let it truly become a disaster and kill the one sealed inside! No matter who he is, since he has been sealed, there is no need for him to show up again..."

Hydra and Yin Ling felt chills run through their bodies.

To disrupt the natural law of the secret realm of the deep sea?

That's the ninth Great Despair!

What could they use to mess with it? If the Heavenly Emperor couldn't take action, to accomplish this goal, only lives could be used. How many lost souls are needed then?

Three million?

That was just a fraction!

It turned out that...

This was the true purpose of the Heavenly Emperor?

However, both Hydra and Yin Ling weren't ordinary people. After their initial surprise, they quickly became excited again. If everything succeeded...

Then this world would truly belong to the beasts!

"Heavenly Emperor is wise."

Both Hydra and Yin Ling expressed their admiration.

Heavenly Emperor Mingguang smiled casually and stood proudly.

Two lights flashed behind him, representing the Nine Great Despairs' situation, two more to go. Despair Abyss could be destroyed at any time, so there was no rush for it. Once the secret realm of the deep sea is destroyed...

Then, my era will finally begin!

Hydra and Yin Ling were immersed in the dream of the beasts dominating the world and didn't notice that frenzy look within the eyes of Heavenly Emperor Mingguang.

That was an obsession unseen by another!


Somewhere in the Federation was a ruined base.

In the empty room, there was only an old computer, a bed, and a middle-aged man dragging big sneakers while yawning in a half-dead state. It wasn't until a line of text appeared on the screen that a gleam of light appeared in those cloudy eyes.

"The contradiction between Su Hao and Heavenly Emperor Mingguang had been formed and that Yin Ling died in front of Su Hao's house. The plan was perfectly executed, requesting the next step."


"Please enter your password."

"Password confirmation is successful."


"Instruction is given."

"Next goal: Kill Li Xiaoru!"

"Target confirmed, task confirmed, searching for executors..."


"Search completed."

"The executor: An Guang, strength: Peak world realm, mission completion rate: 100%. A week ago, he had gone to the Su family three times and no one noticed while waiting for the mission to start. Talent: Shadow Walk, can hide himself from the Su family's Old Ancestor and complete the mission perfectly and escape smoothly after being discovered."

"After deduction, the success rate of this mission: 100%."

"Evaluation: Foolproof."



"Mission information uploaded."

"Confirmation successful."

"Agree to execute."


Wind and shadow moved.

Before the words on the computer finished appearing, that middle-aged man had already vanished. At the same time, there was a robe on the hanger next to it...

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