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990 Brother Wealth Distributor“s grievances
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990 Brother Wealth Distributor“s grievances


Name: Wan Cheng

Spotlight: Killing a level two world esper with a slash

Grade: Pay extra attention!


Name: Chen Yiran

Spotlight: One drop of water to kill a level two world esper

Grade: Pay extra attention!


Name: Li Xin

Spotlight: Three consecutive bye rounds, unpredictable

Grade: Pay extra attention!


Name: Su Hao

Spotlight: Expert in throwing nuclear weapons.

Grade: Pay extra attention!


In one round of matches, only four people managed to enter the top 32. However, it frightened the beasts that, in addition to Wan Cheng, the other three obviously showed terrifying abilities that surpassed their strength on the surface!

And the scariest part was...

No one managed to crack their trick!

Whether it was Su Hao's nuclear weapon or Chen Yiran's water droplet, if one couldn't work out a counter, they likely could forget about winning the next round.

Even if one can't suppress those moves, you should know how to defend, right?

As for Li Xin...

This guy was too strange to be considered.

If one needs to counter, there needs to be a move to begin with. Li Xin hasn't even taken any action, how could they counter him?

It was unknown.

In a competition where it was obvious that beasts had an absolute advantage, the beasts suddenly felt a little worried. If such rhythm was to proceed, wouldn't they lose?

Soon, it was the humans' tenth match.

This was a world esper who controlled a unique Rule Force. Under Su Hao's guidance, he managed to defeat his opponents and won with a slight advantage. However, this time, in front of a beast that was an unknown times stronger than him, he only managed to resist three moves before tapping out.

The difference in strength was too huge.

Yet another loss.

Everyone sighed secretly.

Out of fourteen people, only four managed to make it into the top 32! With four humans remaining, how many could qualify? Just as everyone sighed, one person walked up the stage.

Zheng Tai appeared with strong killing intent.

His opponent, who was also a level two world esper, had reached the peak and stabilized.

This should have been a battle without suspense.

Within the audience, even that beast who lost to the young man earlier felt itchy again and started to provoke him, "Hehe, you still dare to bet?"

"How much?" That young man sneered.

"Forty thousand! You dare or not?!"

"Come then, who's afraid of whom?!" That young man shouted.


His companions were a step too late. When they dragged him away, 40,000 virtual coins had already been thrown in, "Aaaaaa, brother, are you mad? Didn't you see the difference between these two contestants' strengths?"

"What's there to be afraid of?!" That young man curled his lips, "This daddy really can't stand that beast's arrogant look."

His companions: "..."


That beast glanced at him contemptuously. Was the human's intelligence really as high as it imagined? Just a little push and they got triggered, it was simply too easy to fool them.

So what if it lost 30,000?

Soon, it would earn everything back!

On the stage. an endless starry sky fell. 

The audience watching from the auditorium saw an unprecedented battle with their own eyes. Everyone was surrounded, but you will never know where your seat is. Somehow, it felt like you were floating in space.

After all, this was virtual reality.

Otherwise, how could hundreds of millions of people be accommodated around a match?


Endless brilliance fell.

The match began.

Just as mentioned earlier, this should have been a battle without any suspense. Zheng Tai recently broke through into the world realm. How could he confront a peak level two world esper?

In this battle, the humans didn't expect much.


As soon as the match started, Zheng Tai disappeared quietly.

The beast didn't panic but calmly surrounded the stage from a distance with its force. Finally, it managed to oppress all the places that Zheng Tai could hide within a five-meter radius.

A head-on battle was inevitable.

Zheng Tai couldn't hide anymore.

"He's about to lose."

"There is no other way. After all, they are not from the same level."

"Sigh, Zheng Tai is too young."

"This beast didn't leave him any flaw. This time, Zheng Tai really encountered his nemesis."

Everyone sighed.

The beast hadn't shown any flaws until now. Even though it could force Zheng Tai's figure out any time, it still proceeded to fight cautiously as it slowly approached its target.

It was until Zheng Tai's aura loomed that it prepared its attack.

However, just as the beast was about to attack, a cold light flashed in the dark night. Zheng Tai was forced to attack.

"Finally you show yourself."

That beast remained silent and had already prepared a thunderous blow.


A cold light flashed from behind.

That punch from the beast hit empty space. With blood spurting out from its back, its entire body was cut into two pieces! When a master took action, it would only be for a moment, a single hit!


The eyes of the beast were very huge before its death.

It died?

The audience was in an uproar!

What did they just see?

One hit kill!

Zheng Tai killed the beast with a single blow.

What was even more frightening was that Zheng Tai had always been outside of the beast's search range, but even so, he wasn't agitated at all. Instead, he followed the beast's pace until it thought that it had forced Zheng Tai into a corner; only then did he make his move.

One attack, instant kill.

Zheng Tai.

He won.

"So amazing!"

"Haha, Zheng Tai is really strong."

"The glory from that year's college entrance exam is still here. He's indeed our youngest world esper!"

"What powerful strength."

Everyone was shocked.

How strong was Zheng Tai's one blow kill move?

Thinking about Liu Ping, who got killed by him in the past, Liu Ping was a level three world esper. He let down his guard and was killed by Zheng Tai. Let alone, that level two world esper? Having gone through the transformation of power in the Great Despair, Zheng Tai was no longer that same young man after mastering the essence of his Rule Force.

The humans cheered.

As for the beasts, their face turned blue because there was no doubt there would be one more on the list of their focus, the assassin Zheng Tai.

"This little guy..."

"Yet another one-hit kill!"

"These few humans look pretty amazing?"

There was a lot of discussion going on between the beasts.

In the audience.

"Brother Wealth Distributor?"

That young man sounded very kind when he called that beast. After all, in just a blink of an eye, he made 80,000 from 10,000. How could he not be kind to this beast? This was the wealth distributor after all.


One word popped out from the gritting teeth of the beast.

Its face looked pale.

It really couldn't understand why when the gap of strength was that huge, the human still won. This was simply too strange! Among the beasts, the difference would be severely suppressed since when they could challenge those of a higher realm? Then, after two more matches among the beasts, it was the 12th human's turn, Zhao Feng.

That beast glanced and saw the young man with a smirk beside it. Finally, it gave up on the idea of betting.

This Zhao Feng...

It seemed like his talent was also strange.

In the last battle, Zhao Feng fought a strong level one world esper, but he didn't even come to his opponent at all. Just a wave of his hand wiped out his opponent. His strength and degree of strangeness made everyone afraid. Even on the surface, he didn't look strong, but no one dared to take him lightly.

"Zhao Feng seemed to be very strong?"

Wang Ru felt a bit relieved.

With Zhao Feng's ability, reaching the top 64 was already quite a pleasant surprise. As for the top 32, it would be great if he could fight for it. After all, Zhao Feng won the last match too easily. That weird penetration talent of his, combined with Su Hao's command and pre-battle training, the battle couldn't be any easier.

"This time, he's going to lose." Su Hao sighed inexplicably.

"Why?" Wang Ru was shocked. Before the match began, Su Hao already declared his loss?

Just as he pondered about it, he saw Zhao Feng appear on the stage. Opposite him, another person also appeared from the beast's side. When Wang Ru saw that person, he instantly shut up.

Zhao Feng's opponent was a strange beast.

The main point was...

Everyone present knew this beast; ranked second in the genius list, second only to that evildoer Mo Ling. One really had to note that Zhao Feng's luck was simply too...


The battle came fast and ended quickly.

In just a few moves, Zhao Feng was killed on the spot, turning into countless particles and dissipating.

This battle.

Zhao Feng lost.

The gap was too huge for any tricks.

Someone who just stepped into the world realm went against a level three world esper?

There was no room for any leapfrog challenge! Expect Su Hao, this inhumane pervert, it was simply impossible for others to win!

His luck...

There wasn't even a tiny fraction of Li Xin's?

"I lost."

Zhao Feng was a little ashamed when he returned to the audience.

"Don't worry about it." Su Hao smiled bitterly, "Even if I am to meet that guy now, I will most likely lose too."

"The top ten among the beasts are indeed abnormal." Wang Ru sighed, "By the way, the next contestant, do you know him?"

"I don't." Su Hao was also puzzled, "Of our fourteen participants, I only haven't seen two of them before. Right now, this 12th one is one of them."

"A powerhouse from the wild!"

In the audience, that young man said with an annoyed look, "I lost."

The corner of the beast's mouth twitched for a bit. Damn it, why would it lose when it bet? Then, when it stopped betting, it will win? Damn it... Ah, yes, the next one was said to be unknown among humans. Just an ordinary level two world esper, should I go for another round?

At this time, it saw a sneer at the corner of that young man's mouth.

"Damn it."

"This is simply unbearable."

"Grandson, come here. I want to bet with you."

That beast was raged.

"Ridiculous." That young man sneered, "Do you still have any money left?"

"Rest assured." That beast gritted its teeth. It indeed had enough funds. However, there was a sign of hesitation on its face before it finally took it out, "80,000 virtual coins, this daddy will go all in."

"Come then." That young man disdainfully said, and both put in the money.

Without knowing why, the beast always felt something was wrong. After thinking for a bit, it patted its thigh and looked at the young man's companions, "Why didn't you stop him this time?"

"What's there to stop?" His companions sighed faintly, "He's going to fight there himself. Can we stop him?"

"What?" That beast's eyes widened suddenly. Then it saw the young man whom it had always despised leisurely disappear from the auditorium and reappear in the arena.

The 13th match of the humans.

Wang Jun!


"What a cunning human."

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