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991 Violet light shone brilliantly
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991 Violet light shone brilliantly

"This guy..."

Su Hao's eyes widened when he saw Wang Jun on the stage.

He seldom paid attention to other people's matches because the odds of being eliminated were so high that it gave people goosebumps. Plus, Wang Jun wasn't someone who trained with everyone else.

Now, when he saw Wang Jun, Su Hao was able to confirm one thing.

New talent!

This was definitely a new talent!

It's just so bad that he didn't meet this guy before this guy broke through into the world realm or else...

"He's someone with new talent, why wasn't he in the record?" Su Hao looked at Wang Ru.

"New talent?" Wang Ru looked at the information in his hand, "No, have a look yourself. His talent is metalization. After breaking through the world realm, it was also the same metal force."


Metal force?

What the hell was that?!

This isn't a joke!

How many talents has Su Hao absorbed? Although he couldn't see what talent it is at a glance, he was sure that Wang Jun's talent was definitely not metalization!

"There are even crouching tigers and hidden dragons within human espers?" Su Hao sounded interested, "Let's have a look then. This time, his opponent isn't easy. I guess it will soon force out his trump cards."

It was more than uneasy.

Wang Ru looked at Wang Jun's opponent, a beast ranked 21st on the genius list, a similar peak level two world esper, and its strength was undeniable.

A match of aura suppression.


The wild lion roared, and the entire land shook.

Beast transformation!

The beast instantly revealed its actual body that was far beyond Wang Jun's size. As its violent claws slammed onto him, Wang Jun also extended his hand.


There was a sharp metal collision sound.

No one was shocked. After watching Wang Jun's previous battles, they were already well aware that his body would become powerfully unmatched after metalization!



Wang Jun easily blocked the beast's violent attack.

However, the beast was also obviously prepared. Seeing Wang Jun blocking so many times, a few sharp cold lights suddenly appeared out of the beast's sharp claws.

It was so dazzling that it aroused an exclamation from the audience.


A downward swipe.

The speed was more than ten times faster than before!

No one could stop it!


The sharp claws slid across the part of Wang Jun that hadn't undergone metalization yet as if the attack was trying to tear him in half but unexpectedly...


Yet another soft noise echoed.

Everyone's eyes widened.

He blocked it.

"I metalized my entire body..." Wang Jun gave a deep smile.


The eyes of that beast were widened. Metalizing the entire body would have an extreme consumption. Wang Jun actually prepared in advance when itself wasn't aware?


Wang Jun counterattacked, and he succeeded in suppressing the beast.

Both of them were kings at physical confrontations. A beast with a powerful body, and an esper with a metalized body. The battle between them could be described as a purely physical clash.



Yet another clash of bodies.

The strength of both participants was perfectly integrated into their attacks. Unlike the previous attacks that frequently destroyed the surrounding environment, the force didn't even spread during their fight!

Because of this, it looked even scarier.


Wang Jun, who missed a punch, blasted a hole out of the ground!


"This force..."

"I really couldn't see that it was packed with such a force just now."

Everyone was terrified.

As for Su Hao, he keenly noticed that in Wang Jun's hands, there were transparent things on top. It was faintly visible, and it seemed like a glove?

In virtual reality, one isn't allowed to bring Nitai artifacts...

So, what was that then?

He didn't remember there was such a thing in metalization.


The beast was obviously impatient.

A line of blood escaped, and its pair of claws became shinier and weirder as it entered a very strange state.


Its bloodline condensed, and its body turned ethereal.

"Blood Shadow Path." 

Wang Ru's face turned a bit more solemn, "This is the lion's masterpiece. It stimulates the bloodline in its body, instantly increasing its attack power, speed, and reactions by tenfold!"

"Tenfold?" Su Hao sounded a bit surprised.

"Yes, you're right."

Wang Ru didn't look good, "The moment one uses this trick, their next move would be an instant kill. This is why it's scary. Humans also have similar tricks, but due to physical limitations, we can only use it once. As for the beasts, especially the ones who majored in the physical body, they could use it seven times!"

Wang Ru explained, and an afterimage suddenly flashed.


Wang Jun suddenly leaned back slightly as a light flashed past the front of his eyes. If he hadn't dodge quickly, his throat would have been instantly cut off just now.

It was just the first move!

"What quick speed."

"This lion is about to erupt."

"I wonder if Wang Jun can withstand it?"

Everyone couldn't help but be frightened.

Each time this lion fought, it would always be calm and slow-paced at the earlier stages. Once it reached the explosive period, the pace of the battle would skyrocket!


Yet another cold light flashed.

Wang Jun dodged again in a thrilling manner with a trace of blood across his face.

"Your attack has increased." Wang Jun touched the scar on his face, "It doesn't reach tenfold, probably around eightfold. Your reaction speed has also increased but only sixfold. Otherwise, I will definitely not be able to dodge earlier. As for your speed..."

Wang Jun blinked for a second, "Ten times!"

"So this is the Blood Shadow Path?" Wang Jun sneered, "Since I have figured out its details, you still think you can win?"


Cold light shone.

The beast attacked again!

Appearing in mid-air and slamming down from there, the sluggish looking Wang Jun seemed to be unable to dodge at all. Everyone couldn't help but close their eyes. Are they about to lose again?


A soft sound stunned everyone.

Opening their eyes, they saw Wang Jun blocked the incoming terrifying claws with one hand.

"Wait for you to use it seven times?" Wang Jun grinned, "Do you even have that qualification?"


Wang Jun took the initiative to send it flying. That lion beast was furious. While under Blood Shadow Path, someone actually clashed with it head-on? He was simply courting death!


The lion beast attacked mercilessly, but the result was unexpected.



A series of crisp sounds rang.

Wang Jun actually didn't fall behind to the lion beast at all!

"You're merely so-so." Wang Jun chuckled.

The angry lion beast suddenly felt bad. Its power was about to vanish. Retreat! Just as it turned back to retreat several meters, Wang Jun's cold voice came from behind.

"Human and sword as one!"


A huge lightsaber appeared!

At this moment, the sky turned dark as an eclipse occurred. On the stage, only a big, dazzling sword remained as it swept across the incomprehensible gaze of the beast.

A bloody trace appeared on the lion beast.

One slash.

Cut into two parts.


The sword fell.

Wang Jun's figure appeared leisurely, and the scene turned silent. From the start of Wang Jun's counterattack, it only lasted for two seconds! It was too fast. Wang Jun's strong confrontation stunned everyone! There was really such a strong esper in the human world?

The 13th match, Wang Jun, victory!

Until Wang Jun disappeared from the stage, there were endless cheers from everyone.

We won!

Humans had won again!

"What a domineering style!"

"Haha, we won!"

"This isn't any Wang Jun (monarch), he's clearly a Bao Jun (tyrant)!"

"I like this title a lot because Bao Jun's final sword was too domineering."

Everyone was in a heated discussion.

As for the beast's side, they gritted their teeth and wrote a new name that they had to pay close attention to, Wang Jun. They couldn't understand why these humans displayed their strength differently from the genius list.

Obviously, they would not understand.

The beasts had an absolute bloodline advantage and were inherently powerful, while humans occupied the advantage of unique talent. You will never know how someone becomes strong the next second!

In the human camp.

"So strong!"

Wang Ru's eyes flashed brilliantly, "To be able to bring metalization to such a degree, this was simply amazing."

"Metalization?" Su Hao looked at Wang Jun's disappearing figure leisurely, "Damn metalization! If it's really metalization, Wang Jun would have long lost."

When he saw the final scene, he finally understood why Wang Jun could easily fight against brutal beasts...

"So, this is your talent?" Su Hao showed strong interest, "This is a very interesting talent."

Wang Jun's victory.

It was beyond everyone's expectations.

When Wang Jun returned to the audience, he smartly obtained the virtual currency he won from the bet with the pale looking Brother Wealth Distributor. Soon, the earlier victory became a thing of the past as the beast started competing against themselves again until the humans set their sight on the last person.


Name: Zi Dian.

Strength: Unknown, suspected to be level two world realm.

Description: Unknown, suspected thunder type talent.

Identity: Unknown


Zi Dian.

This was the last human representative.

A special name, coupled with a unique talent, this was also one of those two that Wang Ru failed to investigate! Everything was unknown.

Even the name might be fake!

If he could participate in the competition, it meant that the human database has his files. Wang Ru nearly thought that he was a beast. Looking at the current situation, could it be a disciple of some strong esper?

The matches between beasts continued for three consecutive rounds.

By this time, the 64-32 ranked matches had already reached the final match!

This battle was a battle between humans and beasts!

Zi Dian wore a cloak, and his face was not exposed as usual. While the beast opposite to him already burst out with a powerful aura as soon as it appeared.

A match of aura suppression.

The battle began the moment both participants entered.

Recalling the previous fights, Zi Dian seemed to have used several lightning attacks and paralyzed the opponent to death, but this time his opponent...


A surprise attack!

Almost instantly, the beast attacked him.

This was a powerful yet aggressive beast. It was definitely an absolute nemesis to a guy like Zi Dian, who used his Rule Force to bully those with short legs!

"He's about to lose."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.


A cold light flashed.

That beast's figure had finally got close to Zi Dian. Who would have known that at this moment, Zi Dian actually stretched out his and placed it gently on the beast!

Su Hao suddenly had his eyes lit up. Could it be...


Violet light shined brilliantly!

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