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992 The domineering and boundless Su Tiancheng
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992 The domineering and boundless Su Tiancheng


Dazzling violet light escaped.

That strange scene shocked countless people.

The thin Zi Dian grabbed the beast at its collar with one hand and gently lifted it up! Countless lightning struck down from the sky, and violet thunder blasted down!

There was literally lightning enveloping the audience!

Zi Dian destroyed the opponent with one hand.

Like a demon!

The violet light lasted for a long time until everyone already turned dull watching this scene.


Zi Dian threw the charred beast away.

Zi Dian won.

"He... He won?"

"Who said that Zi Dian is an esper in the wild? A useless one?"


Everyone was terrified.

What kind of strength was that?

That was...


At this time, there was no doubt that the Rule Force mastered by Zi Dian is a thunder type! However, his strength remained unexposed completely. This was a tough guy who still hadn't exhausted all of his cards.


Sure enough, they also had powerful young espers!

After a little surprise, the human beings screamed wildly.

Wan Cheng, Li Xin, Chen Yiran, Su Hao, Zheng Tai, Wan Cheng, and Zi Dian, out of fourteen humans, only seven managed to proceed to the top 32. However, the strength of these seven people still shocked everyone! One needs to note that according to the genius list, the entire human representatives would be wiped out!

How could there be the current glory enjoyed by humans?

These seven unbelievably strong humans!

Today, it was destined to be one hell of a festival.

The rounds for 64-32 ranking just ended, and the matches within the top 32 would begin within a week. Expect those who played the game, everyone left.

Returning to reality, Su Hao directly went to the Federation's preparation site and pulled out Zi Dian.

"Damn you!"

"I knew it was you!"

Su Hao gave this guy a hug. At this time, Zi Dian also removed his disguise. Zheng Tai, Zhao Feng, and the others were all equally surprised.

Zhou Wang!

It turned out to be him?

"Long time no see." Zhou Wang grinned a little too hard that it sounded dry.

"Where have you been all this time?" Su Hao sounded worried.

Zhou Wang felt warmness in his heart.

This is what a friend is. Whether or not he's strong, his friend would care about him.

"After that day, I went to look for the ruins my master mentioned." 

Zhou Wang went silent for a moment before continuing.

That day...

It was a huge blow to both Su Hao and Zhou Wang! Li Tiantian, Blue Dream Butterfly, Xiao Die, many people fell on that day!

Even with the destruction of the Tian family, it still couldn't save the lost lives.

Zhou Wang hated it.

He hated himself for not being strong enough, which was similar to the past Su Hao!

It was just that after Su Hao became stronger, he managed to awaken Li Tiantian and the others. As for Zhou Wang, he was still immersed in the penance of becoming stronger!

What kind of momentum was that?

Even Zhou Wang was clueless!

Eating and cultivating, after cultivating, he went to bed to sleep before getting up for a meal. His life had been like this in recent years, all in order to become stronger!

"I succeeded." Zhou Wang squeezed his fists.

"Although I didn't master everything... at least I won't be trashed by others that easily. Even if I lose, I have the qualification to make them die together. I will never let anyone hurt people around me again!" Zhou Wang said seriously.

Wasn't that the case with his past self too?




What kind of feeling was that?

If it were not for the faint hope to return everything to normal, he would have collapsed long ago.

Su Hao patted Zhou Wang's shoulder, "Why do you look so bitter and hateful? You are referring to Li Tiantian and the others, aren't you? Well... they are having good days."

"Huh?" Zhou Wang was a little surprised.

"You know my force is Realization right? Then..." Su Hao smiled indifferently. Flicking his wrist slightly, a virtual projection gradually formed, and a figure appeared. It was Li Tiantian!


"Zhou Wang?"

Li Tiantian was also quite frightened when he saw Zhou Wang, "Why are you looking more bitter than before?"

"How are you..." Zhou Wang's eyes opened wide.

"Ah, you mean me?" Li Tiantian looked at his current appearance, "Oh, my body is gone. It's not a big deal. I just can't appear in this world."

"It's just..."

Zhou Wang went silent.

The body had disappeared, leaving behind only the soul attached to Su Hao. What kind of sadness was that?

"Eh, it's not that bitter." Li Tiantian shrugged for a second. Unable to find the words to explain, he shook his head helplessly, "It's just two different worlds. In this other world, we are living exactly the same as before. So..."

"You don't have to feel guilty."


It took quite a long time for Zhou Wang to digest this information. In Kingdom of Heaven, Ping Yang wasn't familiar with Zhou Wang, but he knew who Zhou Wang was. This time, he came closer, "Huh, isn't this Zhou Wang? Long time no see, I thought you died being beaten by monsters. Finally, you're willing to show up and help?"

After removing the knot in his heart, Zhou Wang finally felt a bit angry.

At this moment, Su Hao thought of a question.

"Why do you call yourself Zi Dian (Dictionary)?"

"At first, I wanted to call myself Zi Dian (Violet Lightning), but the system prompted that the name had been taken."

Su Hao: "..."

Everyone: "..."

They were all registered by the Federation, so how would they know Zhou Wang's bitterness? Then, beside them, a passing young man heard the words and hurriedly came to grab his hands.

"Brother, we're soulmates!"

"I am Wang Jun."

Wang Jun said as if he was familiar with them.

"Although the Federation doesn't restrict names, they still didn't allow participants with the same name. So, my name wasn't allowed. If it wasn't for me having to send a hacker to that guy and having a friendly discussion with him to give up the name, I can't imagine what I would be called now."

Wang Jun casually complained of a crime he did that could take him to the Federation's prison in minutes.

"Cough, cough."

Wang Ru coughed, pretending he did not hear anything and left.

At this time, those still remaining in the match could be considered as acquainted with each other. Without any surprise, the seven of them would have final training, and the goal was without doubt to reach the top 16!


Su family's residence.

Cold light flashed, and a figure appeared quietly like a ghost.

Surprisingly, Su Zhengwen and everyone else in the Su family did not discover this figure! It was different from the previous Yin Ling, and the shadow was out of sight without any traces.



Two steps.

Two instant flashes.

A flash without any Rule Force.

A flash without any origin energy.

Everything was so hidden. Unless someone is here, you would never find out there is a person here! In such an open manner, this person walked into the Su family's residence.


Su Zhengwen, who was in his room, pondered.

He felt that something was amiss.


Su Zhengwen walked outside instantly.

There was no one.

"No one?"

Su Zhengwen was a little confused.

"Sister Li?" Su Zhengwen simply knocked on the door, "Did Su Hao come back?"

"Ah, no." Li Xiaoru smiled, "Would you like to come in and wait?"

"There's no need for that." Su Zhengwen shook his head.

If there was nothing wrong, great then...

Could it be his imagination?

Su Zhengwen's Rule Force dissipated. Except for the Su family members, no one else was seen in the surrounding. After using the communication device to view the recording, he still couldn't find any strangers.

"Recently, it has been quite suspicious." Su Zhengwen smiled bitterly.

Turning around and returning to the place where Li Xiaoru was, he arranged a layer of Rule Force to detect any abnormalities. Only then was he relieved.


No one noticed!

The figure that entered the Su family had never moved.

He had been standing at the door openly under the scorching sun. However, Su Zhengwen kept passing by him countless times but never saw him.

Not even a slight sense!

Who is this person?!


That figure flickered.

That terrifying figure headed through Su Zhengwen's Rule Force and easily entered Su Hao's house. In the empty living room, there was only one person.

Under Su Zhengwen's surveillance, it was as peaceful as ever.

Li Xiaoru was cooking lunch now. Suddenly, she had a pause. Turning around, she looked into the empty living room and frowned slightly before shaking her head in a daze.

"Have I been hallucinating lately?" Li Xiaoru laughed mockingly.

Turning around, she continued to cut vegetables, but she halted her actions instantly.

Because at this time, a cold dagger was placed on her shoulder. A cold aura appeared behind her with biting coldness with a dream-like sound.

"Li Xiaoru?"

"Who are you?" Li Xiaoru put down the kitchen knife and slowly turned around. 

It was still empty with a dagger suspended in the air. Such a scene was inexplicably strange.

"It's you..." Li Xiaoru seemed to remember, "You're the one who followed Brother Cheng back then."

"Brother Cheng, so sweet, hehe..." 

The figure of that man gradually appeared, revealing a hideous color, "I thought that the person who could make him fascinated would be so stunning, but it turned out to be an ordinary woman."

"So?" Li Xiaoru asked calmly, "What are you going to do?"

"Sure enough, you're Su Tiancheng's woman."

That man sneered, "To remain calm even when in front of a crisis, you must have a lot of experience. Unfortunately, this time, there will be no Su Tiancheng to save you."

"Go to hell!"


The cold dagger was drawn out, and a bloodstain bloomed like a lotus.

It was scarlet in color.


Somewhere in the Federation, a lean man was being taught by his master.

"Master, why did Su Tiancheng give up on destroying the world?"

"Although I shielded my memory, I still know that there are problems in this world, and Su Tiancheng naturally would not give up that easily."

That lean man was puzzled.

"It's an evil fate."

That old man sighed, "Do you know how many people were aware of this matter in the past, but how many of them still remain? Su Tiancheng, Heavenly Emperor Mingguang, and even me had to seal those memories..."

That lean man nodded.

However, this was just something in the past. How was it related to Su Tiancheng?

"Do you know how they died?" That old man seemed to know what his disciple meant and asked.

"They got killed by the law enforcer." That lean man affirmed.

"The law enforcement officers came out all that time. Whenever they passed, the place turned into sorrow. Even Heavenly Emperor Mingguang failed to escape the crisis. The only one who escaped it, the one and only..."

That old man said in some admiration.

"Su Tiancheng?"

That lean man turned excited, "How did he escape?"

"Ordinary people who saw the law enforcer would only end up killed or arrested, but Su Tiancheng..."

That old man sounded so in awe when he spoke until here. The lean man raised his ears and was ready to listen to a passionate battle, but the old man's next sentence almost made him vomit blood on the spot.

"Only Su Tiancheng..."

"Went on top of her."

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