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993 A comprehensive confrontation
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993 A comprehensive confrontation

At the Federation's waiting room, Wang Ru put his hands away and looked at those seven remaining contestants, "Their materials and videos, I believe you have seen them all. Do you guys have the confidence to beat them?"

Everyone: "..."


How was that possible?!

Now that they had reached the top 32, it was only with 7 of them against a full 25 beasts. What was even more terrifying was that the weakest ones were at least peak level two world realm, an absolute elite! Even Su Hao wasn't sure he could win… What if he met that freak Mo Ling?

"No confidence?" Wang Ru sighed.

"I have!"

A voice came from the back, and everyone turned their head. Su Hao couldn't help but smack his forehead. Without having to ask, it was definitely that amusing Li Xin!

"To go against level three world espers, that will be quite a difficult task." Wan Cheng said honestly.

If they were at the same level, they could still give a fight. If the opponent has World Force, then there is nothing to count on. As a world esper, he had a good understanding of his own strength.

"The top ten?"

Everyone couldn't help frowning.

There were only 16 spots to advance, and the chances of them encountering those in the top ten of the genius list were absolutely high! If they all were to meet at once...

By then, in just one round, everyone would be eliminated.

"No matter what, you have to meet them sooner or later." Wang Jun shrugged his shoulder.

"It's different." Su Hao frowned slightly, "If we meet them later, our ranking would be higher a bit. Of course, the most important thing is everyone had been making rapid progress in the battles! We have two rounds of matches left. It might not be impossible to defeat them in half a month's time. For us, what we lack the most is time!"


Wang Ru fell into deep thought.

Time and luck are indispensable!

Not everyone had Li Xin's luck, and Li Xin's damn luck couldn't last forever. Thus, he could only depend on his own ability to fight.

"Time is a flaw that can never be reversed. So we can only depend on luck."

"Li Xin..."

Su Hao looked thoughtfully at Li Xin who was in high spirits.

Li Xin...


Top ten...

"I might have an idea."

Su Hao suddenly said, "What if, if your opponent isn't any from the top ten? Is there a way to defeat them? The top sixteen matchups will not be announced in advance."

"Not the top ten?"

Everyone's eyes shone.

If it wasn't any of those in the top ten, what was there to be afraid of?

"I would never lose!" Wan Cheng firmly declared.

"It can't be possible, right?" Wang Jun shrugged his shoulder.

"What I want is not a maybe." Su Hao's eyes lit up, "If your opponent isn't from the top ten, then you must win! This is a rare opportunity, and it won't be something that can come easily. "

"Alright." Zhou Wang took a deep breath.

The discussion was over.

Everyone entered their crazy training mode again.

Just like that, the day for the next match quietly arrived, but what made this group of teammates puzzled was Su Hao, could he really reverse the matchup? One needs to know that a part of the data was being monitored by the beasts. As long as you try to make a move, they would realize something is wrong even if you're a hacker master!

In such a case, what could Su Hao do to manipulate the data?

Jianghe City.

Su Hao expertly ran into someone in a nightclub.

"Chen Ge?"

"Why are you here again." Chen Ge turned pale when he saw Su Hao's face.

Each time Su Hao came, there was never anything good. It was Su Tiancheng's order in the past, but now Su Hao was so powerful that he couldn't refuse.

"Your Rule Force..." Su Hao's eyes beamed, "Is it fate or deduction?"

"What do you want?" Chen Ge looked at him alarmed.

"Uh." Su Hao turned serious and walked solemnly in front of Chen Ge to pat his shoulder, "Senior Chen Ge, the opportunity to save the world is right in front of you..."


Chen Ge rolled his eyes.

"In the past, I devoted myself to destroying the world." Chen Ge sneered.

"Oh, true." Su Hao blushed in shame, "Well, I just want you to do a favor."

"Say." Chen Ge was being direct.

"You should know about the Battle of Glory..." Su Hao paused for a second, "I don't want humans to encounter any of the top ten beasts in the next round."


Chen Ge glanced at him, "How many of you?"



Chen Ge sneered, "Even if you don't want to meet any from the top ten, there are only 16 beasts to choose from! Seven of you, ten of them, come and tell me how can all of you avoid them?"


Su Hao thought for a moment.

"Then let someone meet them."


Chen Ge looked at him curiously.

Can Su Hao's current strength already contend with a level three world esper?

"No, I mean Li Xin." Su Hao said with a smile.

"Only this time." Chen Ge sighed, "I have accumulated my Rule Force for months, but now it's going to be empty again..."


The next round was approaching.

Everyone in the human squad was already prepared, and as the match progressed, those seven who had reached the top 32 were now the final hope of mankind. What was even more unbelievable was today's online communities weren't divided into humans and beasts anymore. In fact, some were fans of the beasts.


The same was true on the beasts' side.

This surprised everyone, but they felt happy at the same time. From a certain perspective, the sour relation between humans and beasts was eased as they focused on the match. As for their original war, it was successfully interpreted as a simple and crude division of race.

Whether it was human or beast, they only respect the strong.

Everyone was still skeptical about Su Hao's words, but that didn't hinder their training. It was such a pity that the opponents surpassed Su Hao's strength, so creating a model for training would be extremely difficult.

During the match day, Su Hao and the others appeared on the virtual stage, causing a deafening cheer.

This was their current popularity, resounding throughout the world.

Soon, the Federation and beasts issued a list of random matches. When the list was announced, everyone felt shocked in disbelief.

Seven humans, six of them didn't encounter any of the top ten beasts!

Only Li Xin alone met one!


"His luck has been used up?"

"This is simply irony!"

"This is so funny, was it because of his smooth sailing in the past?"

Everyone mocked him.

Due to Li Xin's favourable matchup in the past, everyone even gave him the title as Lucky Little Prince. However, not long after this title, he encountered a battle of death. No one would have thought that Li Xin's first opponent in this round of matches would be that tenth ranked beast!

One level one world esper, while the other was at the level three world realm.


Is there any need to discuss the result?

No need!

The moment when the list was announced, everyone already knew the result.

Li Xin would be eliminated.

"What a shame, I originally wanted to see how he gets in the top 16."

"That can't be helped, the probability is too high."

"Isn't it?"

"What a poor guy...."

Everyone was filled with emotion.

At the same time, even the list puzzled some beasts. Li Xin's limelight succeeded in covering up for everyone...

One had to mention some people were not only lucky but also great at aggroing hatred.

As a result, Su Hao and the others didn't have to face any level three world espers at all. Thus, they were ignored. However, for Wang Ru and even the rest, this was a true shock!

They actually managed to evade the bad matchups?

Su Hao said there wouldn't be one, and it was really the case!

This was simply unbelievable!

"What method did you use?" Wang Ru couldn't help but ask.

"I asked someone to help. Well, it's only this one time." Su Hao smiled lightly, "Get ready, peak level two world realm isn't something that easy to deal with after all."


Everyone was very excited.

The atmosphere was suddenly lit up again.

Their previously lost confidence seemed to have returned in an instant. Although they were all strong and wouldn't mind the matchup, the difference in strength was still very stressful.

And now, Su Hao's superb skill has given everyone the hope of winning.

Look, this is simply a miracle.

"Was it Chen Ge?"

Wang Ru muttered to himself.

Sure enough...

He was still in contact with Su Hao.

Everyone came onto the stage one after another.

Wang Ru suppressed the panic in his heart, and looked at the seven young people in the distance while whispering, "We must win, although I don't know why, I always have this feeling..."

"If we lose this Battle of Glory, we will lose everything..."

"Are the beasts making a move?"

Wang Ru squeezed his fists. Faint Rule Force flashed all over his body.

He finally understood.

This wasn't just a clash of young talents, but also a stage where strong espers clashed secretly! Regardless of who wins or loses, what would be taken into consideration is the overall strength.

"Would it affect anything?"

"This match seems to be getting more interesting."

Wang Ru sneered, and his figure suddenly vanished into the virtual space. On the far end of the stage, everyone was on standby as the match was about to start.


"Deduce Battle of Glory."

"Deduce Mo Ling."

"Deduce the hatred of the beasts."

"I want to know the true purpose of the beasts in the shortest time!"

After Wang Ru went back, he issued a series of commands. The human geniuses were at a disadvantage, but the strong espers of the older generation were far superior to the beasts!

Soon, Wang Ru obtained the result.

Endless Sea.

The secret realm of the deep sea!

This comparison also let them discover something different, which was the result of the beast's deduction was different from those around Heavenly Emperor!

Was the deduction wrong?

"No, something's not right." Wang Ru destroyed the data in his hands, "This data is wrong."

"Hold on..."

Wang Ru seemed to have thought of something, "Could it be... That Heavenly Emperor Mingguang's aim is also different from those of the beasts? Now, that explains everything."

"Or to be precise." Wang Ru frowned slightly while guessing, "The secret realm of the deep sea is only part of Heavenly Emperor Mingguang's plan. Then what is his true purpose?"

Wang Ru vaguely felt that he had grasped something.



"Those with similar talents, get started now!"

"I must know the truth!"

Wang Ru coldly said.

The same order was instantly passed onto Zhanzheng College, Origin Ability Association, and even many of the Federation's secret institutions that were not known to the public.

The battle of glory between geniuses had involved the entire world again!

Just like Su Hao mentioned in the past, war was just a means. With the end of a war, the battle between humans and beasts had already begun again in another form...

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