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994 A terrifying opponen
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994 A terrifying opponen

"Li Xin couldn't avoid it?"

Wang Ru was stunned.

He would have never imagined that Brother Good Luck would actually run into a powerful opponent who's at the level three world realm. He was literally on the verge of losing.

"There is no other way." Su Hao smiled bitterly, "This is already the limit."

"Why not let those of the top ten confront each other?" Zheng Tai pondered.

"To change our path and alter the beasts' path, the consumption of energy isn't the same." Su Hao shook his head, "This is already extremely good. Plus..."

"Li Xin, are you afraid?" Su Hao looked at his friend.

"Afraid your head!" Li Xin said disdainfully, "I want to be the strongest man ever!"

"Look at him..."

Su Hao spread his hands, causing everyone to turn speechless.

Since the list of the matchup was finalized, the matches would begin soon. The first one up was Zhou Wang. What was even more surprising was his opponent, an anorexic-looking young man with pale skin. It was a beast who didn't reveal much of its ability.

Its strength wasn't strong.

Being able to enter the top 32 was entirely thanks to its realm as a peak level two world esper. It didn't have any powerful strength itself. Thus, when the opponent of Zhou Wang was known, everyone felt relieved and hoped that humans could secure this first victory. However...

When the battle began, everything changed.

"You're Zi Dian?"

"Or should I call you Zhou Wang instead?"

Tha beast narrowed its eyes while looking at Zhou Wang.

"You know me?"

Zhou Wang's expression remained unchanged.

"I don't know, but we will soon know each other." That beast smiled, "It's an honor for me to be able to defeat one of the seven human geniuses."

"You're that confident?"

Zhou Wang frowned a little.

"Of course."

The beast ruminated, "In order to show my respect, I will use my strongest strength to defeat you and let you ignorant humans witness the horror of beasts!"


A light ray flashed.

The beast was shrouded in a ball of light and after it dissipated, a shadow appeared.

"This is my original body."

Zhou Wang's eyes suddenly widened. He finally knew where the beast's confidence came from because what appeared before his eyes was a legendary spectre.


A shadow hovered.

"A ghost!"

"No, it's not a ghost! This is a spectre!"

The audience went into an uproar.

Everyone's eyes widened.

Ghosts were the souls of dead human beings, but they were always regarded as superstitions among the people. At present, even in this era of origin ability, they had never really come into contact with ghosts. However, spectres... or to be more precise, they were just another form of living beings that exist between Heaven and Earth in the form of spiritual bodies.

To sum it up, it was different from the human race.

The specture's strength was generally not strong, but it still scared everyone because it had a terrifying characteristic! Any normal attack would be rendered invalid! The normal attacks...

Includes all common powers!

"This is a big problem."

Everyone's face turned a bit ugly.


Zhou Wang's quick lightning blasted down.

The blooming violet lightning illuminated the entire sky, but what shocked the audience was that terrifying lightning didn't cause any harm when it hit the spectre!


Yet another bolt of lightning passed through.


The spectre sneered, "I have already said that your power can't defeat me."


A dazzling black glow was shot out.

Zhou Wang suddenly retreated.


Cold wind blew past.

A few hairs on Zhou Wang's forehead were blown off. Everyone felt a chill seeing this scene. Damn, Zhou Wang couldn't beat the spectre, but can the spectre defeat Zhou Wang?

How could he continue the fight?

If it were a special forbidden technique, that would still be fine, but when the spectre revealed itself, it actually shattered everyone's fantasy because the original appearance was fake, the previous state was the forbidden technique that had consumption. This ghost-like state was what the other party really looked like.

"There is actually such a thing?"

At the Federation's audience stand, Wang Ru and the others smiled bitterly when they saw this scene.

It was such a hard thing to avoid the top ten geniuses, but so what? No one would have thought that even the rest of the people had such terrifying strength. Facing this spectre would be even scarier than those in the top ten! Nonsense, how could it not be scary when you can't even hit it?

"Isn't that spectre invincible then?" Li Xin was puzzled.

"Not really invincible." A flash appeared in Su Hao's eyes, "Based on my guess, there are two possibilities. First, the spectre just stored its actual body in a different space and then mapped it into a projection in reality. Thus, ordinary forces wouldn't be able to touch it at all. If it were this, it would still be fine since Zhou Wang will always find a way through."

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

If it were them, they would also look for a way to counter it, and breaking the space would be the best solution. As long as the same space and frequency could be detected, it would be sufficient to defeat this spectre!

"What about the second one then?"

"The second one would be the spectre itself is a trait." Su Hao's expression was undoubtedly serious, "At the moment, it is its own body! Without any mapping, everything is just a state of its existence. This also means that to defeat the spectre, only its restraining force could do so."


Everyone smiled bitterly. Who would know the restraining force against a spectre.

This thing was something rare after all.

Even in the available data, there was only the fact that any ordinary force wouldn't be able to hit it at all. Moreover, even if they knew, so what? Zhou Wang didn't have that force!

At least, Zhou Wang's lightning had no effect on the spectre.

"He's about to lose." Wang Ru sounded helpless.

"Not necessarily." Su Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, "Only Zhou Wang can think of a solution to deal with the spectre since he's fighting it now. Whether or not he will win, that will depend on his quick thinking..."

"I believe in him."

"After all, in the legend of history..."


A bolt of lightning struck again without causing any harm to the spectre. The spectre didn't even move at all from its spot, allowing Zhou Wang to bombord it freely.

"Hahahaha, so this is the strength of humans?"

The spectre laughed out loud.


Zhou Wang gave a cold snort.


Stretching out his hand into an empty space.

Lightning struck down from the air.

It was a terrible beam of lightning that then condensed into hundreds of thousands of faint lightning bolts with different colors. However, it was that beam of lightning that gave people a kind of indescribable heart palpitation.


One strike passed down.

The spectre's face changed slightly.


A bug sized hole appeared on the ground, the spectre... it was still safe and sound.

"Scared the hell out of me."

The spectre looked at the huge hole on the ground and exclaimed, "With such a big momentum, I thought you were going to counterattack! It turned out to be nothing more than this. Oh-my!"

This guy...

The beast laughed.

The audience in the human camp had already been long angry, but Zhou Wang couldn't be blamed at all. After all... it's a spectre! They didn't dare expect a victory. They all wished for Zhou Wang to be defeated peacefully instead of constantly being humiliated by that damn spectre.

"Damn it."

"What a lowly bastard."

"This daddy isn't a world esper, or else I will go up there and beat it up!"

The spectre successfully provoked everyone's anger.

But then...

So what?

Zhou Wang still couldn't win. After all, this was his battle.


Zhou Wang struck with another huge lightning beam that was condensed from thousands of tiny lightning bolts. The spectre completely ignored it, and a black light flashed that Zhou Wang failed to dodge.


A bloodstain appeared on Zhou Wang's face.


"Can this be considered as disfigured?"

The spectre added yet another sentence. This was simply a total humiliation.

Both sides of the audience had blown up.

On the beasts' side, upon seeing this scene, several powerful beasts looked at each other and saw their fellow beasts' emotions. They just smiled indifferently, "Let them vent, after all they had been holding back for 20 years. No matter what, they have to let it out somewhat, right?"

"Hehe, since the human himself is weak, how could he blame others?"


Another bloodstain floated in the air.

Zhou Wang missed his attack and got hit instead.

"It's over..."

Everyone could see it.

The battle had been completely lost.


It was an enemy that Zhou Wang couldn't defeat at all!

Whether or not it is strong, at least you need to be able to hit the opponent, right? Even when facing a level three world esper, at least he had the chance to attack, but now...

This was a spectre!

"Give up!"

It wasn't known who shouted it.

Countless people in the human camp also followed along, shouting the same chant. Fortunately, both participants were in the match, or else that might have affected their state of mind.

Give up.

This was the thought of all humans.

They really couldn't understand.

Obviously, he was destined to lose, but why do you continue to fight? Why do you want to bear the humiliation from the beast? Was it all just for his own poor self-esteem?

Everyone was extremely dissatisfied.

In their opinion, this was no longer glory, but an opportunity to be humiliated by the other party! Especially those who couldn't understand Zhou Wang originally, they now looked even uglier than before.

"Why doesn't he admit defeat."

"That's right, that spectre is obviously too strong."

"He couldn't win. Why the need to keep acting, could it be by acting, he will win?"

"He's too selfish."

Many people said one after another.

However, as they were allowed to express their dissatisfaction, Zhou Wang was still clashing with the spectre as stable as Mount Tai. Attacking it each time, thousands of lightning bolts of different colors appeared.



Countless lightning strikes.

However, the end result presented to Zhou Wang was still invalid!

The spectre is a form. No matter how many times he attacked, it would be useless. On the contrary, each time he attacked, the spectre would find a chance to draw a trace of blood on his face.


The spectre knew what Zhou Wang was thinking, "Hehe, you think that I am a projection so you kept trying? It's such a pity, hahahaha. This is my body after all!"

"Or do you think that my body has a limit?"

"Ignorant human."

Zhou Wang ignored him.

In fact, Zhou Wang seemed to have sunk into the demonic temptation right now.

He kept attacking again and again.

Each time, he would bring countless scars on himself. When his body was already stained in blood, turning his clothes completely red, no one laughed at him anymore.

What people felt was infinite respect.

This is what Zhou Wang truly was.


Another lightning strike.

Suddenly, the spectre's body trembled for a bit.

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