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995 Stunning everyone
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995 Stunning everyone


It was scarlet in color.

In the holographic scene, everything was virtual, but the pain remained unchanged. Zhou Wang was still suffering great pain. For him, the current events were a reality.



Each bloodstain was formed from him fighting with his utmost, but no one knew why he kept insisting. The colorful lightning was powerful, but wasn't it ineffective against the spectre?

Why did he keep using this same trick?


The spectre inexplicably felt flustered.

It didn't know where this came from, but it just felt something was amiss.

"I can't continue to toy around with him anymore."

"Time to kill him!"

The spectre made its decision. With a floating figure, powerful force escaped as a dark stream flashed by. At this moment, Zhou Wang's lighting struck again.

The spectre sneered.

But then it halted for a moment.


It became paralyzed.


The stout lightning stuck by. Most of the lightning didn't cause any damage to it, but only a small amount of a weak electric current flashed through it, causing the spectre' body to freeze for a moment.

"What happened?"

The spectre was stunned.

Just now, it got hit by the attack?

An illusion?


It must be an illusion!

At that moment, Zhou Wang's eyes finally lit up.

He hit it!

"Finally, what I waited for arrived."

Any ordinary lightning talent would fail to damage the spectre, but lightning... is there really only one kind in this world? Violet thunder, sun thunder, sky thunder... Just the ones Zhou Wang was aware of were already in the hundreds. With the combination of these over a hundred types of thunder, the effect was even more terrifying.

There were many types with different characteristics.

Each time he attacked, at least five thousand types of thunder were there!

Those thunderbolts were weak, and he knew clearly that they were not doing any harm to the spectre. Five thousand thunderbolts, he had even forgotten how many times he attacked. When he almost gave up, the spectre's body was finally hit. Even though...

It was extremely weak.

That was still five thousand thunderbolts.



Two flashes struck down from the sky.

The first thunderbolt.


It flashed through the specter.

It was ineffective.

The spectre's nervous expression suddenly eased slightly, "It's ineffective, was it just a coincidence?"


It got struck by the second lightning.


The spectre trembled all over its body.


"The lightning that could strike on the spectre is within the later 2,500 lightning." Zhou Wang's eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he split them to two lighting bolts.

Right now, the spectre's reaction finally caught the audience's attention.

"It seems like... it got hit?"


"It was really hit!"

"Look, two more lightning bolts."

"The spectre's body trembled. It got hit once more."

Everyone was shocked and became excited in an instant.

As for those in the beast camp, they literally stood up together. Each one of them became very nervous. This damn human actually hit the spectre?

The battle finally showed a subtle change.



The lightning never stopped.

It was just that before this, it was a thick and huge lightning bolt, but now it was separated into two lightning bolts. Out of those two, one would hit the spectre!

Two lightning of strange colors, there would always be one that hit it.

"What is this?"

The spectre was nervous.

Is this a new trick that Zhou Wang comprehended?

Dividing the lightning into two with different colors and then inflicting damage to it?

The spectre could only guess like that.

However, the joy of mankind didn't last long because they were quick in discovering that although Zhou Wang could hit the spectre each time, those two lightning bolts were getting weaker...

Even the stoutness had infinitely reduced.

"An arrow at the end of its flight!"

The spectre finally understood.

Most likely, the one that hit it was just Zhou Wang's final outbreak?




Zhou Wang released yet another two lightnings.

The spectre's body trembled, but it smiled happily because Zhou Wang's lightning was already so small that it was pitiful. In fact, only a few scattered strands remained...

It was incomparable to the hundred of thousand lightning bolts from before.

"Haha, just like that?"

"Phew, I was worried that I might lose just now. It turned out to be just the final radiance of a setting sun."

"In other words, it's too weak."

"It's a forbidden technique after all."

The beast camp was engaging in a heated discussion. As for the human side, it was filled with a sad atmosphere. The hope that they could secure a victory earlier was gone like that?


Wang Ru smiled bitterly and then looked at Su Hao, "It seems that he's still going to lose."

However, the strange thing was that he found out that Su Hao was ignoring him the whole time because Su Hao kept mumbling about something.

When he listened closely, Wang Ru heard some strange numbers.

5,000, 2,500, 1,250, 625, 312, 156, 78, 39, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1

"What do you mean?"

Wang Ru was at a loss.

When the count reached 1, Su Hao suddenly opened his mouth, "Zhou Wang is about to win!"


The ones next to him were stunned.

"You don't have to comfort me." Wang Ru smiled bitterly, "It has already reached such a situation, how could he win?"

The rest were also helpless, but as Su Hao looked over the stage, everyone was in a daze because the strange thing was that Zhou Wang, who was getting weaker and weaker, suddenly erupted with power at this moment.


A bolt of blue struck down.

The scale was so great that it was comparable to the earlier ones. However, all the beasts' eyes lit up.

A dying flash, was that his final outbreak?

"Haha, you finally couldn't hold it anymore!"

The spectre was overjoyed.

This kind of lightning, he had seen it many times today. Even if it got hit, that would just make it feel weakly numb. Before dying, Zhou Wang had exploded with all of his power, condensing it into this lightning bolt.

The final radiance of a setting sun?



The spectre's body floated.

Completely ignoring Zhou Wang's attack, it slashed with a pitch-black light ray to kill Zhou Wang. With this one blow, it would be able to kill Zhou Wang.



Just when it thought that it could easily kill Zhou Wang, it suddenly felt an inexplicable panic. That feeling...

"What's wrong?"

The spectre was on high alert.

Even so, it didn't even notice that although the scale of the lightning wasn't large, it was different from before. The lightning, which originally consisted of countless lightning, now contained only one kind.


A thunderbolt occurred on a sunny day.

Because of countless previous attacks, it didn't even bother to defend itself. Then, under everyone's eyes, the lightning finally struck down.

In an instant, the world turned bright.

The dazzling white light spread to the surrounding.

Even though the audience's absolute protection features kept everyone from harm, that bright light still managed to make everyone unable to see what was happening. At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared from the white light, stretching out both hands and held on to the other figure...


Violet electric light struck down.

It was akin to a thunder purgatory.

The familiar scene was revealed again.

Before the white light vanished, there was only one thin figure with countless lightning condensing from his hand, and the scene of him squeezing the opponent out of life!

At that moment, everyone was paying attention to this scene.

It took quite a while before Heaven and Earth restored its peace.

The stage had now turned into a piece of scorched black land. This was the power of a world esper. Even when the stage has been strengthened many times, it may still be destroyed. What was even more shocking was that on the dark scorched earth, only one person stood there, under everyone's gaze...

Showering in glory!

Zhou Wang.

He won.

When the system made such a judgement, it caused a global sensation.

He won!

Zhou Wang actually won?

Both humans and beast stood up fiercely. No one could believe what they saw because it was unbelievable! One needs to know how terrifying the spectre was. Even if the spectre could be hit, its strength was no less than Zhou Wang's!

One needs to note that Zhou Wang was ravaged by the audience earlier!

In fact...

There were numerous scars on his body.

In such a situation where he was literally playing with his life, he actually won?

No one dared to believe it!

Was that really true?

Just when everyone was doubtful, the live broadcast showed the replay. This time, all the scenes became clear and followable.

The audience clearly saw how the lightning destroyed the specter, how Zhou Wang held the specter with one hand, and poured his powerful force to explode it!



Everyone stayed silent for a long time after watching the replay.

They knew that after today, that shocking scene would be engraved in everyone's mind. What a wonderful battle that was!

How did the specter die?

It was courting its own death!

After finishing the replay, everyone understood.

Because of the previous experience, the specter had already thought that Zhou Wang's lightning had no effect on it. Even if it got hit occasionally, it was just a weak numbing. The effect was too pitifully poor. Thus, facing Zhou Wang's final attack, it didn't even put up its defense, but how would it know...

That attack...

Thinking of the scene earlier, many people had goosebumps.

Zhou Wang.

The strong esper of mankind, he was worthy of his reputation!


The battle was over, and Zhou Wang returned.

Thus, Zhou Wang became the first one to qualify in the top 16!

Humans managed to claim one spot.

At this time, everyone in the audience finally understood what had happened. After Su Hao explained, their heart was filled with nothing but admiration.

Zhou Wang...

He deserved everyone's admiration!

This was the true mentality to defeat an opponent.

At this moment, the blood of the other six humans was ignited. With Zhou Wang taking the lead, no one wished to be left out. One needs to know that Zhou Wang had such a bloody path to face such an opponent!

No one thought that they themselves were any weaker than Zhou Wang.

Since Zhou Wang could do it, so could they!

After a long series of cheers, the next match between beasts resumed — a top ten beast against another beast. Without any surprise, the top ten beast won with an absolute advantage. Soon, it was the turn for a battle between human and beast. This time, it was Wang Jun's turn!

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