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996 Ruthless Ya Yan
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996 Ruthless Ya Yan

Wang Jun.

A unique esper.

So far, no one knew what his actual talent was before entering the world realm. Even during the training, he had never revealed it.

Ah, of course.

On the surface, his talent is metalization which is also a metal force.

"Wang Jun, good luck!"

"You must win!"

"Wang Jun, I want to give birth to your babies."

Countless fans screamed from the audience stand.

The originally vanished morale of human beings skyrocketed after Zhou Wang's victory. Whether the representative wins or loses, they must keep supporting them.

Su Hao and the others smiled dumbly hearing this.

These guys...

"Can he win?"

Wang Ru whispered.

He noticed that Su Hao's insight was extremely terrifying. Earlier, he didn't even manage to see the problem, but this Su Hao actually could understand what Zhou Wang was trying to do.

"A fifty-fifty chance."

Su Hao gave a number.


Wang Ru's eyes lit up.

It wasn't because the number was too low, but because it was too high!

Facing a pinnacle level two world realm, he could actually have half the chance of winning. This was already extremely high. Could it be that this Wang Jun also had a hidden strength?

Wang Ru wiped his eyes and waited.

Right now, as Wang Jun came to the stage, an ordinary middle-aged man appeared from the beast's side. He had transformed into a human in such thorough detail. If one didn't see him here, no one would regard him as a beast. However, when his personal information slowly emerged, everyone took a deep breath.


Name: Ya Yan

Age: 28

Strength: Peak level two world realm

Ranking: 11

Description: Second only to level three world espers, unmatched within level two world realm!


"It's that guy."

Wang Ru's face turned serious.

After the list was announced earlier, they knew nothing about who this guy was with just the name alone, but when he came on the stage, everyone knew who he was.

This guy's strength wasn't the strongest, but his attacks were quite brutal.

However, for his opponents, only one result was seen.

They ended up penetrated!


Just like that, one single light beam evaporated a person. Even in the last match, he evaporated a similarly world realm beast in one move, which was such a horrifying scene.

"What is the chance to win now?" Wang Ru looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao narrowed his eyes and still highlighted the same words, "Fifty-fifty."

"Fifty-fifty?" Wang Ru's heart palpitated harder for a second. Facing such a brutal guy, it was still a fifty-fifty chance?

"Wang Jun, that guy isn't that simple." Su Hao set his eyes on Wang Jun and concluded, "Both sides' strengths aren't bad."

"That guy?"

Wang Ru looked at Wang Jun.

With his strength as a peak world esper, he could easily see that Wang Jun had no hidden power and is absolutely an ordinary level two world esper. So what did Su Hao mean by Wang Jun not being simple?


A clear sound echoed.

The match began.

Both humans and beasts turned silent.

However, unlike the nonsensical conversation between Zhou Wang and the spectre in the previous match, the beast named Ya Yan was brutal from the start. Obviously, Zhou Wang's victory just now had angered him. He must secure a victory for the beasts in the shortest amount of time.


A dazzling light beam flashed past.


Wang Jun flashed sideways.

However, before landing, people saw Ya Yan raise his hand and shoot out another light beam. Wang Jun frowned and urgently changed his route in mid-air. In an instant, another light beam came! After changing his direction again, Wang Jun's Rule Force was used to forcibly reverse his position.


Ya Yan raised his hand, and another light beam was fired.

In a flash, many light beams appeared. The place where Wang Jun landed actually got covered entirely. Wang Jun had changed his route several times, but still ended up colliding with the light beams when he landed.


Wang Jun shouted out violently.

Stretching out his right hand, a shield appeared in front of him.


The light beams collided with the shield.

Wang Jun was blasted back several dozens of meters before he could stop. The shield that had just emerged from his hands seconds ago was broken into pieces.


It got pierced.


Everyone took a deep breath.

The shield that Wang Jun summoned just now seemed to be a boundary spirit?

One boundary spirit actually got destroyed like that?

Wang Jun was the only person so far to have survived Ya Yan's initial attack. However, because of the block, the audience could imagine how horrifying that light beam was!

Ya Yan, this guy is simply too perverted!

Right now, whether it was human or beast, the audience was all stunned. God knew how slow paced the confrontation between Zhou Wang and the spectre was earlier. Those two exchanged moves so many times that the reversal only occurred at the end.

As for the current match?

While in mid-air, those two had already clashed numerous times.

The compactness of the battle was unprecedented!

Seeing Wang Jun land, Ya Yan didn't give him a chance. Raising his hands, what followed were a few light beams. Moreover, not only that, Ya Yan didn't wait for Wang Jun to react. With his right hand raised, eight shiny light beams instantly appeared around Wang Jun.

"This is..."

Wang Jun's pupils suddenly shrank.

There were eight light clusters, and each one was shining with soft brilliance.

A group of four, within a radius of 100 meters, formed exactly a square shape. As for the other four, they were suspended ten meters in the sky and parallel to the bottom four. Eight light beams formed a cube, trapping Wang Jun.

"What is this?"

Wang Jun's instinct told him that this was bad.

However, he couldn't defend at all. Each light cluster was so far away from him. How could he defend then?


The luster of metal flashed, and Wang Jun's body turned into pure metal in an instant. His entire body was extremely hard. This was his plan to cope with all these changes!


Ya Yan gave a cold snort, seeing Wang Jun's reaction.


Ya Yan raised his hand.


Sky and earth shook.

The audience witnessed the empty cube composed of eight points lit up. At the moment when Ya Yan raised his hand, countless energy emerged from each light cluster, shooting out several light beams. Each cluster started to connect between the other seven clusters.

And each connection was a light beam itself!



The entire scene was dazzling white.

Each light beam was accompanied by a space tremor. It seemed as if the entire world was shaking, and countless attacks erupted at the same time. What kind of power was that?



This was simply a killer move.

As soon as Ya Yan attacked, he already resorted to using his best move.

The crowd was stunned, looking at this scene. Let alone Wang Jun, who was trapped inside! The current Wang Jun had already been completely submerged within the white light.

"It's about to end."

Everyone felt cold.

How terrifying was that light beam?

Everyone had seen it with their own eyes.

And now? There were more than hundreds of light beams?

Within a hundred meter radius, the space became airtight as it was blocked by the light beam and accompanied by the space tremors. Wang Jun had no chance to escape at all. Let alone him from the center of the cube.

The blasting lasted for a few seconds.

Half of the stage was destroyed by Ya Yan!

The audience was shocked by that.

Both humans and beasts were immersed in this unbelievable scene. This was simply too gorgeous. The light and the shock caused by the space tremor made everyone speechless. Until the attack stopped, everyone still hadn't recovered from the overwhelming shock.


"What a terrifying attack!"

"Damn it, no beast is weak!"

"This light..."

"Is Wang Jun still alive?"

"There is no announcement that Ya Yan won, he should still be alive, I guess?"

Everyone looked at the center of the cube. Just as they wanted to see if anyone was still alive, they saw a thin figure under the thick dust with a huge shield in front of him, blocking the incoming attack.

"He blocked it!"

"Damn, this is even possible?"

"Imposible, the attack earlier was from all directions! The shield could only block in front of him. How did he manage to block it then?"

Everyone was horrified.

Ya Yan looked at Wang Jun's face, which looked a bit pale. Obviously, he couldn't understand how this guy blocked his killer move...

"That shield, a fourth grade boundary spirit?"

Ya Yan narrowed his eyes, "I really underestimate human beings. It seemed that you deserved my full strength."


Light emerged.

Ya Yan suddenly floated in the air. His eyebrows slowly split open, and a purple eye appeared, causing the audience to exclaim. Three eyes! At the beginning of the war between humans and beasts, this race had already existed. Never would one thought that this race would have such a terrifying genius.

"Time to end this!"


The eight clusters of light returned.

With Ya Yan acting as the center, the first four and the last four clusters surrounded him. A circle of light waves fluctuated from each cluster, forming a perfect loop. The center most area was occupied by none other than Ya Yan's purple eye. A circle of purple ripples spread, infecting all the light clusters and turning them purple instantly.

Everyone held their breath.

No one dared to speak.

Everyone knew that Ya Yan's next attack was bound to be a thundering blow! Wang Jun raised the shield in his hand, and it looked so small in front of the floating Ya Yan.


Wan Cheng seemed to have a sword in his hand in order to embolden himself. A shield in one hand and a longsword in the other. With his own metal force, they turned into metal. Ya Yan just watched Wan Jun finish his preparation sarcastically before slowly pointing down with his right hand.

At this very moment...


Nine purplish brilliance burst out!

The speed was unprecedented, and what was even more terrifying was when the originally separated nine brilliances were approaching the shield, they distorted and merged together. Wang Jun failed to react in time as he saw the purple beam of light blast his shield.


The dazzling brilliance dissipated.


This was the sound of the shield breaking.

Only countless shield fragments could be seen when the light dissipated, a half broken sword and Ya Yan was left on the stage. Using his cruel and brutal means, he destroyed humans' fantasy.


A terrifying loss!

The audience went silent, but no one noticed that, at this moment, the half broken sword under Ya Yan's foot suddenly moved.

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