Golden Fox with System
370 Chapter 370: A great pervert.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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370 Chapter 370: A great pervert.

In the holographic projection, they saw when the disciple and Panic started to fight, however, Panic managed to defeat him easily.

"Unhappy, unhappy day, but I won't let you catch me alive and if I'm lucky, you too will die!" Said the Ten Thousand Soul Sect disciple, then he exploded.

Returning to the Naga Empire.

"It will be? And now? You guys don't you come to hit me? By the way, I still want to catch one of you alive." Panic said ominously.

"You... you!! Tell everyone this is a lie!" A core disciple shouted. He was red with anger. If things continued, the sect reputation would remain in the mud.

"Oh? Didn't you guys say that I killed a disciple of your sect? How are you now saying it's a lie? Didn't I already show the evidence that I killed him?" Panic asked looking at this group of people from the Ten Thousand Souls Sect.

"This... Of course, you did!" Said the first Elder: "But it wasn't like that it happened..." He almost said that he did it, luckily, he acted fast, sweat ran down his forehead. He continued: "It was..."

'What is happening? Why did I continue to try to take the blame?' The First Elder was confused, but soon an idea came to him, and he pointed his index finger at Panic in anger: "You! You are controlling my mind! You're trying to make me take the guilty of something I did... Damn it, stop it!!"

Even when he thought he was able to control his mind after finding out, he ended up confessing it made him red then green with rage, a great urge to punch Panic's head it was huge if it weren't for the fact that he was uncertain of his victory, he would have attacked already.

"You really admitted that you did it, but now you wanted to blame me." Panic said dismissively: "I didn't even come near you, tell me... how did I do it then?"

"Bastard! If I knew, I wouldn't be so angry!" Said the First Elder: "Even though I don't know, I'm sure it was you! It doesn't matter if I was guilty... you bastard!!"

"Hehe! You are fun." Panic laughed ominously: "No matter what I say or say, you're still going to continue to blame me, even so, I'm curious why you haven't acted yet... You guys are not going to punish me or something? Come and hit me!"

"You...!" The Ten Thousand Souls people were uncertain. Now they began to doubt whether they could really handle Panic. Worse, what if they approached and all their secrets were shown?

"Panic won't go too far!" Said the most prominent core disciple of the Ten Thousand Souls Sect. He was a man looking like a 20-year-old with long yellow hair tied in a ponytail. His structure was a little strong, with 191 cm in height.

He continued: "I am precisely the son of the Millennial King of the Caleb Kingdom, Jonathan Caleb. Just one word from me and my royal family will hunt you and your family and then I want to see if you can still act so powerful!"

Although he said it all. He was actually very scared. He realized at the moment when Panic managed to control the First Elder's mind that Panic was not someone they could handle, especially since the Sect Leader and the Great Elder did not return. If things went on, even if they killed Panic, their secrets could still be revealed.

The scariest thing about an enemy was when he knew all his secrets in front of thousands of people, even reporters were on the scene filming. This was no exception for the young man in the Caleb family. He had many secrets that could shake Planet Spirit. Therefore, he had to avoid as much as possible that Panic would continue to reveal his secrets.

Panic said nothing, just pointed a finger at Jonathan Caleb and then the previous holographic projection changed. Now what appeared was Jonathan Caleb's cruel and lewd appearance in a dimly lit and luxurious room.

Besides him, there was a little girl from 14 to 16 years old, she had a healthy body, with big breasts and a beautiful body, her hair was big and blond, straight and went down to her back like a waterfall.

"Brother, why did you bring me to your room?" The girl asked.

"Hehe. My wanted little sister Esmeralda, your older brother wants to show you and teach you something cool." Jonathan said without making an effort to hide his perverted expression.

Very innocent and naive, the girl believed and asked excitedly: "Oh! What would that be, dear brother?"

At that moment Jonathan Caleb flew towards Panic looking like an angry dog: "I'm going to kill you! I'll kill you!! Take it off now!!"

An image of a powerful golden lion looking like a ghost appeared behind Jonathan Caleb.

"\u003cFury of the Golden Lion!\u003e"


'Eh?' Panic stretched out just one finger and stopped the attack.

'Isn't he a little too weak?' Panic was confused. He knew this man was not aware of him but did he have to be so weak? After all, Jonathan Caleb was at the peak of the 10th layer of the Spiritual Realm.

"My God! Panic is insane! Besides, this Jonathan Caleb is a bastard! See, he's taking his tiny thing out in front of his sister!" Someone shouted in alarm through the crowd.

"Disgusting! Just too disgusting! That's why he was so excited!" Another spoke out loud.

"Brother...! Because you are showing me this!" The girl in the holographic projection screamed in alarm.

Although innocent, this did not mean that she had never heard of the opposite sex, but even in her wildest dream, she expected her older brother to do something like this.

Jonathan Caleb seemed agitated to hear her scream, he approached quickly and shut her mouth with his hand. "Sss! Stay still! I'm just trying to help you become an adult woman. Kekeke."

"Stop!!! Stop!!!" Jonathan Caleb was disbelieving. He screamed and walked away. He couldn't believe that his strongest attack was blocked with just one finger. He continued: "You guys, come and attack together! If he continues, we'll all be in trouble!"

"Yes, let's join Caleb." One of them agreed.

"Anyway, we need to capture him." Another said.

Very quickly Panic was surrounded by the disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Souls Sect.

"My love, take care of our daughter, I am going to help him." Emperor Naga said. Although he did not want to offend the Sect Ten Thousand Souls, he could not sit and watch his daughter's savior being attacked.

"Emperor Naga, do you dare?" An elder of the Sect asked dismissively. He did not look at Emperor Naga. 'He was nothing more than a hick.'

"Humph! Although I am not very strong compared to you, I cannot believe that I cannot defeat some of you!" Emperor Naga said boldly. Despite everything, he strengthened himself using water from the Elftreen, even with the lower cultivate, his base was solid.

Emperor Naga was the type to manage to fight a few layers of the realm itself.

Ghosts everywhere plagued the place. There were all kinds, be they animals, humans, monsters, and insects.


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    《Golden Fox with System》