Golden Fox with System
371 Chapter 371: Shut up, you insects!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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371 Chapter 371: Shut up, you insects!

The murmurs were constant, although no one dared to say it out loud for fear of being identified, they still couldn't help commenting on what was happening before their eyes in a low voice.

"Damn it, after killing this guy, we should kill them all!" The second Elder said angrily. He couldn't allow what happened here to go public. However, will he have that chance?

Panic was a little surprised by Emperor Naga's determination to help, but soon he smiled and said: "It seems that I didn't play you badly. Well, if you want to participate I will not stop you, but know that even if there were twice as many people here, still, I will not lose."

"Arrogant!!" Jonathan Caleb ground his teeth in anger.

"Let's kill them!" The eyes of the disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Souls were bloodshot, crazy to kill Panic a thousand times.

"Haha. Since you said that, I'm more relaxed. Anyway, let me help you even if it's just a little." Emperor Naga laughed and continued to float until he reached the side of Panic. He showed no fear in front of the Ten Thousand Souls sect.

"Emperor Naga, I see that you have barely met your daughter, but you are already wanting to say goodbye to her." Jonathan Caleb said with an arrogant look, "So be it, let's see if we don't kill you and your whole family today!"

"Tsk, tsk." Panic looked at him with contempt. And it was right at that moment when in the holographic projection Jonathan Caleb was naked.


Someone broke the door and saw what was going on.

"You son of a bitch! What do you think you're doing with your little sister, Rian!" Anger made the handsome yellow-haired man turn red.

The man approached like a crazy bull and punched Rian in the face.


" Boohoo, boohoo…Daddy..." The girl cried horribly. She was terrified, she thought she would lose her innocence to her brother Rian.

"It's okay my daughter, I'm here." The man said while hugging the girl lovingly. Seeing that she was almost naked, he took her overcoat and dressed his daughter with it.

Then the man walked away and pointed his finger at Rian and said, "Rian, how angry I am! If you were not my son I would have already killed you !! But it does not matter! From that moment you are expelled from that family! You will never be able to say that you are from the Caleb family, and if I find out that you did something bad saying that you are a Caleb, you can be sure that I will skin you alive!"

"Dad, let me explain..."

"Yes, an explanation! Are you taking me for a fool? It's over Rian, from now on, I am no longer your father, and this is no longer your family. Now get out of my sight and never show up again!" The man didn't even give him a chance to speak.

People in the crowd were amazed to see this, they did not expect such a development. Now they understand the panic that Jonathan, or rather, Rian felt when he saw the holographic projection.

"Miserable, you villain! I'll kill him! I will kill you all?!" Rian was very angry. A tremendous wave of spiritual power expanded from his body, and a golden aura surrounded him.

"Good." Panic said calmly. "I already showed you what I wanted to show, now you can die."



Rian didn't know when it happened. It was all very fast!

As soon as Panic stopped talking, he already appeared in front of him and a punch came in the direction of his face. The force behind his punch was so immense, it made Rian's head explode with pressure.

The viewers were euphoric, although a little scared, they couldn't help but get excited by the sight of this scene. On the other hand, the people of the Ten Thousand Souls were in a panic! They did not expect that Panic would have so much power.

Emperor Naga was stunned. The First Elder was stunned. The disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Souls were stunned. Everyone was surprised.

Of course, they would be even more surprised if they saw what Panic did with their illusions. In addition to killing Rian Caleb, he also took his soul and used \u003cDevour\u003e and then kept his body in his storage ring. However, everyone just saw him keep the body...

"Attack! Attack!" Coming out of his stupor, the first Elder screamed. He knew if he didn't attack everyone together and kill Panic at once, they would die.

The flying speed of the Ten Thousand Soul sect disciples and elders was no joke. Some even managed to tear a little space when flying, however, everything was within the range of Panic, he had already activated his divine eyes and saw everything in slow motion.

As soon as the first one reached his front, he raised his hand, and with the palm of his hand, Panic manifested spiritual energy from the darkness and attacked!


The man's chest snapped open and he died.

Without wasting time, Panic launched another attack with the back of his right hand, and with a slapping sound, the disciple lost his head.

The more experienced elders wanted to get away when they saw this, but it was too late, Panic had already taken a spin attacking with his two feet looking like a pinwheel.

"Boooooooom!" "Boooooooom!" "Boooooooom!"

The massive sound of explosions and ripping flesh and disintegrating bones echoed!

In a matter of seconds, more than 10 disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Souls sect died like this. It was even faster than harvesting potatoes.

'I know he said he didn't need help, but I didn't expect him to be that strong...' Emperor Naga couldn't help being amazed by this vision. He barely managed to fight a single disciple, while Panic had already killed several.

It must be remembered that none of the disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Soul Sect is below the 10th Layer of the Spiritual Realm. Still, Panic needed only a single attack to kill each of them.

Because of this, the astonishment and surprise of the people who saw this scene were viable.



After the crowd came out of their stupor, they shouted out loud. The excitement they were feeling was immeasurable. This made them unable to avoid screaming out loud!

"Panic! Panic! Panic! Panic! Panic! ..."

Seeing this commotion, it scared the disciples and elders. Not out of fear, but surprised by the development. But they were soon very angry!

"Shut up, you insects!"

"Do you think we won't kill you all if you keep screaming?"

"Shut the fuck up, you bastards!"

The disciples shouted at the crowd and began to manifest attacks, wanting to attack the crowd.


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    《Golden Fox with System》