Golden Fox with System
372 Chapter 372: Who is this being?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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372 Chapter 372: Who is this being?

Over time, the number of people in the Ten Thousand Souls Sect that Panic killed only grew. To the point that they wanted to escape, however, Panic did not give them that chance.

It would be even quicker for Theo to use the other affinities and not just the dark affinity and use his Noble Spirits. However, with the appearance of Panic, he couldn't do that.

While he did not bring his Noble Spirits, all the disciples and elders of the Ten Thousand Souls Sect had already merged with his Noble Spirits.

Emperor Naga was no different, he also invoked his Noble Spirit and merged with it. His Noble Spirit was the sakura tree, this gave him the power to control wood, in addition to also giving him an armor made of wood with pink petals, but this armor should not be underestimated because it is made of wood, because it was even more resistant than steel.


With a quick and powerful blow, Panic struck towards the heart of the third elder.


The third elder vomited a lot of blood while looking at Panic in disbelief and fear of dying. He was a cultivator on the 11th Layer of the Spiritual Realm and was very afraid of dying. He lived for more than a thousand years and could still live for at least 10,000 years, however, with a simple stroke of Panic he began to see his death arrive.

'Am I going to die just like that?' It was the last thoughts he had on his mind. He didn't even have time for anything else, not even to curse Panic.

"Mercy! Even the third elder died!" The disciples cried out in fear. 'Who was it that said it would be easy? Show up, I promise I won't beat you to death!'

Meanwhile, Emperor Naga fatally injured 3 disciples, although this is not weak, compared to Panic, he paled a lot. However, Emperor Naga didn't care about that, he just wanted to be helpful and show his support for his daughter's savior.

"Come on... lets getaway!!" This time, the disciples and elders used all their strength to flee, they saw no more possible way to win.

Panic initially did not intend to let them get away, however, something made him change his mind. Although he couldn't find who it was, he felt a look from someone very powerful.

'Who is it?' Theo wondered. He tried to find it but to no avail. This surprised him a little since it was difficult to escape his radar.

After seeing that the Sect Ten Thousand Souls fled, the audience went wild!

"OOOOhhhh! Panic, Emperor Naga, you two are incredible!"

"Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!"

"Hahaha. I feel so good watching them run!"

"Worse, they saw everyone full of themselves, but in the end, they ran for their lives. Hahaha."

After collecting all the bodies, Panic said to Emperor Naga: "I'm going now, thanks for the help earlier."

"Haha. Don't mention it, I was barely helpful." Emperor Naga laughed awkwardly.

"It doesn't matter to me, I was just happy about your intention. Well, anyway, I'm going." Panic said and started to fly the distance.

People who saw Panic leave were reluctant to let him go, as they did not know when they would have a chance to see him again.


After traveling a few kilometers, Theo sighed.

'It looks like he or she isn't following me.' Theo wondered doubtfully: 'Was this being just passing by and stopped to watch the fight, or was it there because of me?'

Theo knew that if he and that being started fighting, it could destroy and kill many people close by, so he decided to let the remaining members of the Sect Ten Thousand Souls escape.

'Forget it~ Since it didn't follow me, I don't have to worry about it.' After thinking like that, Theo continued to fly towards the Silver Dragon Clan. Of course, he was using \u003cSupreme Concealment\u003e and his illusion to disguise himself and not find his path. Even flying far, beyond the clouds.

When his location was on top of the Silver Dragon Clan, Theo flew over and changed his appearance. Now he wore a navy blue V-neck t-shirt, jeans pants, and black sneakers.

Even though he wasn't wearing any flashy clothes that looked expensive and rare, he himself looked incredible. His messy golden hair almost on the shoulder, golden eyes and charming, an enviable physique too attractive. His aura was making people want to approach him.

When Theo arrived at Vila Rainbow, he went down to the ground and was received by Jka and the girls who were waiting for him.

"Daddy, hug!" Little Yui said as soon as he saw Theo.

"Clear." Theo nodded with a smile and he hugged his daughter.

"Daddy, that girl in the video was so pitiful." Little Yui said in a proud, childlike voice: "Yui is proud of Daddy for saving her!"

"Oh really? Haha." Theo laughed out loud happily.

"Yes, Yui didn't lie. In addition, many people on the internet were commenting on how amazing Daddy is." Little Yui said with her father's proud face.

"Haha. If my daughter is incredible, I also need to be incredible." Theo said with a laugh.

"Oh! Is Yui amazing?" Little Yui looked at Theo with bright eyes full of expectations.

"Of course it is! If my daughter is not, then who is?" Theo said and kissed Little Yui's pretty face.

"Hehee~" Little Yui's little laugh made everyone laughed in harmony. And the following words made them laugh even more: "My moms are also amazing, and very beautiful!"

"Haha. Yes, they are." Theo agreed.

Mizuki was a little shy to hear that, even Yuki was a little embarrassed.

"This father and daughter pair..." Yuki murmured happily.


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