Golden Fox with System
373 Chapter 373: New mission.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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373 Chapter 373: New mission.

As soon as Theo arrived, he promoted the same training as before. Leveling up and winning items was indeed an ingenious and satisfying way of training. Although Klin did not want to participate this time, although he thought it was a little strange, Theo did not say anything about it.

After about 2 hours of training, it was almost 20:00 at night. It was then that Shina and the girls went to the kitchen at Theo's mansion to cook.

When he looked down, he found that there was an electric pot on the table. Jka was stunned and said, "We'll have hot pot for dinner?"

"Mm." Klin nodded.

"Wow! Cool!" Jka's stomach started growling.

"Oh? Do you like hot pot that much, Jka?" Theo couldn't help asking.

"Yes well. I love." Jka admitted.

Little Emma blinked her eyes when looking at Jka and nodded in silence. She liked hot pot a lot too.

The dinner, which included balanced portions of vegetables and meat, was quite hearty so that all adults and children enjoyed it.

Little Yui and Little Emma ate as quickly as the birds. After dinner, at two they ran to the sofa and started playing video games and of course, Alice went along.

At the dinner table, when Theo, Jka, and almost all the girls were almost full, they started drinking red wine and talking. Occasionally, they would take a bite of food.

"Theo, I'm curious. I saw in the live broadcast that they were doing in the palace of Emperor Naga, that before you had no intention of leaving the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls." Ariana asked doubtfully, "What made you change your mind and let them get away?"

"Mhmm. About this. At that moment, a being as strong as Aomi arrived. He was watching the battle. Although I don't think I could lose, I knew if I fought someone at that level in that place, many people would die in the process. So I tried to attract it to another deserted place. However, he did not follow me. Perhaps that being was there because of the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls." Theo replied calmly.

"So this is what happened... Now everything makes sense." Ariana nodded in understanding. She knew that although Theo was not someone who cared about killing others, he did not like to hurt innocents.

"Well, there's nothing to worry about. I already have enough resources to strengthen all of you to the Spiritual Realm." Theo said with a smile.

For those who saw his smile, they were mesmerized and failed to look away. The girls mostly felt her heart flutter. Theo's confidence and aura made them not doubt his words.

"Am I even going to make it?" Aine asked sheepishly.

"Yes, I will help you all." Theo said.

"Wow! Theo is so great!" Nanda exclaimed full of happiness.

"Spiritual Realm..." Lilith was very excited after hearing this

"Theo is very kind to us..." Zenia murmured with a kind smile.

"Hehe. Of course, Theo is very powerful and kind, you know~" Yuki said laughing, covering her mouth exuding charm and serenity.

"Aw-haha. Theo knows this is beside the point now, but Klin and I have news to report." Jka said with a laugh full of affection and passion when looking at Klin.

"Well, tell me?" Theo looked at him.

"It's like this... Klin is pregnant!" Jka said with a smile full of happiness. His eyes shone even more than the stars high in the sky. It was clear that he was very happy to say this news.

"Oh really? Congratulations!" Theo smiled at the couple and shook Jka's hand: "I'm very happy for you two."

"Thank you, thank you..." Jka scratched his head awkwardly.

"Thank you, Theo." Klin smiled beautifully.

"Well, well. I didn't bring any gifts to celebrate... Mhmm. Let me see..." Theo murmured and started thinking about buying something for the couple.

Of course, Theo was the only one who was surprised by this news, since Klin had told them before while Theo was gone.

Because of this, the girls were all smiling while talking warmly to Klin.

Before Theo decided what to give the couple, Jka said, "Theo about the tournament..."

"Ah yes, I understand. Klin is pregnant it wouldn't be good for her to participate... well, it's not a big deal, don't worry." Theo said with a smile.

"Good. I also think it is better for Klin not to participate." Mizuki agreed. She knew it was dangerous to fight while she was pregnant, she has already been through this at all.

"Aw-hahaha. I knew you were going to say that." Jka laughed heartily and wrapped his arms around Theo's neck and gave a friendly hug.

"Okay, okay. I also thought of something to give you both. Well, it will be for Klin who is pregnant." After saying this, Theo, who had the system page open, bought 100 liters of spiritual milk.


[You bought a thousand liters of spiritual milk in the amount of 1,000,000.]


Theo handed the big gallon of milk to Klin and said: "Drink a lot of this milk, it will help a lot in the pregnancy process."

"Thank you very much, Theo." Klin said with an excited smile.

"Haha." Theo laughed and said, "Don't mention it, we're not strangers after all."

Although he didn't know what kind of milk it was, Klin and Jka were sure it was a good thing. Even the color that emitted from the milk inside the can was seductive and beautiful.


Almost 2 am, Theo was still awake. Getting up out of bed, careful not to wake Ariana, Theo entered the [Dimensional Room].

Theo separated all 62 bodies that were in the Wizard Realm and used \u003cDevour\u003e and exchanged for points.


[2,639,526 System Points obtained.]


'Well, I already hoped there weren't many points. Anyway, let me use the ones in the Superior Wizard Realm too.' With that thought in mind, he removed 35 bodies that were in the Superior Wizard Realm.



[1,582,350 System Points.]


'Okay, I've already gotten a little over 4 million points with these... There are a lot of bodies in Spiritual Realm too. I will leave only those above the 9th Layer of the Spiritual Realm and the rest I will transform into a stitch.' Having decided, Theo once again removed a good number of bodies.



[5,119,358,277 System Points obtained.]



[Warning! The number of system points required to update the purchased system.]

[New mission! System update.]

[System points required: 5,000,000,000 / 6,218,687,365.]

[Crystal of Life Required: 100 / 2.]

[Twin Sister Stone Required: 100,000 Kg / 500 Kg.]

[High-Quality Jade Level 7 Required: 100 / 0.]



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    《Golden Fox with System》