Guild Wars
61 Premium Annoucemen
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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61 Premium Annoucemen

Hello everyone!

This chapter is here to explain what would be happening to GWs in the future.

No bad news, just here to inform you all that this novel will be going premium next Monday, from chapter 66 onwards.

The reason for this is threefold;

1. Time - I have a very limited amount of time I can use to write since my IRL profession is Law. I am a Law Student in Ghana who has completed my degree, but hasn't been called to the bar because I haven't done the supplementary 2-year course for the legal license. Once I do that, I certainly wouldn't have enough time to write even one chapter a week, much less 1-2 a day.

2. Money - I won't be a hypocrite about this, I also need money. Not for the sake of it, but to live. If I want to pause my legal career to write Guild Wars, I'll need to have a very good reason. African society is very strict about these things, and being without a proper profession is seen as very shameful unless you're making big money.

3. Motivation - Writing free stuff is fun because anyone can jump on the train and ride along with me, but at the same time, just anyone can jump on the train and ride with me. As you might have noticed, Guild Wars is a very specific novel that has content that quite a few people might dislike/hate including extremely dark themes (you haven't seen nothing yet, I've kept the malicious stuff mellow for now) and certain character's personalties/decisions that do not rub well with them.

After reaching this far into Guild Wars, you are definitely a reader I want to keep by my side as I go forward, to correct me and sometimes even create ideas with me. The fact that you're willing to dump your precious and hard earned money on me means that you support me fully, and that motivates me to write till my fingers look like bean stalks. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What do I plan to do with the money I earn from Guild Wars? Not a question one might ask, but I know a few of you are curious and I don't mind sharing.

1. Life - Naturally, I'll use the large majority to make sure I can continue my livelihood, and fuel my body for more writing.

2. Deterrence - If the figures are strong enough, my extended family members and people of my society will be rendered speechless. Honestly, the reason I even relate with most CNs is that those derisive NPCs in the background are much like the people I'm trying to silence… sigh.

3. Add-ons - This is something I've always wanted to do which you wouldn't expect; commission new covers and character illustrations for key characters in GWs. Just putting in author's notes which compare them to other characters doesn't feel right.

What would be the direct effect of going premium?

1. Increased release rate - After going premium and after certain other conditions are met (like being in the top 100 ranking), I would increase my chapter release rate to 2 chapters a day at the minimum. As you know, my chapters are quite long, so doing this requires effort.

2. Stability of release - I would be able to release once a day no matter what, unless my Heavenly Tribulation strikes or I'm hit with something that absolutely prevents me from writing. Like a car. Or an enemy cultivator.

3. Editing - I would be able to afford an editor for GWs and prevent those filthy typos as well as those clunky sentences from showing up. Why, even in this announcement, there are sure to be more than a few… sigh.

How can you help me and Guild Wars going forward?

1. Reading - Just by reading the novel, you have given me too much face. Bless you.

2. Commenting - I'm ashamed to admit that I check my webnovel author notifications more than any social media I have, because I enjoy reading comments from you guys. Even the bad ones are cool as long as they're constructive, but the outright obnoxious ones are… difficult.

3. Reviews - This is the most important to me. By posting your opinion as well as the good bits and bad bits of the story together, you inform new readers of what to expect when reading. I don't expect the whole world to like GWs, so by doing this, you help filter out those who might enjoy it from those who wouldn't. Please leave a review on GWs if you already haven't. It doesn't need to be verbose or deep, just your honest thoughts, good or bad.

4. Gifts - A new function that allows me to earn something outside of premium chapters. It allows me to know that there are people out there who really love GWs so much that they'll dump gifts on me, which makes me blush with happiness.

5. Discord - By joining the discord, we can chat in real time and discuss the flaws, pros and aspects of GWs that either need to go or stay. I can also get a handle on how you all feel, and make announcements like this without wasting a chapter slot.

Thank you for reading so far!

For those who cannot follow me forward after this point, I humbly thank you for being with me till now. You have made writing Guild Wars a total joy!

For those who plan to follow me, with heavy breaths and reddened eyes, RIDE WITH ME ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS!!


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