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64 Roma - Mystic Servant R-18
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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64 Roma - Mystic Servant R-18

Roma felt a burst of pain assail her vagina, as her hymen was breached similar to how a pen would tear a wet piece of paper. Only that this wet piece of paper was part of her tissue, and the so called 'pen' was more like a thick rod.

Draco saw Roma's aggrieved expression and smiled. He bent over, biting her neck as he did, allowing Roma to get used to the feeling of him being inside her. He didn't move at all while inside her like this.

He felt her vagina constricting around his dick sharply, as if trying to either crush or expel this external intruder from its space. However, it was all futile, as doing so just made her walls take on his shape with every squeeze.

In less than two minutes like this, the combination of her conformation as well as Draco's gentle teasing on her neck made her expression alleviate greatly. It went from pained to slightly worried and then to slight surprise.

"It doesn't hurt anymore, does it?" Draco asked with a slight smirk.

Roma opened her eyes and gazed at Draco with a strange expression. There was a mixture of exasperation and satisfaction. Her virginity had finally been taken by her soţ! Also, he was her Soul Bound Master! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Roma felt a wave of intense longing assail her as her impatience became fiery. She wanted her soţ to properly consummate their contract! Without his marking, her life could only be considered as 80% fulfilled!

"It doesn't, Master. You can continue." Roma goaded Draco, trying to hide her impatience.

However, Draco could see all this easily. Seeing as she was in dire need of a pounding, he would give it to her!

"Call me Draco."

With that line, Draco pulled his hips back slowly and smirked maliciously. After that, he thrust back into her with full force!

"Ah, Mas- Draco!!" Roma cried out, feeling her whole abdomen being shifted around by his thick rod. If you asked Roma how something like that actually managed to fit, she would be as clueless as you were.

However, the most important part was that it felt… strange. As his dick rubbed her walls in that thrust, she felt her insides being pushed around, but that also created a certain sensation that was hard to describe.

Draco only paused for a few seconds after that thrust to let her get accustomed to the feeling of the kind of pleasure sex could bring. He wasn't too sure about her sensitivity, but it seemed relatively higher than a normal girl's.

He didn't want Roma to break on their first foray.

Draco began thrusting into her slowly, enjoying the feel of Roma's tight canal. It was similar to Zaine's in a way, with it undulating ebbs and shivers that seemed to work autonomously in order to bring him to climax as soon as possible.

In other words, it was like sticking his dick into an abyss of feelers that were alive and actively caressing his member. If he didn't have such a strong sexual experience through his past life, he might have filled Roma up really quickly.

Draco guessed this unique property must either be because of her race, as gypsy women were often labeled as succubi because of their enthralling form, their natural charm and their immense sexual prowess.

It might also because her body contained the energy of the mystic arts, along with her Flexibility passive skill, making her canal much more lively.

However, Draco was more certain that it was because her lineage had only one chance to receive seed for the future generation. Naturally, they'd evolve in a way that allowed them to extract semen with the quickest possible means.

Draco began breathing a little heavily as he ploughed into Roma. She for that matter, was moaning attractively, her hands fallen behind her head and her face turned to the side with her eyes closed.

Seeing her lovely breasts jiggle in this missionary position, Draco felt his lust rise sharply. Her back was on the bank of the lake and her legs dangled in the air over the pool.

Draco was standing in the body of water, his mid-thigh and below covered with clear and pure liquid while his waist was parallel to the bank. It was as if the pool was carved for this exact purpose, allowing Draco to penetrate Roma easily.

Draco bent forward and grabbed Roma's breasts in his hands. They were full and round, feeling soft yet firm under his grip. Draco didn't tug on them, instead gently kneading them as he ploughed into Roma.

Roma moaned as she felt Draco's hands on her chest. She was already overwhelmed by the feeling of his rod parting her folds and rubbing her walls, sending wave and wave of electricity coursing through her body and into her brain.

If this was what sex was like, then she was in love with it. It felt too good, especially with her soţ. When he grabbed her breasts and began fondling them, the stimulation became a little too intense for her.

Some part of her wanted it to stop, for fear that she might lose her mind. The other part was enraptured by this new sensation and wanted more!

She was trapped in this well of indecision, allowing Draco to have his way without impediment. Roma's eyes opened, displaying murky pupils and her tongue lolled out a little as she began panting from her mouth.

Her mind was becoming light and fluffy from the stimulation and she felt like she could float away like a feather.

Draco was unaware of this because he was struggling! Struggling to keep his load in! He had to grit his teeth and close his eyes as he panted with difficulty.

'Damn, I thought Zaine was bad but now I have Roma too… how can I display my sexual prowess under the power of these devilish vaginas?'

Draco was incomparably gloomy deep down, but he couldn't stop moving his hips. There was an intense tingling on his cock as he pushed further and further into her pussy, the sounds of his hot dick rubbing her wet walls echoing in the surroundings.

It mixed with their panting and Roma's low moans into a cacophony of sounds that would have any bystander be unable to resist joining them.

When Draco felt the burning hot liquid climb up his shaft, he knew he couldn't force it any longer. He leaned onto Roma and placed his head beside hers, and she grabbed him for dear life as his thrusts became more violent and desperate.

Roma could feel Draco's cock throbbing ferociously as he pounded her and she knew what was coming. Her own climax was still building up, not yet ready to go, but the knowledge that she'd be filled with the seed of her soţ was like feeding her aphrodisiac.

Her canal became ten times more sensitive and every new thrust made her feel like her mind would implode. She couldn't control it anymore, her golden shower erupted as she screamed.

At that exact moment, Draco burst into her, the head of his dick pressed into the opening of her cervix. This meant that his seed shot directly into her womb, bursting in again and again with each throb.

Roma would never be able to describe how it felt to orgasm while being filled with hot and thick semen at the same time, but she could simply say it was overwhelming.

When Draco's ejaculation subsided, she flopped down like a weak lamb, her body light and almost unfeeling. She breathed heavily, sucking in large gulps of air as she came down from the euphoria.

Draco, who had just filled her womb, slowly pulled out of her with a 'pop' sound. Roma trembled when he did, as his semen began leaking out of her and onto the bank of the lake.

Draco gazed at the beautiful girl whose dark skin was glistening in the sparse light from the sun, the sheen of sweat on her skin making her seem alluring.

Like any fellow who had scored a great time with a great babe, Draco's first thought was 'Did I really just have sex with such a beautiful girl?'

It had nothing to do with pride but it was something that every fellow in his situation could relate with. One should not forget, even by Draco's standards, Roma was a heart stopping beauty.

She wasn't at Eva's level, but she was higher than any other woman he had seen so far, including Zaine. If Roma were on earth, she'd have millions of followers worldwide who would do anything for her, yet here she was, panting while her vagina leaked with his sperm.

How could Draco hold back?!

His comrade rose to attention again, his eyes slightly red from desire. Roma, who was now getting her breath back on the shore, cried out in surprise when she was grabbed and brought into Draco's arms.

The fellow turned around, placing his back to the bank while standing. Roma was held in his arms with her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands cupping her soft and supple ass.

Her hands curled around his neck as she gazed into his burning hot eyes, and her dampened arousal rose again. Her face became red as she noticed her Master's intense desire for her.

This made her secretly happy. It wasn't just about the Master-Servant relationship's effect solely, but mostly the fact that it was her one and only soţ! Normally, she would only have him for a short while and then descend into eternal loneliness like her mother, but no longer!

Her arousal peaked when she thought of this, and her vagina, which had been leaking Draco's cum, began to shiver with anticipation.

Draco didn't rush to penetrate her. Instead, he gently kissed Roma like this, lip to lip. Roma was surprised by it, but soon melted into the kiss. She felt a plethora of emotions rush through her as she connected with Draco in the most primal way two humans could.

For her, it was an emotional experience that she would treasure forever. Draco however, felt a more primal lust building up. After all, Roma might be lovely in terms of looks, personality and utility, but no one could shake the position Riveting Night held!

That was why he had asked her, do you mind being a concubine?

The Emperor had 3000 concubines, but only one wife! Only one woman had as much power as he did, was his true love and would be the one to continue the imperial line!

In this situation, it was Eva!

Zaine and Roma were best described as concubines for now. Draco might not hold feelings for them ever, and even if he did, it would not be as die hard as with Eva!

Even if he loved these three and saw them drowning at the same time, he would save Eva first!

Draco broke off the kiss and looked into the eyes of Roma, which were clear and no longer dazed. There were no impurities in her eyes, only loyalty and reverence.

Draco had no doubt that between Eva and Roma, deciding who was more devoted would be hard to discover.

He placed his dick to her entrance and pushed in slowly, no real difficulty this time since her canal had taken his shape and there were potent lubricants within.

Draco grabbed her peach tightly and began moving her hips back and forth, allowing his stationary member to pierce into her like this. Roma gasped and placed the side of her head on his chest, marveling at how wonderful this position was.

Because his dick had to curve slightly when it entered her, it rubbed on her G-spot intensely. In the previous position, it was only a general rub that encompassed the totality of her canal, but this…

It was intense!

Not to mention there was no longer any pain, only pleasure! Roma moaned out loud as Draco moved her lower body faster and faster, pushing deeper into her with every thrust.

Luckily, this position prevented his cock from hitting her cervix, otherwise she'd be feeling a much more intense stimulation than this.

It was too wet and too smooth inside Roma, Draco's sensations were even more exaggerated as he continued to plough into her, making him reach his limit slowly.

He nipped on Roma's ears and used the moment she flinched to steal her lips. Their tongues intertwined in each other mouths, trying to devour each other as Roma was ravaged down there.

Her breathing became extremely rough and she was losing control. Being kissed by Draco like this added a certain wholesome feeling to their intercourse that seemed to have a strong effect on her maidenly heart.

Roma felt her climax coming on as well, having gotten to understand the warning signs that were usually attached to the sensation. Her kissing became more fervent and intense, as she began to lose hold on herself.

Draco, who was being bombarded by Roma's hungry lips, was too stimulated to let this chance go. He let go of his resistance and burst out into her, making sure that the tip of his dick was pressed onto her cervix.

Roma climaxed the moment the hot semen entered her. Truly, she was the type of girl who got intensely stimulated when creampied. Even when she wasn't exactly there, just one creampie could send her over the top.

Draco's semen burst into her over and over, filling her up to the brim. The semen that had been lost during the pause after the cherry popping and the current intercourse was immediately replaced and Roma felt content.

She just rested her head on Draco's chest and spoke lightly. "Please take care of me from now on, Draco."

Draco caressed her long and silky blue-green hair gently. His eyes focused in the distance. "Stay by my side and I shall bring you eternal joy."

His voice was deep and profound at this moment, infecting Roma with a feeling of utter reliance and obedience. "En."

Draco spoke out into the darkness. "I had no idea Madam Vadoma was a voyeur."

Roma was startled when she heard that and turned to see her mother come out from the shadows with a slightly dim smile. When Roma realized that her mother had probably watched everything, her face became beet red and she felt ashamed to her core.

"Mother! Why?!"

Vadoma just shook her head sadly. "It wasn't my intention to watch you lose your purity, my darling. When I arrived, you two were already at it. I didn't want to interrupt, so I opted to wait."

Seeing her mother's sad look, Roma's anger deflated as she felt concern. "Mother… what's wrong?"

Vadoma just gazed at Draco silently. Draco returned her look evenly, with no discernible emotions in his eyes. However, inwardly, he sighed on behalf of the Queenmother.

He wasn't like Roma who was still under the effects of her contentment and excitement of being his Mystic Servant. He had understood it from the moment he saw Roma's stats and the effects of the Soul Bond.

Roma was no longer a gypsy of the Four Point Valley. She was his Mystic Servant, and to describe it in a harsh and uncomfortable manner, she was his property.

On the plus side, it meant that Roma could be brought out of the Flora and Fauna Quest, just like Pair Dadeni. However, these NPCs didn't know that and neither did Roma.

The situation was complex.

In Draco's eyes, this was Roma's greatest fortune. She would obtain all his non-item skills, regardless of class and mastery required. She also obtained all the benefits of the human race while retaining those of the gypsy race.

Most importantly, she would get to exist. He had no plans to mistreat her and even cherished her presence in a utilitarian way, as her boons were excellent, especially Dark Resurrection.

She also possessed the ability to grow, meaning that she would never become obsolete. She possessed the mystic arts, a field which had been very minimally explored in his past life.

In this life, it would be utterly new to players and some NPCs. She would have the advantage over them in battle and a bevy of other situations.

To Roma, all this was fine. She had found her beloved soţ and bonded with him. It granted her immense power and unique changes. The most important though, was he fact that she would be able to be with her soţ for as long as she lived.

To avoid the kind of life her mother had lived, she didn't care about being a concubine. Never knowing her father had bothered her a lot, but she never expressed this feeling.

To Vadoma, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain, a sort of bittersweet taste. Her beloved daughter had achieved the Soul Bonding from the fables with her soţ. This meant that she was destined for greatness and would rise to the top.

She would be immortal and undying, able to live as long as her soţ. She would be unmatched in terms of growth potential and power.

Not to mention she would get to be with her soţ for eternity, granting her eternal happiness and peace, something she had never gotten taste due to customs.

As a mother, she was happy about this! How couldn't she? Her daughter would become a matchless paragon who would live a fulfilling life but…

She was technically no longer her daughter!

It was stated that once a potential Queenmother had achieved the Soul Bond, she was no longer viable for the position of Queenmother or to be called a gypsy.

It didn't explicitly mean that Roma was banned from the clan or that everyone had to scorn her. In fact, they probably would treat her with respect. Her status was entirely different now, being a common gypsy was an insult to that.

"Draco, might I have a private word with my… with Roma?" Vadoma asked quietly.

Draco nodded and equipped his armor. Without turning his back, he spoke to Roma. "Wait for me, I'll be back for you."

With his cape billowing in the wind and his messy hair shifting slightly, he looked majestic at this moment. Even Vadoma had to admit that this fellow had something about him.

It was no wonder her daughter was so smitten that she lost herself in less than a day.

Draco blinked away, leaving the pair to sort out their issues.

When he reappeared, it was in his pavilion. Qiong Qi was sprawled on the floor, covered in sheets as he slept with a loud and earthshaking snore.

Draco smiled and opened up his menu screen.

It was time to log out.


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