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131 R-18 Love That Trancends Fate 1
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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131 R-18 Love That Trancends Fate 1

Draco stood up and went to greet Eva. He didn't need to though, as she had also sensed him the same way he did her. She rolled her suitcase over to Draco's position, all eyes on the two of them who shared a long embrace like two lovers who hadn't seen each other for an eternity.  

Naturally, Eva was dressed in a way to hide her outer appearance. She wore large sunglasses and had a mask covering her nose and below, but the little bits that people could see mortified them as they felt their knees wobble.  

Eva was strong in her bloodline and could do more with less, yet ironically the only Inheritance she had trouble improving herself in was the Celestial Maiden Inheritance. She didn't know how to 'turn off' the mental effect of it, just tone it down greatly. It was like that part of her Inheritance purposely defied her wishes to remain lowkey. 

Still, her action proved somewhat successful, otherwise, people would crowd over her like they did Draco, who was releasing everything on full blast like the untrained idiot he was. Draco had been bogged down by ladies, some even sneaking pieces of paper with their contact information while he had been waiting, and he struggled to get rid of them without causing a huge scene.  

Now that Eva arrived, they could only leave in disappointment.  

Draco hugged her and gazed at her with adoration. "My beautiful Celestial Maiden, you are finally here before me. My heart is throbbing." 

Eva laughed and took in the sight of Draco with a glint in her eye. "My Handsome Devil, I have arrived. I can only feel bad for the other ladies if this is what you wear on the usual." 

Eva had to admit, Draco's get up made her body feel a bit hot. He did look very delicious dressed like this.  

Draco also laughed and took her suitcases in hand, easily carrying both of them like they were feathers. After all, the Horned Demon Inheritance focused purely on strength and hellish torture/punishment.  

He brought her to the car, placing her things in the boot. The Driver's eyes bulged when he saw Eva and could only sigh in his heart. Only such a woman could outright match the halo surrounding Draco. 

The Driver took them back to the Castle while Eva and Draco chatted lightly, sharing their experiences and speculations on the previous event, as well as the contents of the upcoming update.  

Eva was worried that it may already start to diverge from what they knew, but Draco reassured her. After all, the update announcement came at the same time and date as it did in their past life, so the timeline should still be largely stable.  

As long as the content of the update remained unchanged, they could then rest easy knowing that they still had a good amount of time in which their future knowledge would prove useful. 

Soon enough, the car pulled into the castle grounds and Eva could only give a thumbs up to Draco. "Only you can hijack a castle and use it to capture belles like me."  

Draco chuckled and played with her hair a bit. "Says the one who can sneak into the house of a minister of state and kill them in broad daylight. Besides, the only queen of my castle is and forever will be only you." 

Eva could only feel soft inside as she heard Draco's charming words, but she couldn't help but get the last word in. "Oh please, that had nothing on you making the President of the Central Country kowtow to you as his grandpa on live television." 

The moment Eva brought that up, Draco blushed and hid his face with a groan. "Oh God, how can you remember that?" 

"Heh heh, how can I forget? My lord, you were so domineering that I couldn't help but touch myself~" 

Eva was truly wicked. Once she had found Draco's weak spot, she continued to tease him until the fellow almost pulled out his hair. 

Draco was much more mature compared to before, so naturally, he looked down on his past hate-filled and angsty self. Eva reminding him of the particularly childish things he had accomplished back then almost made him glad he had actually reincarnated and left his past self behind, without anyone but her knowing about it.  

It was a wonder how anyone had actually respected him in their previous timeline.  

The Evil Duo disembarked the car, leaving the driver who was so shaken that he couldn't even push the pedal. Just hearing the content of their talk revealed many things to him, and those things were scary.  

Draco and Eva weren't worried as they both knew the truth about the integrity of the Sanguigno Brothers. You could torture and kill them without any one of them betraying their brothers. Draco wouldn't work with them so intensively after just meeting them if that wasn't the case.  

The two passed through the castle that was extremely busy as renovations and improvements had already begun. Eva looked at all this with approval, since she understood this was mostly done on her behalf.  

What did Draco need control centers and supercomputers for? It was already a fact that his talent lay in brute force and frontal combat. It was she who loved to work in intelligence and espionage, where these additions would greatly aid her.  

They eventually reached the master bedroom, where Eva was shown the new living areas for the two of them for the longest possible time. She was immensely satisfied by the design, as Eva wasn't like Draco who had lived in poverty.  

As the 'Hidden Princess' of Japan, she had eaten 1st Grade NuSmoothies like they were cereal, something that was so rare that its distribution was regulated. Regular people would already be happy if they could include 3rd Grade NuSmoothies as a semi-regular part of their diet, saying much less about the more exclusive 2nd Grade NuSmoothies, which would usually be sold out on the same day a shipment came in. 

Her standards were naturally much higher. She moved over to the bed and lay on it, marveling at its softness and elasticity. It would hug the person sleeping so gently that it would feel like lying in the embrace of one's mother.   

Draco smiled and gave a command to the Sanguigno Brothers who guarded his door. "No one is allowed to enter the master bedroom from now on without our prior approval." 

The fellows nodded with sly grins, as they understood Draco's meaning. They gave him assurances and plenty of advice, which Draco could only laugh at. These fellows were far too lively. 

When he re-entered the room, he saw that Eva had shifted to the side of their bed with a very shy posture. Her head was lowered too, as she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Her heart was racing too quickly and her mind was too chaotic even though she had looked forward to this part.  

Even if we put aside her fanatical obsession for Draco, just the normal demeanor of any girl about to lose her virginity would be a similar scenario.  

It wasn't just Eva, but Draco as well. His heart was thumping heavily, pumping blood all over his body as he walked over to Eva slowly.  

The two had gotten down and dirty many times in Boundless during their past life together, so they'd already shared a 'virginity breaking' moment before. Even though they hadn't been able to do the same in the real world, one could say that they had already been through this and should be veterans.  

Yet all of that experience and skill had disappeared at this moment because the situation now was vastly different. This was going to be their first time in the real world, with both their bloodlines unlocked, both their hearts fully connected and most importantly, the main aim was to conceive a child. 

Draco walked up to Eva and gently removed her mask, then took off her large sunglasses. Her beauty was freed and it had a wholly different flavor when one took in her red cheeks and watery eyes that seemed scared yet excited.  

Draco took a deep breath and beat back his anxiety. He needed to be the one to lead their consummation this time, as they were both too nervous about the whole affair.   

"Stand up, Eva." Draco guided her gently, helping her rise to her feet.   

When they stood face to face, Draco smiled. He then slowly took off his shirt as he revealed his now well-developed upper body. He cricked his neck and shoulders under the burning eyes of Eva, who felt her arousal begin to grow.   

Draco smiled and raised Eva's arms straight upwards, pulling her blouse up and over her head.   

Eva's body was just as toned as Draco's, with her flat stomach showing the bare outline of a six-pack. Her body was extremely lithe and compact, making her seem like a cheetah or any other feminine big cat.   

(Author's note: This is a perfect rendition of Eva's body structure  

Draco hugged Eva gently then kissed her softly. It was a lip on lip kiss, one that contained little lust but just communicated an intense love and affection between them both.   

They kissed like this for a few seconds before Eva's body heat began to spike. Her carnal lust was beginning to grow and suppress her rationality. This wasn't just because of the kiss. She could feel Draco's hard thing poking her lower abdomen through his extremely thin summer shorts.   

Eva used her body to rub it slowly as she got deeper into the kiss, opening her mouth to connect with Draco much more powerfully. Draco complied and their kiss became more intense as they playfully bit on each other's lips lightly, or sucked on them.   

Eva suddenly broke the kiss and looked down as she fought to control her rising dizziness and lust. She sucked in a deep breath to calm herself down, while Draco simply rubbed her head gently.   

For Eva, it was extremely intense, when one merged her fiery insanity for Draco with her own bloodline compulsion for him. Draco also suffered from bloodline compulsion, but his obsession with Eva was a lot calmer and more focused so he could somewhat manage to keep a clear head.   

His patience managed to calm her down a bit and she began pulling Draco's summer shorts down, slowly enjoying every moment of it. Since his briefs were extremely loose, they went down with the summer shorts, allowing his impressive dick to pop out of its holster.   

Eva breathed deeply as she saw Draco's impressive member once again. She never thought she'd have the right to ever see it again after the hell they went through in their past life, but…  

It was right here in front of her.  

Draco watched Eva admire his dick with a gratifying feeling. It was just like her too, as every time they got down to it in their past lives, she would always be amazed by it during their foreplay.  

Draco smiled and skilfully took off her bra, freeing her small but perky breasts from their shackles. Eva was a B-cup, so she wasn't outrageously huge like Roma, Zaine or Rina, but her body structure made her size fit her perfectly and look incredibly aesthetical.  

As they always say, size does matter. However, the truth was that while size did matter, shape and symmetry were much more important.  

Draco rubbed Eva's breasts lightly, cupping them and kneading them gently. Eva closed her eyes as she began to sigh under her breath with pleasure. Draco's hands on her body were like being rubbed with a warm pillow all over.  

It felt too good.  

Draco rubbed Eva's nipples, which were small and very pink, looking extremely cute and adorable compared to the lust-inducing nipples that Roma or Zaine had.  

This made Eva moan lightly, as her body reacted extremely strongly to Draco's tease. Her hand crept downwards and gently touched Draco's rock-hard thing, which began to throb in her hands.  

She marveled at the solidity and heat that it contained, as well as the power of its throbbing. It was like grabbing a hot and thick snake, which made her vagina begin to feel warm and slimy.  

Eva gently rubbed the head of Draco's dick with her small and soft palms, which made Draco also sigh with pleasure under his breath. Hearing him moan was like taking a drug for Eva, as her lust spiked.  

Her hands moved about his shaft with skill and precision, as she was extremely adept with Draco's dick. She knew all his weak spots and the type of pleasure that would send him over the moon, just like he knew hers. 

This wasn't even taking into account her natural dexterity as someone who preferred to be an assassin.  

Draco kissed Eva on the neck as he released her breasts and gently pulled down her skirt, revealing her dark black panties. When he rubbed his finger over them, Draco could feel the wetness that had coated the fabric.  

Eva twitched strongly after Draco rubbed her vulva through her panties, an act which made her squeeze his dick and increase the intensity of her strokes. She moved two hands down, one to stroke his cock and the other to massage his balls.  

Eva let out another heavier moan as Draco likewise increased the depth of his caress, using one finger to rub her vagina while the other rubbed her other hole from behind.  

Because they both had rebuilt bodies, they rejected the impurities of the mortal world. They did not sweat, they did not need to excrete and dirt that landed on them would be automatically expunged.  

This was why bathing was not necessary neither for Draco nor for Eva, or any other Lineage member who had reached such a high level.  

Eva's body was clean in every way. One may even wonder why they still had those organs, but in the situation where she consumed low-quality food, she would need to expel it somehow.  

With her diet being limited to mostly 1st grade NuSmoothies, it had been years since she last sat on a toilet.  

Draco pushed his two fingers into her holes through her panties, his nipping on her neck becoming a bit more forceful as he rubbed the entrances of both of them strongly.  

Eva almost cried out as she felt her two erogenous zones down there being stimulated so strongly. She could only respond by focusing her strokes on the head of Draco's dick, which was the most sensitive part of any man's member.  

Draco felt a fiery heat build-up in his lower abdomen as Eva's soft and small hands rubbed his thick cock so strongly. It felt so good that his mind began to blank a little, just like hers.  

Draco broke their embrace and took Eva into his arms. He gently placed her at the edge of their bed, putting her legs in the air while she lay on her back on the mattress.  

Eva watched Draco with a red face and an aroused expression, which made Draco's own lust strengthen. He pulled her panties up and over her legs, revealing Eva's small and tightly closed vulva.  

He smiled, got on his knees and brought his face near her crotch, inhaling the scent of her womanhood deeply. Draco was intoxicated by the smell, as it emitted a hint of vanilla, which was an extremely pleasing aroma to the human nose and brain.  

Without wasting time, he plunged his face into her crotch like a swimmer diving into the sea, his tongue stretching out of his mouth to handle the 'penetration'. 

When Eva felt his warm and soft tongue enter her canal, she twitched strongly. Her insides felt like they were being shocked with an electric current that wasn't too high, but still maintained a certain intensity. 

Draco didn't stop there, he moved his head around, sending his tongue rolling about within Eva's canal, rubbing all her spots within. Draco was extremely knowledgeable about what to do in order to bring Eva to climax, so he followed his game plan.  

He began with the act of moving his tongue over the entire expanse of her inner walls within reach, making sure to keep a slow and steady momentum as he did so.  

Next, he suddenly increased his tempo and added his finger to the mix, using it to stimulate her clitoris lightly. Draco was gratified after he felt her thrashing and heard her low moans, indicating he was on the right track.  

He pulled his finger away and began to move his head back and forth, firming his tongue as best as he could. It became straight and steady, piercing into Eva's vagina with every movement of Draco's head.  

It was like using his tongue as a substitute for a dick, only that the softness and feeling of his taste buds rubbing her walls with every entry was entirely different from the feeling of being penetrated by a penis.  

Coupled with Draco's fast pace, it was an intense stimulation for Eva and her gritted teeth, as well as her tightly shut eyes told of how much pleasure she was experiencing, and how badly she was trying to fight back her orgasm. 

She wished to enjoy this pleasure for just a while longer, but the intensity was too high, she could barely hold it in. Eva's legs, which were hanging in the air, began to shake, her toes curling up.  

She began to shiver and tremble strongly while Draco kept up with his pace, only that he had brought a finger back onto her clit which he rubbed with increasing pressure, refraining from being too hard with it.  

If he had kept his hands off her clitoris, Eva could have held out for much longer, but this was putting the nail in her coffin.  

With a long and deep moan, Eva climaxed, but instead of releasing a golden shower, the fluid that shot out from her genitals was a soft and whitish fluid that smelled like a garden lily.  

Draco had tasted it before and knew that Eva's nectar was vastly different from any other girl. It always renewed his energy and cleansed his body in their past life, which further increased his reverence for his girl.  

Now, he knew that it was due to her bloodline. While Draco's semen was filled with endless life force and had a tyrannical disposition when entering the womb, Eva's fluid was gentle, healing the body and soul.  

Draco was certain that should he collect it and bottle it up, it might prove more potent than holy water.  

Draco smiled and rose to his feet, taking in the sight of a slightly dazed Eva who was still coming down from her excellent orgasm. Her chest moved up and down as she panted deeply, just as if she had run a great race just now.  

Draco didn't make any other moves, he just admired her like this silently.  

However, he never expected Eva to push her body up as she brought her face close to his crotch. Staring him in the eye she gripped it softly.  

"Now, it's my turn to please you, Draco."


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