Guild Wars
137 A Friendly Brawl
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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137 A Friendly Brawl

Draco gazed around the Plains of Deriam, noticing that Gentle Flower and Noble Soul were looking at him. As non-members of Umbra, they sorely stood out at this moment.  

Draco nodded at them. "Good to see you're back on time. Tell me, what are your plans currently?" 

Gentle Flower pondered for a bit before answering. "I would like to return to my guild to sort out the damages and benefits from this event." 

"I'd probably do the same." Noble Soul added. 

"Go on then, don't let me keep you. Once you tally up the losses, send Umbra the invoice." With a light smile, Draco reminded them that he had no intention of going back on his word. 

Both thanked him before they used City Portal Scrolls to return to Cario City. Meanwhile, Draco had turned his attention to the final announcement which he had been prevented from checking.  

That was the last hit reward from slaying the Dragon. 

From the way the battle went, it was clear this reward wouldn't be as simple as Draco had originally believed.  

True to his thoughts, the item he received made his soul shiver.  

「System to Player Announcement 

Player Draco, congratulations on obtaining the last hit on the Rank 1 Metal Dragon. 


Legendary Item」 

「Dragonlance – Spear 

Rank: Legendary 

Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000 


Passive 1 – Flashfire: This weapon deals explosive fire damage with every strike and can stun, burn or blind targets depending on circumstances. 

Passive 2 – Anti-Draconic Aura: This weapon deals 300% extra damage against any entity with Draconic blood or Source Origin. This includes all beings from off-shoot branches as well as those bearing the banner, or mental connection to Dragons. 

Active 1 – Unstoppable Throw: The user throws the Dragonlance as a projectile with 100% extra fire damage and the spear cannot miss. The spear returns to the hand of the wielder. Cooldown: 1 hour. 

Description: The Dragonlance is the most hated weapon among the Dragon race. It was the direct cause of their downfall and subsequent disappearance from the world.  

Further abilities can be unlocked by sacrificing experience points. 0% of 100,000% needed to upgrade to Divine Rank」 

Draco was understandably thrilled. He had planned to focus on the spear after he had fully mastered the bow. The Dragonlance was perfect in his eyes. Not only that, but it was also of the fire element, which he had unlimited mastery and most importantly it could reach divinity! 

Of course, that much should be a given. This was the actual god damn weapon that had almost culled the overpowered Dragon race from this world.  

Look at how strong the Metal Dragon had been. 

Even just Draco's Black Dragon could wreak unholy havoc on the world, and it wasn't even catered for by the system.  

The only downside was that it was at the Legendary Rank, in other words, it would not have been able to do jack shit to a Dragon above Rank 1. King Arthur had wielded two Divine items and still had been beaten about like a naughty boy reprimanded by their stern father.  

Draco put the weapon into his inventory after he shared its stats with Riveting Night. She was just as excited as Draco was. With more and more Legendary items dropping in, they could finally begin to see the light of their world domination scheme before transmigrating.  

Then, he turned to the members of Umbra and spoke to them lightly. "We are the survivors of this event. I trust that you will keep what you saw quiet, especially about Eva's real face. You don't need me to spell out the consequences otherwise, do you?"  

The other members shared a look and shook their heads. It wasn't like speaking about it would make anyone believe them. Anyone would look at them funny if they tried to honestly describe the Lady Boss' celestial beauty.  

"Good. We're returning to the Guild Hall!"  

With that command, the remaining players of Umbra disappeared as they also used City Portal Scrolls, leaving the now ruined Plains of Deriam as a testament to their presence here.  


The ten members of Umbra spawned in the Cario City Portal Center, moving through the streets as they went towards their Guild Hall.  

When people saw the Umbra emblem on their chests, they quietly made way as they watched them with a mixture of envy and reverence.  

All Players who had logged into the game had read through the changelog, most of them were now searching for the streets for the locations of blacksmiths who could repair stuff at the best prices.  

Draco led the ten men – including Riveting Night - into their Guild Hall, passing the receptionist whose primary purpose seemed to be to only ever play solitaire on her computer. She naturally got up and greeted Draco and Riveting Night, who returned the gesture with a small nod.  

They went straight up to the Guild Assembly Room, where all the members of Umbra were arrayed. Those who had been killed had revived with a loss of 5 levels, -30% exp gain for 48 hours and a -50% to their stats for 24 hours.  

The only silver lining about it was that they had been hit before the update, otherwise every single bit of equipment they had on them would be destroyed. The loss of levels was regrettable, but at least in the early Ranks, it would only mean the loss of hours, not weeks or months. 

Still, they weren't exactly feeling lucky at this moment. The atmosphere was glum, yet they remained firm and waited for their Guildmaster to speak.  

Draco climbed the stage and saw his slightly depressed guild members, as well as the respect in their eyes for him. He was extremely pleased with their behavior inwardly and decided to alleviate their pains a bit.  

"Everyone who died in the Dragon Slaying Event shall be given 100 Umbra Points to spend as they please."  

With that as his opener, his guild members perked up and the sting of their losses faded away quickly. Not just them, but any player would trade 5 levels for 100 UPs without hesitation, especially when they were only Rank 1.  

"I'm sure you have all seen the changelog of the First Update, so let me explain the deeper nuances and details to you."  

Draco then spent almost half an hour explaining the nitty gritties of the Update while also answering the few questions of his guild members. They felt even more respect and reverence for their guild leader as they listened to him. 

It was clear that Draco's prowess wasn't just for fun. The update had just come and he already knew so much.  

They didn't try to think too deeply into why their Guildmaster knew all this. It had absolutely no meaning to them to speculate endlessly and needlessly.  

Instead, they soaked up the knowledge he imparted to them with excitement and seriousness. When Draco had finished doing so, they remained quiet awaiting his further commands.  

"Now, I will open the Guild Text Chat for use. In there, we can create our own channels. Feel free to use emojis, or whatever you like, to chat in real-time. The Text Chat will be moderated by Sublime Notion as well as my Five Generals. For any who may not know them, their IGNs are Lusty Wench, Eye Patch, Gentle Lamb, Alpha Male, and Quiet Blade." 

"As for the Voice Chat, that one will be instanced to the members in a zonal area, so create those as you see fit."  

Draco nodded to Riveting Night, who took charge from here.  

Her voice was cold as she spoke with seriousness and authority. Nobody questioned her way of doing things. They had long since gotten used to it during Draco's absence. Really, Draco was the exact opposite of Riveting Night when it came to leading them.  

"You will be present in the Training Hall every Sunday at 12.00 Global Central Time, regardless of where you are in the world. I will teach you formations and battle plans to use in our future skirmishes. These formations range from dungeon tactics, zone tactics, large-scale conflict tactics, and Guild War tactics." 

Riveting Night's voice became darker and the area frosted over slightly. "Failure to show up is unforgivable! I will punish you so thoroughly that you will beg for the sweet release of death!" 

The members of Umbra trembled intensely as they heard her threat. They feared and respected the Lady Boss so strongly that they were unable to even assent.  

Draco just looked on from the side with a smile. He figured Riveting Night had a good handle of what was going on here, so he turned to Yui, who was watching everything with curiosity. 

"From now on, Meiren will be an extension of Umbra. Inform your guild members of this. I will personally provide them with funding and backing for Meiren to grow into a powerhouse. Whenever you meet a member of Meiren outside, treat them like you do any other Umbra member!" 

Draco announced her with a gentle smile.  

Yui was so happy and excited that she hugged Draco. "Thank you! Brother-in-Law, you're the best!" 

Draco laughed and patted Yui's head gently. The girl was barely younger than they were, yet she acted so sprightly and cute that it bordered on being a little bit strange, but was mostly refreshing.  

Draco then blinked out of the Assembly Room as he appeared in his room with Roma and Qiong Qi.  

"Roma, you did extremely well during this event. I'm exceedingly proud of your achievements and contributions." Draco praised Roma with pride in his eyes.  

Roma was so happy and moved that she lowered her head. "It was nothing. I live to serve." 

Draco approached her. When he stood barely three inches away from her, he lowered his voice as he touched her long and silky hair.  

"I would like to reward you, my dear Roma. Are you willing to bear my child?"  

Draco's voice was full of temptation and solicitation. His Dark Angel Inheritance had activated itself at this time, as Roma was influenced by his bloodline's devilish seduction.  

"I…I'm willing…" Roma replied with red cheeks and watery eyes that expressed her emotional desire and infatuation with Draco.  

Clearly, the Dark Angel Inheritance had activated itself for nothing. Roma would have said yes, no matter what.  

Draco nodded. "I want to know, how long is the gestation period for Gypsies?" 

This was a pertinent question as not every race needed 9 months like humans. Some could take just a handful of weeks, like the beast races, the nymphs, and the succubi.  Some could take years like Elves, Dragons or energy races.  

"We take 9 months on average, but the bloodline of the Queen-mother allows us to bear one in 2-3 months depending on the race of the father," Roma answered slowly. 

Draco was a bit surprised. If an elf were to impregnate her, it would be too ridiculous to have the pregnancy last only 3 months when the Elf race's gestation period was 4-5 years. 

Normally, the system would find a median point between the gestation period of two races, should conception be possible.  

One should remember, conception between two different races was extremely hard. It was only a few races - mostly humankind - who could impregnate or be impregnated by nearly everything under heaven.  

Since humans had 9 months and gypsies had 3 months, the actual gestation period should last around 5 or 6 months. Draco believed this to be long enough to lay down some foundations for his in-game Lineage. 

"Okay. Tonight, I shall await you in my bedchamber. Until then, you can follow me as I continue to do some crafting."  

Roma's face was flushed as she was excited and nervous, but she didn't overreact. Instead, she did a slight curtsy as she stood to the side.  

Draco took out Pair Dadeni and prepared to mass-produce more of the Angel's Kiss potions.  

However, before he could do so, his cauldron was smacked away by a paw that had appeared from his side. Pair Dadeni went bouncing away to some corner in the super mini small world room.  

Draco turned to Qiong Qi with a dark look on his face. However, the Handsome Lion didn't seem bothered by his anger, rather drawing a circle on the ground with his claw.  

"From now on, this is your living space. It seems like this Lion King must set some rules, otherwise, you will become too unruly. Always busy with crafting or adventuring. Don't you know some of us to want to laze about? Your hard work is making me feel too guilty!" 

"Is it too much to ask to procrastinate without feeling ashamed? Sigh…" 

The circle Qiong Qi drew was so small that Draco would have to sleep standing ramrod straight. This further enraged him as he roared and dashed at Qiong Qi.  

Qiong Qi snickered as he had expected Draco's charge. As such, he stood on his hind legs like a human and threw a punch.  

Draco dodged Qiong Qi's punch and kicked him right in the gut. After all, his combat skill was honed over 15 years of in-game play, how could this pampered Lion who had been born powerful know any fighting techniques? 


"ARRGHH!!" Qiong Qi spat blood as he was sent flying. 

Draco didn't relent and blinked above the Lion, intending to kick him to the ground.  

Qiong Qi's eyes flashed as his pained expression eased up. He smiled like a crooked thief as he angled his butt towards Draco with lightning-fast speed.  


Draco's face paled as he realized this evil Lion bastard's scheme, yet his blink skill was still on cooldown. He was also in mid-air, so it wasn't like he could easily change directions. 

A green mist began to emerge from Qiong Qi's butt, threatening to ruin Draco's will to live. Draco understood he was facing his most deadly life and death crisis in this timeline, as Qiong Qi's farts were far too horrible.  

His expression became wild as he burned all his bloodline energy to summon a draconic claw to lightly flick himself back. 

It was not a moment too soon, as a weird sound filled the room, and a green miasma filled the place where Draco had been hovering just a second ago. The over 1,000 points of damage was definitely the lesser evil. 


Draco stared at the gas with a scared and worried expression, his forehead coated with sweat and his breathing rough. At that moment, he thought he would be forced to undergo the worst fate imaginable.  

Qiong Qi emerged from the other side of the mist with a bored and unhappy expression.  

"Shit, you are too lucky. This Cat Daddy here had been brewing that one for weeks. Had you tasted it... hehehe. You would never be the same again." 

Qiong Qi's words made Draco tremble even stronger. He had faced many horrible events in his past life, but facing Qiong Qi's discharge was something he swore to never experience no matter what.  

Draco would never forget the horrified and traumatized look on those guards from the Gypsy village. They had looked like they would do anything to die, and that was even a fresh fart from the shameless Lion.  

Only God knew what a fart he had stored for weeks would be like… 

Roma, who was watching from the sidelines, was amused and stunned at the same time. These two fellows… one was a Rank 7 being who happened to be the spawn of a Divine entity and the other was the strongest Immortal Adventurer with the lineage of a Black Dragon. 

Yet, why did it look like two teenage brothers fighting? 

Even worse, Roma's eyes dazed for a second. When she focused on the duo again, she was flabbergasted to see that the room had changed completely.  

Suddenly she found herself seated in the VIP seat of a strange stadium. Behind her were rows and rows of excited watchers who were shouting or cheering for those on the stage. 

The stage itself was a squarish podium with white flooring and a strange type of fence that was at each corner, with ropes binding them in between.  

Roma was startled to hear a voice enter her ears, noticing that two guys sat near one of the corners of the stage with strange contraptions around their heads.  

"Would you believe it, Johnson?! Today, the fans are in for a treat as we are lucky to observe two heavy contenders for the Wrestling World Champion fight it out as the main event! It promises to be the fight of a Decade, if not the Century!!!" The chubby announcer shouted with excitement.  

"I cannot believe it, Tony! This is so sudden and unprecedented! Oh! And here come the contenders now!" The dark-skinned announcer replied with enthusiasm.  

Roma could only sit there with a strange expression as she heard some strange music play, while Qiong Qi came down the walkway, wearing only some funny looking shorts and some gloves.  

As he came, half of the crowd suddenly transformed into lionesses crying out his name with adoration and love. More than just a few demanded to have his babies. 

"Qiong Qi! Qiong Qi! Qiong Qi!" 

Qiong Qi basked in the cheers and praise as he entered the ring with flair, waving to his paws and rousing the crowd by posing in the center of the ring.  

Soon, Qiong Qi's music was cut as Draco's music started playing, and Roma found his theme to be more impactful as it was filled with majesty and beauty. Her heart pumped wildly as she gazed at the bare-chested Draco who came down the walkway with a slight smirk.  

Suddenly, half the crowd transformed into beautiful human women who began to cheer for Draco ever so loudly. Even Roma found herself rising to her feet and screaming like a fangirl.  

"Draco! Draco! Draco!" 

Draco smiled to the women in the crowd, which made their legs shake as they felt a wetness there. Roma had to sit down to quell her excitement and raging hormones given Draco's majesty.  

Qiong Qi's face soured as he saw the fellow approach. He pointed out a claw to Draco and made a 'come at me bro' gesture.  

Draco jumped into the stage and cricked his neck. He gazed at Qiong Qi with a similar sour look, as he intended to end their feud once and for all.  

"Haha! I see a pretty boy like you is trying to take on this Cat Daddy! Do you think I don't have enough mice to play with!" Qiong Qi taunted wickedly.  

His lioness fans also laughed and jeered at Draco, making Roma and his human fans go red with anger and indignation.  

Just when they were about to burst, Draco spoke in a light tone.  

"Which Cat Daddy are you talking about? All I see is a pussy."  

Roma and his human fans began to laugh loudly as Qiong Qi and his lioness fans were suppressed.  

"Enough talk, let's fight!" Qiong Qi shouted. 

"Don't expect any mercy!" Draco roared back.  

Just as they were about to pounce on each other and fight to the death, a screen popped up in front of both of them, halting their charge.  

「Sturgehaven Kingdom Regional Announcement 

Guilds Myriad Cards and Lorebinders have acquired the Key to the Abyss! The Abyss Event has been unlocked!」 

「Cario Continent International Announcement 

Guilds Myriad Cards and Lorebinders have acquired the Key to the Abyss! The Abyss Event has been unlocked!」 

「Boundless System-wide Announcement 

Guilds Myriad Cards and Lorebinders have acquired the Key to the Abyss! The Abyss Event has been unlocked!」


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