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164 R-18 Hikari“s Growth 4
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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164 R-18 Hikari“s Growth 4

Hikari noticed Draco watching her and swam over to him. Instead of swimming like a human, her movement in the water was more like that of a mermaid.  

Her speed was fast too, as if the water allowed her to move in whatever way she pleased. 

Hikari came to the bank and stood right in front of Draco. Her beautiful breasts which stood surprisingly still were thrust in his face and Hikari balanced herself by gripping each side of his thighs. 

This meant that she came dangerously close to his dick, and naturally, her eyes fell on it. Despite having matured during her time with Draco, she couldn't hide the burning curiosity on her face.  

Draco didn't stop her. He allowed her to explore the male physiology for the first time in her life. Even though she was clueless, her instincts guided her. 

Hikari reached out a gentle hand and gripped Draco's flaccid dick. It wasn't that Hikari didn't turn him on, but rather that he managed it with his Body of Godliness. Since she was playing around with it, he decided to keep it natural. 

"Umm… Draco. I don't really know about this stuff, so can you teach me?" Hikari asked with a smile.  

She wasn't shy about this at all. She was looking forward to it more than anyone else now. It was no longer about her bloodline lust or her quest to rebuild the Dragon clan.  

She genuinely wanted to give her first time to Draco and bear his children because she wholeheartedly loved him. He was her everything in life and her source of strength.  

He had never let her down and she couldn't picture herself with anyone else other than him. Nobody would perfectly complement her like him, even if by some miracle there was another Black Dragon survivor out there.  

Draco felt trust and extreme endearment towards Hikari and Roma. He didn't consider them as just digital entities, but to him, they felt like real people he could rely on and be happy with.  

However, the ugly truth was that he did not love either of them, not in the way he did Eva at least.  

He naturally cared for them extremely and placed their happiness as one of the topmost goals of his life, so it could be said that he did love them...  in his own way.  

But towards, Eva, his feelings were supreme and unbending. No one could complete him like Eva did.  

Even Hikari only completed one aspect of him, which was his Draconic side. However, there was more to his bloodline than the Black Dragon, just that he had lacked any way to utilize it yet.  

Still, this didn't make him look down on Hikari and treat her as someone lesser.  

He would treat her the same way he would Eva, because of how he cared for her and the fact that Eva would not be happy about that. 

Draco smiled and caressed Hikari's lovely hair gently. "This is called a penis, officially. Where I come from, it is oftentimes referred to as a dick or cock. Honestly, there are many other nicknames, but I'll teach you those later if you wish to know about them." 

Hikari listened to Draco with rapt attention, which made him laugh. He felt like he was a sex education teacher who was using a more…'hands on' method to tutor his student.  

"When it's soft like this, it means that I am not yet ready to have sex or I am not turned on. When it becomes stiff and hard - like this - it means I want to have sex or I am aroused." 

Hikari flinched when Draco allowed his member to become hard, and its size grew impressively. Since she was still holding on to it, she felt its sudden and quick rise.  

Hikari was extremely enraptured and fascinated. Not only was her own desire and arousal spiked, but her interest in the subject also made her want to know and experience more.  

"Now that it's hard, do we start to have sex?" She asked seriously.  

"Usually there is a step we perform before it. It's called foreplay. Either the male or female performs some sexually stimulating acts on the other to increase their partner's arousal and add some intensity to the sex." Draco answered.  

"We don't need to do that though, as I am already aroused and you are definitely ready to go."  

Draco's remark made Hikari blush. She really was aroused. She could feel the heat in her nipples from how erect they were, and her canal was twitching a little.  

"Okay… so um… how do we have sex?" Hikari asked finally, her heart pounding in anticipation.  

Draco smiled and rose to his feet. He beckoned to Hikari who was still in the water with an outstretched hand.  

"Come up here and we can begin."  

Hikari took his hand and climbed out of the water. She felt a bit lightheaded and her stomach felt weightless, as if butterflies were flying inside. She was nervous, but there was no fear or hesitation.  

Her nervousness had nothing to do with losing her virginity, but her worry that she might not be as good as Eva or Roma for Draco.  

After all, the other two were much more experienced than she was.  

Hikari assumed that neither had needed to be taught basic sex knowledge, so they might have some techniques that made them unforgettable to Draco. 

Draco gently kissed Hikari, an act which calmed her down as she enjoyed connecting with him in such an intimate manner. Draco gently caressed her breasts while he kissed her and Hikari couldn't help but moan lightly. 

His warm and firm hands made her feel strange. They rubbed her breasts and kneaded them softly, which made her clamp her legs tightly as she felt heat down there.  

She could feel her insides become wet and slick, which only strengthened her desire for Draco.  

Draco could feel Hikari's lust peak and decided it was enough. He broke the kiss and spoke to her gently.  

"Place your hands and knees on the ground, then turn your backside to face me." 

Hikari complied as she got on all fours, displaying her round, plump white butt to Draco, along with her fresh vagina and her small puckered asshole.  

Despite feeling a bit embarrassed, Hikari still turned to face Draco from her strange position and asked him with a soft voice. "Is this good enough?" 

Draco had to fight to rein in his lust. To see a beautiful woman like Hikari - who was only beaten by Eva in terms of looks - with such a hot body - that was only beaten by Zaine in terms of sensuality - in such a compromising position was something that every man could only dream of, but rarely experience.  

Hikari saw Draco's strong reaction, from how his dick throbbed and twitched as well as the way his eyes became slits as he struggled to restrain his black aura. 

She didn't need to be a genius to tell that either what she said or the way she was positioned was extremely attractive to Draco. 

Hikari found that she quite liked the idea of turning her man on so strongly that he had to visibly restrain himself. It boosted her ego and self-esteem, and made her feel more confident. 

As such, she even tilted her ass upwards, displaying more of her genitals as she twirled it left and right in a tantalizing manner. Hikari didn't know why, but she had a feeling that it would be a good idea. 

She even looked into Draco's eyes while doing so with a light blush on her face and pleaded in a low and inviting tone. "Please consummate our bond, Draco. I want to be yours forever." 

Draco's restraint burst. He tried to take things slowly for Hikari's first time, but she had tempted him too much.  

The beast in him was unleashed as he fell to his knees behind her and grabbed both of her butt cheeks. 

Each one was soft and mushy, feeling so malleable that it was like he could knead them into whatever form he desired. He caressed and played with her ass, while Hikari moaned. 

She had no idea why, but she felt really good when he played with her butt like that. It made her already high arousal spike further and her special place began to leak a little fluid.  

Draco pressed the head of his dick to her canal and rubbed it there. Hikari felt his thick and hard thing press against her entrance and her body felt light.  

Her mind and body screamed for Draco to push into her, but he continued to tease her by rubbing it on her vulva. 

Even though that felt really good too, she wanted him to push it in so badly. Just when she was about to ask him to do so, Draco suddenly pushed into her when her attention was split.  

As such, she only belatedly felt the pain when Draco was already fully into her. It was extremely painful for her, but she also felt strangely happy and complete.  

It mixed with the pain to form a bittersweet feeling. Hikari clenched her teeth, but didn't cry out in pain.  

She could easily heal herself and remove the pain, but she felt like this was something significant so she allowed herself to experience it fully.  

Draco noticed her discomfort and began to move slowly. Hikari's canal was extremely tight and wet, as was normal with most virgins. It felt like he was pushing into a really firm jelly.  

However, it still felt amazing, so Draco began to increase the tempo of his thrusts.  

Unlike how he did it with Eva or Roma, where he was somewhat retrained with the depth in which he pierced them, Draco went all the way into Hikari. 

His thrusts were slow but heavy and hard. The slamming of their skin together whenever he went deep into her formed a symphony that would render any listener quite intrigued. 

Hikari, who was receiving these heavy and powerful movements, could barely hold herself up as she placed her forehead against the earth.  

She cried out after every thrust with a bit of a grimace on her face.  

However, after a few more thrusts into the depths of her canal, her expression began to shift from a grimace to one of slight surprise.  

Then her pain-filled expression became one of slight pleasure as her cries changed to low moans and pants. 

At first, it had really hurt, now it just felt weird, but good.  

Whenever Draco pushed into her and rubbed his hard dick against her insides, it felt like her stomach was being filled up with something hot and firm.  

Hikari began to enjoy it greatly. It felt really good when Draco pushed into her like this and she began to move her hips to meet his member whenever he moved.  

This created a synergy between them as their genitals moved back and forth, then met in the center of their connection.  

Hikari raised her head from the earth and began to moan loudly. It felt way too good and she was feeling restless, even while she was being penetrated.  

She had no idea sex could be this great at all. It was thrilling and unbelievable. She wanted to feel Draco push into her more and she wanted him to touch her all over.  

Her lust grew out of proportions as Draco continually plowed her vagina with maximum force. He even increased his tempo slightly when his own pleasure began to spike greatly.  

Hikari felt her vagina begin to heat up, and something slick came out of her. She didn't know what it was, but Draco did. It was a whitish substance that was unofficially called 'cream'.  

If you were having sex with a girl and you saw cream, it usually meant you were doing something very right.  

Draco leaned over Hikari and grabbed her breasts in each hand, roughly kneading them as he pounded into her simultaneously. Hikari cried out in ecstasy due to the intense stimulation from her vagina and her breasts.  

She arched her back slightly due to this, allowing Draco's dick to rub against her g-spot strongly with every thrust.  

Hikari shivered as she felt this much stronger stimulus, and her body began to shudder. Draco's hard rod pressed into her without relenting in force at all and she began to feel her bladder loosen.  

In fact, it felt like everything in her abdomen was becoming looser with every thrust. 

Her clitoris began to throb slowly as her own climax built up. It resonated with Draco's thrusts and Hikari started to feel like she was becoming more and more lightheaded.  

Draco also grunted because he felt his climax begin to build. He had been thrusting into Hikari so roughly, which formed an intense stimulus for him since her pussy was so tight and wet.  

The visual stimulus of seeing her big white butt being pierced by his thick rod was also increasing his lust and pleasure. Draco clapped his hands on both of her cheeks and gripped them tightly.  

Even as he pounded in her, he kneaded her butt cheeks. He loved the feeling and the sight of her butt. It was the perfect proportion between perky, round and fat.  

She didn't have any flab or stretch marks on her ass as well, as her skin was pristine. Her cute little butthole also twitched every time Draco pushed into her, which made him smile even as his arousal began to spike.  

He brought one finger down and placed it against her puckered butthole, much to Hikari's surprise and shock. She felt weird as he did so, but the stimulus from his dick pushing into her was too distracting to focus on that.  

Draco rubbed her butthole gently, but didn't push his finger in. This was her first time after all, and there would be plenty of time for more intense plays later on.  

Hikari moaned and gripped the earth tightly. Being fucked alone was great, but having Draco play with her butthole made her feel so strange that she couldn't understand it.  

It felt incredibly good when he rubbed his finger there, so good that Hikari wanted him to push it in. Yet, Draco only continued to tease her like this, and Hikari felt something coming. 

"Draco… I… hnnnghh…" Hikari's eye began to blink rapidly as she tried to convey a message to Draco who was smashing into her without mercy.  

Draco understood what she was trying to say, but his finger didn't relent. In fact, he increased his tempo and used his other hand to play with one of her nipples.  

Hikari realized that she couldn't take anymore as euphoria flooded her whole body, from head to toe. It was like someone had struck her with lightning and she convulsed greatly.  

From her genitals came spurts of a transparent liquid that splashed all over Draco, who was still thrusting into her forcefully. Hikari made a strange cry as she continued to twitch during her orgasm.  

Unlike the others who normally shot out one continuous burst and then relaxed, Hikari shot hers out in small bursts as her eyes began to glaze over with ecstasy.  

Draco felt his own orgasm reach the pinnacle as he continually pounded into her canal, and his tempo suddenly increased as he felt the bursting hot liquid climb up to the tip of his shaft.  

He knew he couldn't hold it back any longer, and he made sure that he pushed 25% of his Bloodline Source into his semen.  

He held back his Ultima Sunt genes and just focused on placing everything in his Serpent God Inheritance into that Black Mass.  

Draco could control how he wanted to divide his bloodline due to his high purity. He left out his Horned Demon Inheritance and Dark Angel Inheritance because they might lower the chances of conception. 

As such, his semen burst into Hikari with maximum force. Draco grunted strongly as he felt his seed shoot into the depths of Hikari's canal in bursts. He fired more than 5 such shots of thick semen before he finally died down.  

Hikari, who was already lost in her orgasm, suddenly shivered and became stunned when she felt that powerful semen enter her canal, then her womb.  

Draco slowly pulled his thick dick out of her canal with a slight 'pop' and smiled when he saw not even a drop leak out of her. All of it was currently locked in her womb, ravaging it as it laid the ground rules for the childbirth.  

Hikari cried out as she orgasmed again from the intense stimulus, but she didn't shoot anything out. Her thick white butt just twitched strongly and one could see her clitoris throb intensely.  

Hikari fell on the ground limply as she finally came down from her second orgasm. After giving her first time to Draco, she felt complete and perfect, as if nothing could go wrong.  

To prove her right, Draco carried her body into the water and began to wash her gently. Hikari gazed into his pulsing red eyes and saw the care in them.  

Her heart softened and all she could think about was how great her life was at this moment.  

She placed a hand on her stomach. She couldn't tell 100%, but she felt like she would definitely bear Draco's child. This made her incomparably excited and content.  

Hikari allowed Draco to pamper her after their intense copulation, smiling as she stared at him unblinkingly.  

Hikari's love for him had morphed into an obsession much like Eva's, where his existence became the center of her everything.  

As her mind, body, and soul wrapped around Draco's existence, she began to release a white aura. Draco naturally responded by releasing his black aura, and the two mingled perfectly and harmoniously.  

In this random clearing in the Land of Riches, many monsters, players and NPCs would eventually discover that the lake water would have some strange properties.  

On one hand, it could damage enemies and on the other, it could provide unique buffs.  

Draco and Hikari spent their time together for the rest of the day and the night, relaxing together under the stars. Draco cooked them a meal and they ate while chatting happily.  

Hikari knew she would never forget this night for the rest of her life. Draco also tried to make it as memorable as possible, which made the ambiance exude an aura of contentment.  

The night passed quietly and happily.  

The day after tomorrow would herald the start of the First Guild War. 


Words from the Author: Last month was pretty crazy, but this month might be a bit more stable. I've overhauled the Patreon in terms of tiers and goals. Please take the time to check it out if you're interested in supporting me (or to check the release rate of Guild Wars).

The current release rate according to the goal is 8 chapters per week. That means one every day before reset and two on Sunday. 

Why did the goals change? There are two reasons. The first is that I take 4-6 hours to write one chapter and on the days I have to write two, that means almost 12 hours gone. Including the time I sleep, I have barely any time to do anything else.

The second reason is that Paypal has blacklisted my country, so I cannot link my local bank to it. The money from WN goes straight into my local bank through an international wire. So I have to rely on my Payoneer account to pay our resident editor and my funding sources for that is the Patreon and royalties from my days as a game dev. The former is dependent on you all, but the latter is very unreliable. 

The higher the support on Patreon, the more chapters I can release without getting into debt.


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