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241 The God“s Envoy
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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241 The God“s Envoy

The God's Envoy was a surprisingly hearty looking fellow. He was a thin and slightly handsome man with extremely pale - almost pasty - skin, neatly combed white hair as well as a face that was shaped like a 'V'. 

He wore loose white robes with a golden trim line around the arms, legs, and torso. His eyes were like Dorian Purple's, set into a crescent moon. 

Despite the pleasant aura coming from the fellow, Draco had a natural aversion to squinty-eyed people, and this was mirrored by Riveting Night, Zaine, Hikari and Roma, as well as the two babies. 

Draco and his posse rose to their feet and bowed deeply while greeting the envoy. 

"Draco (Eva/Hikari/Roma/Zaine) pays respects to the Divine Envoy." 

The Envoy waved his hands and sat opposite Draco. "No need for such formalities. Please have a seat all, so we may discuss certain matters." 

Draco and his women shared a look, seating themselves simultaneously as many thoughts ran through their minds. First and foremost was surprise due to the gentle and amiable demeanor of the envoy. 

Truth be told, they had expected him to behave as arrogantly as Mephisto had, to be a cold-hearted fellow who would declare them heretics unless they provided a proper explanation… or at least someone who would use their divine aura to stifle them to death. 

However, if it wasn't for the warning that had popped up in Draco's feed, he would have mistaken him for a competent but normal envoy from a Kingdom that wanted land from Vita City-State. 

「Vita City-State Announcement 

An envoy of the Gods is entering the area! Pay heed and tread carefully, lest one finds themselves at fault!」 

"My name is Kilobar. I am an Envoy of the Supreme Pantheon of Gods, here to handle an issue concerning the possible return of the exiled Ultima Sunt race." 

The Envoy introduced himself and gazed at Rosella, then cast a glance on Loki, before looking at Roma, Zaine, Hikari and Riveting Night. One couldn't see what was going on in his mind, but Draco could guess he was intrigued by the line-up here. 

As for their race, items and whatnot? Easily distinguishable. Even Richmond had been able to discern everything about Draco's bloodline, much less a true Divine Being. 

"Lord Kilobar, please give us your directions." Draco requested humbly. 

Kilobar went silent for a while before placing his arms together by intertwining his palms. "Truth be told, I can tell what you're thinking… what everyone in the world thinks." 

"All I can say is that after the old war, the goals, wishes and mentality of the Gods in the Supreme Pantheon are not the same as before… not even close." 

"If such things still bothered us, we would not even segregate ourselves into the heavens and leave the main plane to exist without our troublesome influence." 

"I am not here to start a fight. The Gods have long since noticed your presence Immortal Adventurer, and even the little Origin Goddess you're hiding from us." Kilobar revealed with a pointed smile. 

Draco's heart skipped a beat. He had naturally left Rila in the Anomaly Realm in order to hide her presence should the Envoy come around, but it seemed as if it had all been for naught. 

"You - and the same is true for every mortal - are free to do whatever you like as long as it does not harm the Supreme Pantheon. Raising an Origin Goddess does not harm us, instead it is actually a boon for all of us." 

"However, giving birth to children with Ultima Sunt blood is a little more in the grey area." Kilobar ended with a thin smile. 

Draco was silent. He wanted to see what Kilobar and the Gods had to say before he presented his defense. For someone to have done something wrong, a charge had to be pinned on them first. 

"Truth be told, having children with that bloodline is not as much of a problem now as it was before. Ever since you acquired it, the Gods have been reevaluating our position on the Ultima Sunt race." 

"We… might have been a bit too harsh in destroying them so thoroughly without giving them a chance to defend themselves. However, this is something that had occurred in the old era, and such… considerations… were not something the old pantheon was known for." 

Draco nodded in understanding. Admittedly, his knowledge of the Supreme Pantheon stemmed form game lore about the Gods' involvement in the world during the old era. 

How the heck was he supposed to get more lore on them in the new era if they didn't even take half a step out? Even 15 years of play wouldn't help. They had never even got to see an envoy back then and what was happening now was a first. 

In fact, Draco would still be blissfully unaware about Origin Gods, Origin Energy, True Gods and the like if not for Vadoma's explanation during the Flora and Fauna quest, when the system was trying to find how much he knew as a reincarnator. 

To him, all Gods were Gods. They were cold, harsh and very possessive. If you posed the slightest threat, out of existence you went. Just look at the Ultima Sunt race… 

However, Draco could paint a picture of the current Supreme Pantheon with Kilobar's short revelation. It was likely that the death of the large majority of Gods back then had made the remaining few sober up. 

They must have decided to be more considerate towards mortals, the world's ecosystem, and each other in order to prevent such a horrible event from occurring again… whatever it was that happened exactly. 

Of course, this was just his speculation, but it did seem reasonable. Learning that the Gods were more reasonable now than ever before, Draco became more relaxed. 

"Since we might have wronged the first generation of Ultima Sunt, we would like to make amends with the second generation of them. However, the threat the old Ultima Sunt posed had been too great to ignore. Can you agree with me on that?" Kilobar asked. 

Draco nodded. From the point of view of the Gods, the Ultima Sunt race had shown the possibility of rising against their creators. Had they been allowed to live, they would have certainly devoured anything and anyone! 

Look at the nonsense that had passed through King's head back then. Was it wise to let such a race grow? If Draco had been a God, he would have destroyed them and even the second generation as well. 

"The reason why we are willing to compromise on you and your descendants... is because of three things." 

"The first is the fact that no matter what, you aren't a true Ultima Sunt. You are a half-Ultima Sunt that started out as a human. As such, due to the mechanics of racial assimilation, you take only the positive aspects of the race and leave away the weaknesses." 

"The second is that we have realized that the Ultima Sunt race could form a very powerful member of the natural ecosystem despite being an artificially manufactured race. If things had been done in moderation, many species could be strengthened by this, which would benefit the Origin Gods." 

"The third and most important, is that we have observed you for a while. While you cannot be called a paragon of justice, you are extremely prudent and display insane wisdom despite being new to our world." 

"You always seem to know what to do, your limits in doing it, and how best to go about it while maintaining general stability of the ecosystem." 

"For these three reasons, we do not wish to take any punitive actions against you, but we would like to restructure our agreement properly once again." Kilobar ended with a pat of his lap. 

Draco's heart calmed down thoroughly as he understood what was going on. The Gods wanted him to continue as-is, but he would have to do everything in moderation. 

His ability to judge what would be harmful to the worlds ecosystem or not was what had won him the favor of the Supreme Pantheon. It's not like he had completely won them over though, more like they just didn't hate him. 

Assuming there was a slider from 1 to 10, where 1 was utter hate and 10 was devotion, then 5 would be neutral. Right now, he had been told that he currently sat at 5.2 with the Gods. It was just barely above neutral, but it was still better than neutral. 

"Please let me know my limitations, I promise to uphold them with the best interests of the world at heart." Draco replied with a smile. 

Kilobar nodded and they spent the next few hours discussing the terms of the new agreement. Draco had sent away Roma and Zaine with the kids, as they had other things to take care of. 

Only Hikari and Riveting Night stayed, and they were silent throughout. This wasn't the kind of matter they could barge into easily. If the Envoy came looking for them though, it would have been Draco who would be silent in the background. 

After this was done. Kilobar left with a light smile, leaving Draco to lean back into his throne with a tired sigh. These kinds of matters were truly tiresome, but they had to be dealt with. 

Draco thought about the advice Mephisto had given him. It seemed like he truly had to leave the majority of the childrearing to the mothers of the children. This was something he had already planned to do for his children from concubines and slaves. 

However, he would have loved to have a more hands on approach for his main children, yet it seemed that until he could successfully sprout his inner world, this would be hard. 

Kilobar had spoken for the Supreme Pantheon of Gods, but the sheer existence of a 'Supreme' Pantheon indicated that they weren't the only ones around. Indeed, the Supreme Pantheon were the strongest group of Gods who had survived the old war. 

However, many new pantheons had sprouted up, with five notable ones that almost reached the level of the Supreme Pantheon. 

What pressured Draco was learning about the Pantheon of Power, of which Sigurd was a part of. Kilobar stressed that Draco should tread carefully, for that group were very tyrannical. 

As such, his decision to wrap up the matter with the Player Auction and then rush to Rank 2 before clearing the Refinement God Treasury Quest was only strengthened. Only then might he be able to grow in power to handle the basic threats coming his way. 

Draco cast these thoughts aside. Whether it was in terms of his enemies or himself, he was too weak for them to care or for him to make a difference. He would definitely have relative peace up to Rank 5 or 6. 

At that point, things would probably become really hot. 

He went back to his room with Riveting Night and Hikari. He turned to Hikari specifically and spoke. "So, you've heard what Mephisto said. Are you still interested in having more than 2 eggs?" 

"Erm…" Hikari was stumped. Her instincts were what made her go on a breeding spree, but when it came to motherhood, she wasn't as confident in herself as Roma and Zaine. 

Even those two had given birth to one child and had settled for that happily. Hikari pictured herself with an armful of dragonlings that were smothering her with cries and troubles. 

She shuddered and found her high sex drive abating greatly as she answered Draco. "Maybe two are enough... for now." 

Both Draco and Riveting Night chuckled when they heard that. Hikari then returned to the Anomaly Realm to continue expanding the borders, while Riveting Night went back to managing the state as Sublime and co still weren't back. 


Another 10 days passed. 

There were 19 days left until the Player Auction, and the Dragon Soul would be hatching the very next day, heralding the birth of another Dragon, though this one would be a combat pet. 

In 4 days, the 28 concubines would bring forth 28 children into the world with various strengths and weaknesses, which would be the 2nd tier of his genealogy. 

These women would be managed by Verita, who in turn would be managed by Zaine. Riveting Night would still govern over everything as she was the linchpin of his genealogy. 

As for the seeding of the hundred or so slaves, their time was coming. Draco had different plans for them at this time. 

Today, Draco was working on his Scrivening once again. According to Riveting Night, the two skillbooks he had produced had been a hotcake among the guild members because the technique came from him. 

It wasn't even marketed by Riveting Night honestly, she had just tossed it into the Guild Shop. The extremely adept members of Umbra had spent many days clearing Field Zones and dungeons in accordance to the quests created by Draco and Riveting Night. 

Thus, not only had their levels and skills increased, but the drops they acquired were usually placed in the Guild Shop if they weren't needed. Because of how Draco and Riveting Night handled matters, the members of Umbra had become extremely xenophobic. 

Xenophobic in the sense that they despised doing things that did not benefit anyone but the guild or its allies. Despite their different looks, nationalities and characters, many had taken each other as a pseudo-family. 

There was absolutely no lack of skillbooks and spellbooks in the Guild Shop spanning different classes with different utilities. There were uncountable Common ones, a good amount of Uncommon and a handful of Rare ones. 

Thanks to Draco and Riveting Night, there were even some Epic skillbooks there! 

Two more Common skillbooks should have been overlooked. However, Draco and Riveting Night had forgotten what it was like to be an average person who had an idol or role model to look up to. 

Many people in the guild checked the Guild Shop daily to see what new items Draco, Riveting Night, the Five Generals or the core members would add. Thanks to their own status and hardwork in clearing quests, they had enough UPs to buy more than a few. 

Most just marveled on and speculated about in the Rank 7 Guild Hall's Common Room when it was something that could not be bought by them yet. 

As such, when Riveting Night had dumped two Common items, many had quickly checked what it was. Why would the Lady Boss deign to even place mere Common items on sale to them? 

Normally, she would have Akainu sell it to the public for real cash. She hated them dirtying their hands with trash items and she had given them many earfuls during their training. 

When they saw the details of the skillbooks, they were startled. For Common skills to be almost at the level of Uncommon, this was too good! These would certainly be useful skills for any amateur but also for pro players. 

Elites and above wouldn't really need it that much though… 

However, everything changed when 'made by Draco' was listed in the item description box, at the lower left corner. It was like thunder struck their minds as they realized a horrifying truth. 

Draco, their Guildmaster, has acquired a Tradeskill that could allow him to create skillbooks - perhaps even spellbooks - based on his own techniques! 

That was to say, putting aside this skillbooks effects, the technique behind it was created by Draco, the number 1 player in the game! 

Naturally, a bidding war had begun that was no different from the one in the Divine Auction. Unfortunately, since skillbooks were a single consumable, bidders couldn't pool together wealth easily, yet many still called in favors and were willing to make all sorts of promises for financial support. 

Eventually, those two bastards Panty King and Wee Cunt managed to acquire the skillbooks because they had survived during the Dragon Slaying Event, meaning that they had been heavily rewarded. 

The information that Draco could make skillbooks did not spread outside the guild at all. After all, the guild members weren't sure if Draco wanted that publicized or not, so they would rather be careful. 

They knew that Draco didn't mind being high-profile, but that was decided by him and not them. 

When Jada had come telling this tale to Draco with a tired Jade behind her, he chuckled. If his guild members wanted to have his techniques as some form of flex, he didn't mind. 

He would even dedicate time to make more so that they could flex on others if that is what they wanted. 

Before Jada and Jade left though, a playful glint flashed in Draco's eye. He skipped over to Jada and smiled in a way that made you want to punch his face. 

"Jada darrrling~ You are too beautiful. I cannot resist you any longer, will you have my babies?" Draco asked in a high-pitched voice. 

Jada jumped back and pointed her wand at Draco with a wary expression. "You manwhore, you went to impregnate other women and now you want to turn me into your child farm as well?!" 

As always, Jada's words were like splashing toxic bile on a person. Her mouth truly should be graded as a Rare weapon, for one might find their HP being chipped as she spoke. 

However, the one weakness of a sharp-tongue was thick skin, as it blocked all damage and might even reflect it. Draco naturally had a fully leveled version of this, so he just laughed. 

"Exactly! I want to implant my DNA into you and turn you into a child farm, but not just any child farm…" Draco licked his lips as he said this. 

"I want to turn you into my personal child farm!" 

Jada's heart was furiously beating in her chest as many emotions and thoughts rolled through her heart and mind. Even though she was extremely amenable to the idea due to her desire and feelings, her mouth told a different story. 

"Never! How dare you suggest turning the great me into a child farm? You must be dreaming! Hmph!" 

She directly stomped out of the room with a confused Jade in tow, who looked at Draco, then Jada's back, and then Draco again. She sighed and went after her twin sister. 

As Jada stomped down the hallway a bit, she froze on the spot realizing what she had just done. 

Then she grabbed her hair and almost pulled it out as tears fell from her eyes. 


She started banging her forehead on the wall with such force that cracks began to appear. 


Jade just facepalmed and prayed to the Gods for strength. 


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