Guild Wars
255 The Seneschal
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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255 The Seneschal

Sublime Notion smiled as she sat atop the back of a fellow student. It was clear that the fellow was struggling to keep his posture beneath her, but he dared not make a peep. 

Sublime twirled a pen in her hand as she gazed at some parchments before her. "Tsk, tsk. You've been a naughty boy, Jonathan. Sneaking into the girls' laundry room to try and filch some panties? How immoral." 

The boy called Jonathan looked like he wanted to cry. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I was put up to it by the other guys! It was a dare, I swear!" 

Sublime snickered. "Oh, I believe you. However, it doesn't chance the fact that I caught you red-handed, and possess evidence of your crimes. Now, what should I do with you?" 

Sublime tapped her lip and her face brightened as she had a thought. "Ah, why don't I just report this to the headmaster? He would certainly be willing to mete out justice on the behalf of all the girls!" 

Jonathan's face became purple as he heard this, and endless fear coursed through his mind and body, making him babble and beg like a fool. 

"P-P-Please… Mistress Sublime, I'm willing to become your servant… J-Just don't tell anyone…!!" 

Sublime Notion smiled wickedly, a cute fang gleaming as her eyes narrowed. "Oh? You are really willing to?" 

Of course, Jonathan was unwilling! But what could he do? If this matter were to be released, he would be expelled, disqualifying him from earning the opportunity to become a Seneschal. 

As such, he could only obey the demands of this she-devil until the school term came to a close in the next week. After that, he could find ways and means to invalidate her evidence and break free! 

Thinking like this, Jonathan shouted sincerely. "Mistress Sublime, I wish to serve you! It has always been my fervent wish, please do not reject me!" 

Even though it was embarrassing to say this, Jonathan felt like his heart had achieved true peace at this moment. Who knew that being sat on by a big-titty loli while shouting out his loyalty would feel so refreshing! 

Sublime's smile become even more evil. "Oh? Is that so? Then sign this contract that states that you will become my servant for eternity." 

The parchment that Sublime had been idly writing on all this while was brought down to Jonathan's eye level, and he was free to see the contents within. 

When he read the terms, his face became blue. He would be no different than a serf under her, with no hope of ever regaining freedom! 

"Oya? Is there a problem Johnny boy? Didn't you say you wanted to serve me for eternity, begging me not to reject you? Where is your earlier enthusiasm?" Sublime asked in a slow drawl. 

Jonathan was panting like a dog that had run three miles. He deeply regretted acting impulsive before, but how could he have known that Sublime was so vicious as to leave him no path of escape? 

Even though she was feared by every student for her evil personality and wicked schemes, Jonathan had never heard of her going too far… unless… 

Seeing the horrified expression on his face, Sublime Notion chuckled in that sweet and cutesy voice of hers. "That's right, Johnny boy. What people hear about me is exactly what I want them to hear. Once you become one of my thralls, you will understand more." 

Jonathan wanted to cry, but he could not even muster the tears. He felt mentally, emotionally and spiritually crushed at this moment, like the entire world had come down on his head. 

Sublime Notion got off him and sat on her table, crossing her small legs together as she handed over the parchment and a quill to Jonathan. 

Like a man possessed, he slowly signed away his free will, a single tear dropping from his eyes as his beautiful plans and visions for the future went up in smoke within his mind. 

"There, there Johnny boy. Everything will be alright. Big Sister Sublime will protect you from now on." Sublime Notion spoke with a gentle tone, petting Jonathan like he was a child. 

Suddenly receiving kindness from this evil loli in such a manner made the fellow break. The sad part was that Sublime Notion appeared truly sweet and lovely, a girl one would always trust based on her looks and voice. 

However, hiding within was an old fox that was as evil as could be. Jonathan clutched her leg and began crying like a baby, and Sublime dutifully comforted him like she was truly a nice person. 

"Now, it is time to meet your associates, hm?" Sublime Notion prompted, pulling Jonathan to his feet. 

She led him towards a side room that was connected to her personal dorm block. It seemed that at some point, Sublime Notion had acquired the rights to a whole block for herself! 

One could only wonder… how exactly did she do this? 

Jonathan entered a large assembly room within the dorm, and saw hundreds of students lined up here. His face displayed abject horror, and he scanned through the crowd to see some people he didn't expect to be there. 

With a shaky finger, he pointed at three other guys who were just as handsome. "Dave, Charles and Thomas… y-you guys belong to her as well?" 

The three fellows looked away shamefully. After all, how could they muster the will to look him in the eyes? They had been the very ones to instigate the fellow into the bet to steal panties. 

Jonathan then looked to the other side of the crowd, where there were girls lined up. His face became colorful as he slowly pointed at a certain girl. "Jenny… you… you…" 

The one called Jenny was their batch's queen bee. The most beautiful and arrogant girl of the whole group who regarded no one as her equal. 

She had been the target of the bet! It was her panties that he stole, though he made sure to take a good strong whiff of it as he did… which he instantly regretted. 

There was a reason why Jenny took of those undergarments after a full day of use, and it was not because they smelled like roses. Used undergarments smelled like used undergarments, there was no allure to it unless you were specifically into that. 

It was right after he did that Sublime Notion popped up behind him, capturing his crime in detail. Then, everything else that happened was already witnessed by the external gods. 

Jenny lowered her head and gripped her skirt tightly. "I never knew you thought of me like that, Jonathan." 

She raised her head and gazed at him with sparkling eyes, her cheeks tinged a slight red. "I-I also… If you want... I can give you my panties from now on…" 

Jonathan wanted to howl in pain and fury, but what could he do? It was clear that Sublime had played him from the start and set him up to everything. Even his crush, Jenny, thought he was a panty freak. 

Of course, the good news was that she also clearly liked him back, but how could he be happy given the circumstances? Just look at the scenario! Jonathan was being confessed to at what was no different from a slave rally! 

At this point, he also noticed something else. With a disbelieving expression, he murmured: "If my eyes are correct, every student in our batch is in line except… me…" 

In other words, just 10 minutes ago, Jonathan had been the sole student in the entire school who hadn't yet become a thrall of Sublime Notion. 

This was a truly scary thought. In the mere 3 years they had been enrolled into the academy, Sublime Notion was known as a middle grade student. 

She had only gotten C's and a few B's, putting her just above-average. Instead, Sublime Notion was more prominently known for farting about and playing schemes on others to amuse herself. 

However, how could anyone understand this evil loli? She could have easily worked hard to get all A's, but heh… she was already doing that in the real world, as she and Eva were enrolled in the same university after all. 

Why should she force herself to behave in Boundless just as she did outside? Not to mention she had spent all her time suppressed by Draco and Eva, working for Umbra's sake. 

She had very little time for self-care and inner reflection! Of course, self-care in her case translated to having little time to play others to death! 

Now that she was no longer bound by the two, why would Sublime Notion hold back? She had released all her pent-up grievances, and before she realized it, she had half the student base under her thumb. 

Intoxicated with her own evil, she spared no one as she continued to trap more and more innocent souls in her evil web. With Jonathan, she had secured the very last student, and a budding idea she had in mind took hold. 

Sublime Notion clapped and got the attention of everyone. Their looks towards her were filled with trepidation and fear. Some of them couldn't even remember or understand how they were played with. 

All they knew was that one day their will had been taken away, and they were now serving this evil loli for life. 

"Now that all of you, my thralls, are gathered here, I would like to announce that I'm willing to set you all free…" 

Before she could finish, the crowd burst into cheers. Many hugged each other with tears in their eyes and happiness in their hearts. Finally, after being enslaved for so long, they would be free. 

It was only Jonathan who had just been captured into the fold who felt it was too good to be true. Why waste time capturing him if they were going to be released 10 minutes later? 

Sublime Notion smiled and didn't interrupt them. She enjoyed watching them celebrate joyfully, because happiness was fleeting and despair was eternal. 

When they finally calmed down enough, she continued speaking. 

"…I'm willing to set you free as long as you drop out of the academy." 

Immediately, the happy atmosphere bled away like someone had opened a drain. Everyone froze in place as they tried to make sense of Sublime's words. 

She wanted them to willingly give up their chance to become the next Seneschal in exchange for their freedom? 

How could she do this? How could this cute and lovable loli have such a vile black heart? Instead of learning hard and progressing honestly, she tricked others continuously into becoming slaves. 

Now that she captured the entire student body, she wanted to get rid of all her competition at once and succeed in such a way? Especially when graduation was only a week away?! 

Even the AI was at a loss. This method of clearing wasn't against the rules, but… to deliberately create a separate instance where one could receive intense training to actually use the class they could gain, only for the recipient to use shortcuts… it felt bitter. 

Not that this emotionless AI actually felt anything, but if it could, it would certainly feel that way. As it were, the students made the obvious choice to give up their future as Seneschal for freedom. 

As such, when graduation came about, Sublime Notion was the only one to graduate. What made the formerly enslaved students pull their hair out in anger and pain was that Sublime insisted on writing the final exam. 

This exam concerned everything they had learned over the years and was ten times harder than anyone before, but Sublime got straight A's. In some cases, she even raised the marking scheme! 

What the fuck! 

So, she was actually studying hard in her downtime and could have defeated them all honestly, but still chose to play them all to death! She even waved at them while she left the Korintoro Academy with a light smirk on her cute face. 

This new Seneschal… was the world's most evil loli! 


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