Guild Wars
261 Ranking Up 1
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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261 Ranking Up 1

Upon his return to Vita City-State, Draco entered the Aether Hall. Now that he was level 50, he was ready for the next step, which was something he was looking forward to greatly. 

Before that though, he paid a visit to his inner circle and his children. The Rank Up procedures might take a while, and then right after that he would be heading for a very long unique quest. 

If no variables occurred during this one to shorten the length, he would take - at least - 14 days to complete it. Then again, he was comparing it to the Flora and Fauna Quest. 

As such, Draco decided to sit them all down and talk. "Last time I went to a Unique Quest, I met Roma, who I managed to bring here through luck. I also spent some time being sucked dry by Wood Elves and Nymphs, though the former was me falling into a trap and the latter was for a quest." 

"It is highly likely that something like this might happen again, though I'm not really interested in doing it. After all, Eva has already put a lot on my plate with those slaves." Draco ended with a smile. 

"I do not mind. If Eldest Sis didn't allow you to indulge yourself, I wouldn't have the chance to exist and hold Rosella." Roma answered while smiling. 

"I don't mind either. Feel free to bring more outstanding women on our level back. Our Morningstar clan needs to expand further." Zaine stated her opinion with an ambitious glint in her eyes. 

"I… well, I don't really mind that much. As long as you don't like them more than us…" Hikari told him honestly. She had always been the most 'normal' in regards to this matter, though Eva had sufficiently corrupted her over time. 

As for the 'Empress' herself, she just waved nonchalantly. "I trust you." 

Draco nodded. Truth be told, he didn't need to tell Eva this, as their bond was something that transcended their physical bodies. However, for formality's sake he had to invite her here when he informed his inner circle of this 'predicament'. 

He rose to his feet and gave them all a kiss. "I should be back in a week at most. I leave everything in your capable hands." 

After that, he blinked to the Portal Center. When the attendants there saw their leader, whether serf players or Nshaw Tribe members, their eyes gleamed with happiness. 

After exchanging greetings with his people, Draco took the Portal Center to Cario City. Once there, he walked through the familiar streets, heading towards the Guild Hall. 

Once he reached the modern skyscraper that existed in a medieval world, he entered and saw his receptionist sitting there, playing solitaire on her PC, as always. 

Draco waved her away and took the elevator to the Training Hall, which he had hardly visited ever since it was built. However, many players of Umbra used it fervently because it was free and so overpowered. 

That's right, Rank Up procedures for classes were held in Training Halls! The Rank of the Training Hall decided the price for the Rank Up as well as the quality of it. 

Draco entered what was essentially a Rank 7 Training Hall and saw a menu screen pop-up before him. On it he saw many options he could select, and there was Rank Promotion listed there. 

An interesting thing to remember was that Training Hall's came in Update 1. So, if one wanted to Rank up before that, how the fuck were they supposed to do so? 

Well, the answer was… they weren't! 

Heh, now it is obvious as to why the AI continually harassed him indirectly to maintain his level with the playerbase. How could the young and immature AI have predicted that it would meet with its worst enemy, a reincarnator, back then? 

As such, it had to drop so many growth items on his head to stifle his exp growth until Update 1 came around. Since then, it hadn't even done anything drastic to him other than re-balance his items. 

After all, it had given items that were so lucrative when they would go up a Rank, they would be heaven-defying, all to tempt the fellow into parting with his hard-earned experience. 

When one thought of it like this, a lot of things that occurred in the past made sense, though some still seemed to conflict. 

As for Draco, he chose to enter the Rank Promotion screen. Here, he expected to see a menu with a few choices, of which varying difficulties would be presented. 

However, he was surprised to see that multiple new screens appeared before him. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player stat allocation… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player skills… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player physique… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player equipment… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player techniques… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player class paths… 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Player analysis complete. New options available. Display? 

Y/N 」 

Draco was utterly surprised. During the 5 times he had Ranked Up in the previous timeline, he had never encountered anything like this. Then again, all accessible Training Halls in the world were capped at Rank 4 because they were public buildings. 

That was the main difference Draco could identify between this life and the last one, so it definitely had to be the Rank of the Training Hall. Truly, a Rank 7 building, no matter what kind it was, yielded 200% benefits. 

Draco chose yes. After a slight delay of a few seconds, a new screen popped up before him. Surprisingly though, there were only 2 choices. 

The first was 'Rank Up' which was what he had always chosen in the previous timeline. Or maybe, it would be better to describe it as the only actual 'choice' he had. 

The second was 'Class Up'. There was no description here, but Draco's heart began to beat. Putting aside his life as a reincarnator in Boundless, his early years had also been filled with games. 

He even had an older model computer in his old apartment with which he used to play older RPG games. He had quite enjoyed the JRPG genre, so he understood the term 'Class Up' very well. 

As such, when he clicked it, his mind was sufficiently blown when he saw all the options presented to him. 

「Paragon of Destruction – Class 

Rank: Divine 

Success Chance: 0.00001% 

Price: 10,000,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Dragon King – Class 

Rank: Legendary 

Success Chance: 0.01% 

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」 

「Devil Lord – Class 

Rank: Legendary 

Success Chance: 0.01% 

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」 

「Demon Emperor – Class 

Rank: Legendary 

Success Chance: 0.01% 

Price: 1,000,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Magus – Class 

Rank: Legendary 

Success Chance: 0.01% 

Price: 1,000,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Marksman – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Swordmaster – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Mystic Warlock – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Dragon Knight – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Devil Enforcer – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Demon Slayer – Class 

Rank: Epic 

Success Chance: 1% 

Price: 100,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Avenger Prime – Class 

Rank: Semi-Epic 

Success Chance: 10% 

Price: 10,000 platinum per attempt」 

「Avenger (Rank 2) – Class 

Rank: Rare 

Success Chance: 70% 

Price: Free」 

Draco studied his options silently, wondering if he was seeing things. The system had analyzed everything about him, all his accumulations he had made at Rank 1, before presenting this list. 

It was exactly what Draco expected it to be, a separate function for a player with a certain class to upgrade it based on the class itself. What he didn't expect was his bloodlines and other skills factoring in as well. 

Draco checked the details for each of the classes and almost screamed out. 

The Paragon of Destruction class seemingly came about due to the Eyes of Caelo. It was a Divine level class where the starting stats would total 500 points. One should know that even Sublime with the Seneschal class had a total of 170. 

The Dragon King class had a total of 250 points, which was the next best class of the lot. Its skills were also heaven-defying... but nowhere near the Paragon of Destruction. 

While Draco would have normally salivated at the sheer sight of such a thing, it simply couldn't compare to its predecessor. It was like being shown a nice BMW after a Rolls-Royce. 

The Devil Lord class offered a total of 200 points, and so did the Demon Emperor class. 

The former gave him access to extremely intense mental skills and illusions that could blanket whole cities, while the latter gave him tyrannical physical skills that would allow him to grab a giant by the leg and toss him about. 

The Magus class was a surprise, that came about due to his subjective magic and Mage God title. The class had a total of 180 points, with a clear focus on Intelligence and Spirit. 

The style of the class was tyrannical. Draco could learn any objective spell and cast it without cooldown. So as long as he had mana, he could send out infinite fireballs without having to use the cause and effect theory and whatnot. 

The Marksman class was borne from his archery techniques and his Omnipotent Archer passive skill he got from the Elf God. It allowed him to wield a bow and arrow more effectively. 

In essence, he could use any bow with any arrow, never run out of stamina and his arrows would never miss. The total stat points equaled 120. 

The Swordmaster class was more predictable. It was born from his sword skills and techniques, and it was just like the Marksman class. He could use any sword, never run out of stamina, and it came with an insane speed boost. 

It also had a total of 120 stat points. 

Next was the Mystic Warlock, which - surprisingly - came from the skills he got from Roma and their soulbond. He would essentially become a male Roma, able to cast extremely bizarre and destructive skills that required long incantations. 

However, if he fired out just one skill, there was a 90% chance that all his enemies would die. The total stat points here was also 120. 

The Dragon Knight class seemed to be a watered-down version of the Dragon King one, but it was still powerful. Most importantly, he could temporarily transform into a Dragon with one of the skills! 

Draco realized that this was most likely the class the Dark Knight possessed. It had a total of 120 stat points, which might also be why the Dark Knight had more than 10 times the HP of the average player. 

The Devil Enforcer and Demon Slayer classes were also watered-down versions of the Devil Lord and Demon Emperor respectively. Though, their skills were still quite potent, just not able to lay waste to a whole city at once. 

Their total stat points equaled 120. 

Finally, there was the Avenger Prime Semi-Epic class, which had 60 stat points in total. This seemed like peanuts compared to the others that had stat points above a hundred, but it was still quite good. 

One should know, the stat points a player would earn normally by level 10 would amount to 57 in total. So, there was an extra three that made it much better than others. 

It was even better than Slim Fatty's Semi-Epic Sword Saintess class, which only gave her the same amount since she wasn't optimal. 

Better yet, Draco was finally able to see Avenger skills that were at the Rare rating, and they were magnificent. If any of these passives would appear on a weapon, they would be no weaker than his crafted Semi-Legendary items. 

After analyzing all this, Draco took a deep breath, steading himself for what would come next, as he eyed the Paragon of Destruction class. 

Even though the chance was small, he still had to try it! After all, who knew if he couldn't actually succeed? If he did, he would become unparalleled under heaven! 

As such, Draco chose to start it without any further hesitation, and he was whisked away into a world of blackness. 


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