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264 Ranking Up 3
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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264 Ranking Up 3

Draco checked the rest of the options he had on the list and saw that everything aside from the Paragon of Destruction class was there and had remained unchanged. 

The only difference that made him want to spit blood was the fact that his 10 million platinum for the attempt hadn't been refunded! 

The system had rolled back to a point before he even began the quest, so what was going on here? Should his money not have returned as well? 

However, Draco, for once, found that he couldn't open his dog mouth to complain. His tongue was gripped by logic telling him that even paying 10 million platinum was too small a price compared to the harm the attempt had caused. 

Which sane human being saw a success chance of 0.00001% and thought 'hey, I might just succeed!'? Only an arrogant bastard like Draco, who did not revere the heavens or the earth, would do this. 

It might also be because he was so filthy rich that it already meant little to him. He and Eva still had around 45 million platinum despite all the expenditures after the last Divine Auction, so he could attempt every single class here sequentially until he struck gold. 

Thinking like this, how could this braindead fellow hold back? With a shit-eating grin, he chose to attempt the Dragon King Class Up Procedures. There was only a 0.01% chance of success, and an attempt cost one million platinum. 

Seeing as he was now left with 35 million platinum, what was a filthy one million to him? Even if he failed consecutively until he was broke, he could just toss a top-grade Aether Crystal into the Divine Auction and earn serious bank. 

This was the true definition of having no respect for money! 

Draco was whisked into a city that was the grandest he had ever seen in his entire life. It was an ancient city with many magitech devices as well as humongous towers arranged in a neat and linear fashion. 

The streets were clean, thanks to the many workers of different races managing them at all times. Everyone was dressed well and Draco could sense almost no negative emotions from them, indicating that they were truly happy. 

He was confused as to where he was until he expanded his Void of Perfection outwards. Then, he was able to see that the huge towers were actually… Dragon perches! 

Many Dragons of different elemental breeds lay on each perch with their families, chatting, playing or copulating. In the sky, one could see many Dragons coming in and out of the city at all times. 

There were even Lesser Dragons, though these always followed behind the true Dragons with humility and adoration in their eyes. 

Draco was instantly reminded of one name when he took all of this in. 

'The Ancestral City of Dragons'. 

This had been the number one city in the old era, a place everyone wanted to be in because this was where it was at. Looking at it now, Draco could understand why many would want to come here. 

It was truly magnificent, like something out of a modern concept art for a bustling medieval city. 

As he stood there, many eyes fell on him and they bowed. Draco guessed that they sensed his pure Draconic Source Origin and assumed him to have temporarily transformed into a humanoid form. 

Nodding back to them, Draco focused on a pop-up notification that showed up at this moment. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Beginning Dragon King Class Up Procedure. Standby.」 

「Dragon King – Legendary Class Up Procedure 

Description: As a pureblooded Black Dragon, you have been overwhelmingly nominated to become a Dragon King. Clear the objective to complete this procedure. 

Rewards: Legendary Class - Dragon King」 

「System to Player Announcement 

The objective of the Dragon King Class Up Procedure has been set. Player Draco must defeat the three Dragon Lords to clear this task.」 

Draco began to sweat greatly when he saw the objective. It was no wonder the success chance was only 0.01%. 

He was supposed to single-handedly defeat three Dragon Lords? Three pureblooded Dragons that were even a notch above normal Dragons? 

Even his clone, the Dark Knight, had required him to work with Eva and all his guild members in order to barely claim victory. And that fellow was only a noob, someone who had just transformed because of circumstances. 

What about these three Dragon Lords? They had probably been trained from birth, until they achieved their current position! Draco felt that his chances were indeed so slim that they might as well not exist. 

However, he gritted his teeth. Since he had already paid the price, he would enjoy the services of the provider no matter what! As he was supposed to fight them, he would just fight! 

Who knew, he might even luck out and win through a fluke. Or, he could learn something important from fighting actual pureblooded Dragons which would help him utilize his own bloodline! 

Thinking like this, Draco followed the directions of the system towards the colosseum of the Ancestral City. It was a humongous building almost ten times the size of that one in the real world, and it had a large crowd in attendance already. 

As soon as Draco entered, many cheered with excitement. How many times in one life did they get to see a Black Dragon fight? Even in the old era, the number of Black Dragons were less than 6 and never more than 5. 

The emergence of a new one gave the whole race unbridled hope for the future! Fortunately, the quest had started at a point where Draco wouldn't have to go through any of the other procedures to anoint him a Dragon King, except the one that could not be skipped, which was the Test of Might! 

Draco climbed upon the stage and three huge Dragons that were slightly smaller than his Black Dragon's full body, yet much bigger than Hikari's true body, landed with a boom. 

They each gazed at Draco with solemnity. To them, battling against a Black Dragon was an honor and a pleasure, as well as a test they would have to overcome for themselves! 

They held nothing back and raised their power to the maximum for the fight that lay ahead. 

However, Draco was feeling incredibly embarrassed at this time. All this fanfare from the crowd, the adoration and respect in their hearts, as well as the graveness in the expression of his opponents… could they tone it down a little? 

If they knew he couldn't even transform into his full body state, how would they react? If they learned that he didn't know any Destruction Energy techniques or skills apart from the basic Orb of Destruction, which was basically the equivalent to a fireball, how would they feel? 

However, Draco's skin was like titanium. He even took on a leisurely pose as if this fight would be a breeze for him. He was copying Caelo's earlier swagger shamelessly! 

Seeing him exude the air of an expert, the crowd roared and his opponents blanched with fear. Truthfully, this surprised Draco. After all, he had only heard it from Hikari's mouth, but it really seemed as if Black Dragons enjoyed a transcendent status among Dragonkind. 

Seeing as his opponents were too cowed to make the first move, how could Draco let this chance go? He immediately concentrated with the Eyes of Caelo and used Omega! 

「Active 1 – Omega: Fire out a blast of the purest Destruction Energy that can rend anything and everything under heaven within your Rank. No cooldown. 

Note 1: Casting this skill will result in instant death. 

Note 2: This is a beam of unparalleled destruction! Anything hit by it will CEASE TO EXIST.」 

The moment the beam was fired, all three Dragons evaded. Nevertheless, the might of this technique had shaken them fundamentally as they felt that coming into contact with it would spell doom! 

Draco flinched as his HP was reduced to 1 and then smiled wickedly when a golden aura surrounded him. Of course, he was using his Seal of Camelot's Isle of Avalon passive skill to his benefit! 

「Passive 2 – Isle of Avalon: The first three times you die every day, you survive with 1 HP. For the next 5 seconds, you enter an invincible state.」 

He first used the Instant Healing skill to raise his HP back up! 

「Instant Healing – Active skill 

Effect: Heal 30% or 15,000 HP, whichever is greater, instantly. 

Cooldown: 2 minutes」 

He got 30% of his HP back, as 15,000 was just a slightly mediocre amount of his current HP pool. With this, he had even more confidence to fight! 

Without wasting another second, he cast Absolute Void! 

「Absolute Void – Active skill 

Effect: Create spatial anomaly in an area of 100*50 yards around user which boosts attack and movement speed by 10% for each enemy within. No cap on percentile increase. 

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 10 minutes 」 

Of course, he added Rapid Hands and Rapid Legs to the fray! Now, Draco was an invincible speed god, and he wanted to maximize his first 5 seconds of invulnerability to try and take down one of the Dragons! 

He scanned them with the Eyes of Caelo and almost spat blood when he saw their stats. 

「Name: Sky Dragon – Rank 1 Dragon Lord 

Level: 50 

HP: 20,000,000/20,000,000」 

「Name: Earth Dragon – Rank 1 Dragon Lord 

Level: 50 

HP: 25,000,000/25,000,000」 

「Name: Golden Dragon – Rank 1 Dragon Lord 

Level: 50 

HP: 18,000,000/18,000,000」 

The Sky Dragon was an air-based sub-species that had powerful wings and could send out endless maelstroms as well as wind blades at her foes. She had quickly taken to the sky the moment Draco began powering up after his beam. 

The Earth Dragon was a land-based sub-species that had the strongest defense of the group. He could create an endless number of walls that would defend himself and his party, making it impossible to hit them. 

The Golden Dragon was as mixture of air and land-based, a sub-species that had the strongest offensive power of the group. He could create endless golden manifestations to assault his foes, and was the opposite of the Metal Dragon. 

Each one of them would be hard to deal with alone... and here they were all grouped together! 

Draco did not have time to think further. He quickly drew Dragorugio and Fragarach, blinking towards the Sky Dragon in the air. 

The Sky Dragon was caught off guard. In their formation, the one who should be attacked first was the Golden Dragon, for he dealt the most offensive damage of them all. 

She was mostly a small damage dealer and a harasser. Her importance should be the second lowest, so why had she turned into his priority? 

How could these Dragons understand the fighting style of experienced players? Ultimately, Dragons were species that were born powerful, so they couldn't understand in-depth battle strategy like players. 

They could only make simple formations like these three had done, but the fact of the matter was that no one within Rank 1 or even Rank 2 would be able to vanquish this formation. Only a Rank 3 entity could, which was why the success chance for Draco had been calculated as so low. 

Draco transformed into his Horned Demon true body, gaining the Hellfire wings which allowed him to stay airborne. This naturally shocked the three Dragons and all onlookers, because it was unprecedented! 

How could a pureblooded Black Dragon also be a pureblooded Royal Demon with such an archaic bloodline? 

Draco activated Black Flame and swung at the Sky Dragon multiple times in the span of a second, using his tried and true Sword Skill 265: Lotus. 

However, his face became black when he saw that in total he only dealt 50,000 damage with this assault. The defense of Dragon Scales was able to resist anything except truly earthshaking attacks, so the damage reduction was high. 

This was factoring in all his passive skills that boosted his attacks like Sword of Promised Victory from the Seal of Camelot, Revenger, King of Wind from Fragarach and Destructive Aura from the Dragorugio sword. 

Realizing that Draco's offense barely scratched her, the Sky Dragon was tongue-tied. She was unsure whether this was the Black Dragon ridiculing her, so she gingerly sent out a fleet of wind blades with a single flap of her wings, which rushed at Draco faster than his Control could follow. 

Draco couldn't even blink due to the speed of the wind blades and how close he was to the Sky Dragon before he was blasted away like a missile heading to earth. 


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