Guild Wars
313 The Inner Section
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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313 The Inner Section

Draco finished collecting the loot after a while. He smiled widely as he saw that his harvest here was just as good as the orchard and the garden. 

He gained 10,000 Common materials, 1,500 Common equipment, and items, 1,000 Uncommon materials, 195 Uncommon equipment as well as items, 49 Rare materials, and 7 Rare equipment as well as items. 

As such, his current total was 33,000 Common materials, 7,500 Common equipment, and items, 3,000 Uncommon materials, 585 Uncommon equipment as well as items, 149 Rare materials, and 19 Rare equipment as well as items. 

Even though there wasn't a single Epic item, that was obvious. These monsters were only Captain Rank monsters at Rank 2. If a player wanted a monster at such a level to drop such goods, he would need to find someone on the level of Kilean. 

Essentially, a monster in the top 50 of the State of Being rankings. Or if they were in a special scenario that warranted such drops, it would be possible. 

Draco had gained 52,980% experience from clearing out the animal farm. When added to his total stockpile, it equaled 188,362% experience. His remaining amount needed to upgrade all his stuff reduced from 104,237% to 51,257%. 

He was simultaneously excited and disappointed. Excited because he was so close to completing this goal of his. Just one more Area Zone like this and he would be set to go. Disappointed precisely because he needed one more Area Zone like this. 

This was the final resource zone in the outermost section of the Refinement God's Treasury. He had already verified this, so he was certain. 

He had no idea what waited for him in the next section of the Treasury, so he would have loved to enter Rank 2 as quickly as possible. But now, it seemed like he would have to advance to the next stage ahead of time. 

Sighing, Draco removed the Advanced Spatial Creation Device and placed it down, performing his routine work. After watching the mist dissipate and encroach on the Area Zone, he turned to face his companions. 

Qiong Qi and Clarent were seriously discussing something. Draco approached them and saw heard the last bits of their conversation. 

"-It seems we must do this by all means." 

"Sigh, unfortunately there's no other way. I would have preferred to- hm?" 

They noticed Draco coming and their usually foolish expression became serious. They then faced Draco with utmost solemnity, making Draco wonder what the hell was up with them? 

"Draco, we have something important we'd like to announce." Qiong Qi began after clearing his throat. 

"Oh? Do tell." Draco replied with a raised eyebrow. 

"In light of your recent actions, Brother Qiong and I have felt that things are no longer conducive for a healthy relationship." Clarent added with a shake of his head. 

"Your actions in brutalizing various monsters right before our eyes had left us scarred mentally and spiritually. How would you feel if we did the same to humans in front of you?" Qiong Qi continued with a grimace. 

"Your actions are reprehensible, but we are three good friends, and we truly understand the need to fight. However, to go so far… is it really okay?" Clarent questioned uncertainly. 

Draco just watched the two of them calmly, like the subject they were talking about had nothing to do with them. He knew these two clowns well, since when did they care about such things? 

They were troublemakers like him, they would feel stifled and uncomfortable if the world was too peaceful. When people or beasts were suffering, they gained unprecedented enjoyment from it. 

They had no shame, no conscience, nor benevolence. How could they be scarred by just this? It was more likely that they were secretly howling in delight while those monsters had been boiled alive. 

So, what was their aim by bringing this up? 

Qiong Qi and Clarent shared a look when they saw Draco was not trying to explain himself as they had planned, so they could only bite the bullet and continue their scheme. 

"Due to the mental damages we have suffered, we are unable to continue assisting you in any way." Qiong Qi began. 

"The only way to cure this is to provide us with some help to help alleviate our pains. I'm sure you can understand, right?" Clarent finished with a smile. 

Draco smirked. So the two had finally revealed their scheme. All the bullshit they had spoken earlier was all just for this, a chance to fleece Draco. Probably, something he had gained was something they needed. 

Draco knew in his heart that if it wasn't for the fact that he was stronger than them, they would have definitely beaten him up and snatched away everything from him. 

"Oh? What kind of help can I provide for my two best friends?" Draco asked calmly. 

Qiong Qi and Clarent felt something wasn't right, but they had already jumped on the back of a tiger. It was impossible to jump off and keep their limbs intact. 

They had to push forward and succeed at all costs! If worst came to worst, they could try to beat him up and force him to obey. 

Thinking like this, these two hooligans smiled widely and felt endless confidence brimming in their hearts. Their logic - which was already trash - had been suppressed beneath their desire. 

"Hahaha, its nothing much. I want to you release Sheera and let her know that all you said before was a joke." Qiong Qi stated casually, polishing his claws as he did so. 

"As for me, I want you to let Queen Riveting Night give her blessings for little Luxia and I. Nothing much, hehe." Clarent also stated with a predatory grin. 

Draco's lips twitched. He had thought that their targets were something expensive, a thing which he would not let go of easily, which was why they tried this harebrained scheme. 

How could he have known that they were just two horny idiots? They were trying to use Draco's connections to score a good time and chat up some babes, not take some precious items like a herb or Divine Fruit. 

Draco suddenly felt defeated. Looking at the expectant gazes from his two 'buddies', he felt like he had thought too much. He had overestimated the IQ of Clarent and Qiong Qi, thinking they were actually sensible. 

"Sure…" Draco replied weakly. 

Clarent and Qiong Qi's eyes lit up. It seems like their combined aura had suppressed Draco thoroughly this time. Hehe, but that is to be expected, how could this fellow match their grandeur? 

"Hahaha, Brother Draco is truly good to us. I, Qiong Qi, shall remember this favor for life!" Qiong Qi laughed happily. 

"Truly, my sister has good eyes. Such a kind and benevolent fellow is the perfect brother-in-law!" Clarent acknowledged with an amiable smile. 

Draco could not muster the energy to play with them anymore. He directly collected the world orb that had formed while these fellows were trying to play their tricks. 

「World Name: Unnamed 

Owner: None 

Tier: 0 

Worldly energy: 100% 

Aetheric energy: 85% 

Divine Energy: 2% 

Origin Energy: 0.0001% 

Indigenes: 0 

Animals: 2,019 



「System to Player Announcement 

Take ownership of this super mini small world permanently. Accept? 

Y/N 」 

Draco accepted and named this new super mini small world the Divine Pasture. It was certainly mediocre, but was far better than the alternatives that passed through his head. 

After that, he called out Sheera and was about to sit on her back when Qiong Qi raised his paw. "HOLD!!" 

Draco and Sheera turned to him to see what the commotion was about. Qiong Qi then pointed at the female manticore with a slight smile. 

"Aren't you forgetting something?" 

Draco patted his forehead. "Aiya, that's true." 

He then turned to Sheera and spoke. "After fighting in this zone, we found a Divine material that was able to cure Qiong Qi's Lionic Gonorrhea. If you feel like its appropriate, it is now okay to mate with him." 

Sheera was startled by this. She then looked at Qiong Qi and his wide smile told that it was probably true. If her master was the one giving the assurance too, it was most likely the truth. 

Thinking like this, Sheera's tail began to swish and her interest was rekindled. Seeing her reaction, how could Qiong Qi not understand? All he had to do now was make an appropriate move, then she would be his for life! 

Realizing this, he was about to pounce on her when Draco's next words poured a bucket of cold water on him. 

"However, since we are in the midst of an important mission, you will have to wait until we are done. At that time, you can do whatever you want." 

Sheera paused and then nodded. "As you command, Master." 


Qiong Qi was so stifled that he wanted to roar in anger, but he didn't want Draco to ruin things again. As such, he asked Draco through gritted teeth: "Why is this necessary?" 

Draco simply sneered. "Wanting to enjoy yourself with a beauty while Clarent and I are alone? How can such a thing happen?" 

"As good brothers, we share misfortunes and blessings together. If we are all without a babe for the duration of this quest, that includes you." 

Clarent also chipped in. "How can you be so selfish? I am patiently waiting for us to complete this mission before pouncing on- *cough* spending some time with little Luxia." 

"If you can't hold it in, then hurry up and help brother Draco complete the quest. When we get out, he has his posse of beauties and his various concubines, while I have little Luxia. At that point, who cares what you and Sheera do?" 

Qiong Qi was rendered dumb by this argument, but he couldn't argue back. He just stood there with endless frustration and regret, which he channeled towards the quest. 

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's get a move on and finish the quest asap!" Qiong Qi chided with a cold harrumph. 

Draco and Clarent smiled knowingly, while Sheera simply watched on with amusement. When Draco began directing them on where to go, they began to tear through the plains. 

Qiong Qi, who had previously been running lazily, now displayed extreme speed as he tore through the landscape. In fact, he even ran circles around Sheera, taunting her for her slowness. 

Provoked by this, Sheera became competitive and also upped her speed, which didn't bother Draco. In fact, he suggested that if she took to the air, she would easily be able to overtake this lion. 

Acknowledging this, Sheera took to the sky with a flap of her wings, and her speed soared. Clarent, who had been flapping lazily, became invigorated and also showed his best speed. 

Qiong Qi immediately began to regret and pushed himself harder. On the land, he moved at almost the same speed they did, but he was clearly exerting more effort than Sheera or Clarent. 

Sheera glanced down at him, and a cruel light flashed in her eyes. After all, she was a manticore, and to think that her nature was even remotely good was but a pipe dream. 

The only reason she selected Qiong Qi was his exemplary bloodline, great power, and looks. However, to truly conquer a female manticore, a dominating force was needed. 

Thankfully, such details were for Qiong Qi to resolve in the future and had no bearing on Draco. He just activated his Divine Eyes as he tried to inspect the next zone. 

When in the outermost section, he could not see into here. Now that they had arrived, he discovered that his sight was getting clearer, and something was coming into view the closer they got to the boundary. 

The moment they passed that boundary and entered the middle section, Draco was shocked by what he saw. Hundreds of resources zones containing a vast quantity of materials, more than he could count or hope to clear. 

Even more than that, each resource zone was not only guarded by monsters. Surprisingly, some of the resources zones had little villages attached to their territory! 


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