Guild Wars
329 The Four Beauties 4
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Guild Wars
Author :Kotario
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329 The Four Beauties 4

Malevolent Spirit was an ominous skill that bypassed all physical defenses and attacked the mind. This was something that showcased Roma's insane crowd control prowess. 

If the target was one with no mental defenses or abilities like Draco, Zaine, or Eva, they would suffer horribly from this. In fact, one could say it was one of those rare unblockable skills as long as the target was relatively weak-minded. 

It also dealt 30% mental damage per second over 10 seconds. This was on the level of an Epic skill, as that totaled to about 300% mental damage overall. Considering how the sheer power of mental damage had been explained, this would do intense amounts of damage. 

However, its cooldown was prohibitive at 30 minutes. So really, Roma could only use it once per battle. 

As for Cruel Beast Summoning, it was something she had shown recently. She had summoned a tiger spirit to rend that impudent Aqua Bear to pieces, a command which the tiger spirit had throughly obeyed with glee. 

This spell had taken her a great amount of time to chant and then cast, but now it had been turned into an active skill. Of course, its duration had been limited to 30 seconds with a cooldown of 10 minutes, so its utility was limited to specific scenarios. 

And then there was Sinister Shot. This was one of Roma's greatest and most powerful casts at Rank 1, and she had used this to help finish off the Metal Dragon back during the Dragon Slaying Event. 

It had taken her almost 30 minutes to cast back then, yet now it had been condensed into an active skill. It was also equivalent in power to a Semi-Legendary skill with about the same cooldown, which was 1 day. 

With 500% Mystic Damage, which was Roma's strongest practical damage source, any target she hit with this would be on the verge of deletion. 

As for her new passive skill, Confusion, it was a dual buff and debuff skill. It buffed the restoration of an ally's mental stamina and debuffed the enemy's mental state. 

What was interesting though, was that it manifested in the form of a dance. Roma's gypsy race were a group of exotic dancers after all, so this was natural. It was likely that her movements would set the flame of any man's heart, and some women too. 

Eva was almost certain that this skill would never be used. Just like how she herself disliked allowing anyone but Draco to see her face, Roma would not be willing to show her dance for anyone but Draco to enjoy. 

Eva judged that Roma's improvements were extremely potent. What was even scary was that most of her skills meant little to her, as she preferred to directly cast her Mystic Arts. 

In that sense, until Roma entered a battle, Eva could not learn what new Mystic Arts she could now manually cast. It was likely they would be a 100 times better than what was present on her character sheet. 

Eva decided to check on Zaine next. 

「Name: Zaine - Rank 2 Royal Devil 

Level: 50 

Exp: 0% 

NPC Str: 10 

NPC Dex: 10 

NPC End: 10 

NPC Int: 200 

NPC Spr: 10 

NPC Cha: 65 

NPC Lck: 10 

Active Skills: Mind Blast, Mind Barrier, Mind Restoration, Charm, Energy Drain, Rapid Blink, Thunderstrike, Thunderwave, Omega Blast. 

Passive Skills: Seduction, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Telesthesia, Lightning Aura, Illusion.」 

Zaine's designation had not changed. She still remained a Royal Devil, as such a designation was not able to be improved as it was the pinnacle for the Devil Race. 

However, her skills had certainly changed, with many new ones being added. Eva inspected all of them one by one. 

「Mind Blast – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of mental energy that stuns a single target and deals 60% mental damage. 

Duration: 1.5 minutes 

Cooldown: 8 minutes」 

��Mind Barrier – Active Skill 

Effect: Create a protective shield around the caster made of mental energy that deflects 100% of all mental attacks and 30% of all physical attacks. 

Duration: 20 seconds 

Cooldown: 1 minute」 

「Mind Restoration – Active Skill 

Effect: Concentrate mental energy to restore stamina, mana and health of the user in a pinch. Regains 10% of one of these attributes. 

Cooldown: 3 minutes」 

「Charm – Active Skill 

Effect: Force a target to obey your commands unconditionally. 

Note: This is effective on monsters weaker than the user. There is no limit to the amount of monster that can be charmed save for the user's limit. 

Duration: 14 hours 

Cooldown: 16 hours」 

「Energy Drain – Active Skill 

Effect: Absorb the Vital Energy of any male species through sexual intercourse or stimulation. 

Duration: Continuous 

Cooldown: none」 

「Rapid Blink – Active skill 

Effect: Teleport 15 meters in any direction. 

Cooldown: 4.5 seconds」 

「Thunderstrike – Active skill 

Effect: Call down a bolt of lightning from the heavens that strikes a single target, dealing 70% lightning damage on contact. May stun the target. 

Cooldown: 5 minutes」 

「Thunderwave – Active skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of lightning from your body which deals 30% lightning damage to all targets within a 1 mile radius. May stun some targets. 

Cooldown: 10 minutes」 

「Omega Blast - Active Skill 

Effect: Fire out a blast of impure Destruction Energy that can heavily damage any target. 

Note 1: Casting this skill at Rank 2 will result in permanent paralysis.」 

「Seduction – Passive skill 

Effect: Those of the opposite sex, as well as those who are sexually oriented towards you, will display intense lust towards you.」 

「Telekinesis – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to move objects with your mind at will. The speed, strength and weight of the objects you move/can move depend on your Intelligence as well as your mental stamina.」 

「Psychometry – Passive skill 

Effect: You are to able perceive the emotions of others through touch, and can absorb it for nourishment.」 

「Telesthesia – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to cast your mind outside your body and extend it to greater distances depending on your Intelligence and your mental stamina. This skill strengthens all other mental skills and causes unique effects.」 

「Lightning Aura – Passive skill 

Effect: All of your mental and physical attacks are imbued with a lightning effect, which might stun targets or deal random amounts of lightning damage on contact.」 

「Illusion – Passive skill 

Effect: Weak minded enemies will be drawn into an illusion when looking at you. You are consciously able to create illusions, but they are effective based on circumstance.」 

Zaine's skills made Eva smile. It seemed like the succubus taking control of her own Rank up yielded some insane benefits for her, not putting her any lower than Hikari or Roma. 

Mind Blast had gone from 30% mental damage to 60%, a one-fold increase, the duration also going up from 1 minute to one and a half. The cooldown had also gone from 10 minutes to 8 minutes, a pretty great reduction. 

Charm had its duration increased from 12 hours to 14, while the cooldown had been reduced from 18 hours to 16. As for the contents, they remained unchanged, but its utility had greatly shot up now that Zaine had Ranked up. 

Energy Drain had only manifested one change. Zaine could not extract energy through sexual stimulation of males, not just intercourse. However, it was a useless endeavor as it became a useless skill for Zaine. With the amount of energy in Draco;s semen, she would never want for life. Even without it, the energy that her body drew in from Vita City-State made her saturated. 

Rapid Blink had its distance increased from 10 meters to 15, the cooldown also going from 5 seconds to 4.5 seconds. It might seem like a small change, but it definitely wasn't. 

Omega Blast hadn't manifested any changes aside from the note. At Rank 1, Zaine would have instantly died upon usage, but now, she would be permanently paralyzed. This was in the same category as the \u003cIncurable Coma\u003e Draco almost acquired once, which meant that Zaine could only be healed if she was given a Divine supplement or killed then revived. 

Seduction, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Telesthesia and Illusion were unchanged. Of course, they needed no changes as these passive skills' power were limitless, only constrained by Zaine's stats. 

She had five new skills, two more than Roma. 4 active skills and 1 passive. 

The first active skill was the new Mind Barrier, a very important skill for a caster to have. It would prevent Zaine from being too reliant on Hikari's own White Barrier, which had limited use. It perfectly blocked all mental damage for its duration. 

Of course, like any shield, it had a damage threshold, but this threshold was always extremely high for objective skills rather than subjective ones, aka techniques. Unless one hit her with Draco's own Devil Transformation-tier Mind Blast, she would be fine. 

It also blocked 30% of all physical damage, a respectable amount seeing as Hikari's only blocked 50%. Even Draco's own Destruction barrier only blocked 10% of damage, which was slightly above most barriers. 

Her second active skill was Mind Restoration, which was once again, a very important skill for a damage dealing caster. With this, she could provide some quick healing for herself, as not everyone had the privilege of being sisters with the world's most powerful healbot. 

Her third new active skill was Thunderstrike. It was a pretty straightforward one, she'd call down lightning from the heavens and whip around Mjolnir to aim it at her enemies. 

Well, not exactly in that manner. 

It had a respectable amount of damage, which was 70%. Since Zaine also had an augmentation passive skill for lightning attacks this would stack. Now that she had such talents, Eva would equip her with Electromancer items and armor in the future. 

Putting aside the sheer power of lightning, which was only surpassed by Destruction Energy, just the chance for a stun made it exemplary. Stuns were the lifeblood of MMORPG battle, whether on a computer or in FIVR. 

Her fourth new active skill was Thunderwave, basically an AOE lightning attack that dealt only 30% damage to each target. However, the range was extremely good, allowing Zaine to have some exemplary crowd control. 

Then, there was her new passive skill, which was Lightning Aura. If Eva had to pick something from Zaine's Rank up that was simply too perfect and overpowered. 

It added a RNG lightning damage output to all of Zaine's attacks, whether physical or mental, whether skill or technique. This alone made it extremely important to acquire some lightning element items for her all cost. 

Zaine's battle power had not just double, but almost quadrupled. It now made sense that her brother, Ratchet, could cause so much havoc on the main plane in the previous timeline at just Rank 5, in a world where Rank 7 entities existed. 

Also, it gave every attack of hers a slight chance to stun the enemy, which was something that couldn't be underestimated at all. It Zaine could luck out and pop out stuns continuously she could simply beat an enemy to death from beginning to end. 

Eva then focused on Hikari's changes. The White Dragoness' stat sheet had changed very little enough that it only took Eva a brief look to go through it all. 

「Name: Hikari - Rank 2 Young Dragon 

Level: 50 

Exp: 0% 

NPC Str: 100 

NPC Dex: 100 

NPC End: 100 

NPC Int: 100 

NPC Spr: 345 

NPC Cha: 100 

NPC Lck: 100 

Active Skills: White Light Healing, White Barrier, White Light Blessing. 

Passive Skills: Item Creation, Aether Production, Dragobond.」 

Apart from Item Creation, which Hikari had displayed earlier, there was nothing new here. Eva checked the skill descriptions as well to be sure. 

「White Light Healing – Active skill 

Effect: Infuse an injured target with the holy light of purity, alleviating their pains and bringing them back to full health while fully restoring mana and stamina. 

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

「White Barrier – Active skill 

Effect: Create a defensive barrier that reduces all forms of damage by 60% and restores 30% of that damage as health to the target of this skill. Can cover up to 3 targets at Rank 2. 

Duration: 10 seconds. 

Cooldown: 25 seconds」 

「White Light Blessing – Active skill 

Effect: Infuse a target with the holy light of purity, granting them strength and power. All their stats are tripled, and so is their defense and damage. 

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

「Item Creation – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to create small items with ambient Worldly Energy.」 

「Aether Production – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to generate Aetheric Energy at a rate of 1 crystal per hour. Crystals vary in quality depending on location and rank of the Draconic being.」 

「Dragobond – Passive skill 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 - Ultimate Compatibility: Copulation between the two Dragons tied by this skill had a 30% extra chance to conceive a child. 

Passive 2 - Lifelink: Damage is spread between the two Dragons as long as they are within the same area zone. 

Passive 3 - Synergy: The two Dragons are able to displayed 150% of the their respective draconic prowess in combat.」 


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